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Your wedding morning countdown

Sleep-deprived from excitement, here are a few ideas to ease you into your wedding day

    This is your day and everyone around you will want you to enjoy every minute, rather than fret about suppliers turning up or timings. You’ve done all the work up to now so write out a list of everything that was circling around your head at 3am, along with all of your supplier contact details and last minute to-dos plus any cash payments due on the day and hand them over to your MOH, the best man and your parents. With that crossed off your list, it’s time to…
    Whether you’re getting ready in a hotel or at home, if your team are joining you for breakfast, order it in. That way, no one gets stuck with last minute shopping, cooking or doing the washing up. Don’t be tempted to skip breakfast – you’ll regret it later as chances are, you won’t get to eat again until your reception. Choose healthier options like avocado on brown toast or bircher’s muesli with loads of fruit. If the corks are coming off the fizz, add in some juice or sip it slowly. With the drinks in hand….
    As well as offering up a great picture opportunity, it’s nice to share some time with your maids or get to know your hair and make-up team before they get started. Press play on your wedding playlist and toast each other and the day to come. Then it’s time to start getting ready….
    A friend of mine went all-out in the pamper stakes on her wedding morning – long, hot bath, intensive conditioner on her hair and a twenty-minute face cloth mask. Unfortunately, her hair and make-up team had a hard time getting her curls to hold and her makeup to stay on. In the end she had to rewash her hair with just mlld shampoo and exfoliate her skin so it wasn’t so slippy. The moral of that story? Pampering should be done well in advance of your W-day. On the morning itself, keep it simple. If you’re not at home, one thing you won’t want to forget is to ….

    and put it near plug points in natural light. It sounds silly but you’ll want the reassurance of seeing yourself in a full-length mirror before you leave. Other than that…
    There are bound to be a few last-minute errands – you’ve run out of fizz, you forgot your waterproof mascara, you need some Pepto-Bismal to calm your anxious tummy, you want to deliver a gift to your groom ….. Nominate a maid or helpful relative who will happily carry out those essential errands. Add making sure the car to take you to the ceremony arrives to their list too. Whether or not you delay getting into it is a bride’s prerogative…..

    Happy W-morn! What else are you planning?

    Sarah x

    Images courtesy Berta Bridal Raffaele Ciuca Muse – Sephory Photography
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  • Good advice and ideas

    4 months ago : Maria
  • I need to pass on the details for definite. Otherwise I’ve so much to sort out I won’t have time to get ready!

    4 months ago : Sam