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Yes, you can get married with short hair

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I don’t understand why 99% of brides-to-be start growing their hair long once the wedding date has been set. Short is sweet – and can be just as versatile as long hair. You can accessorise it, scruff it up, slick it down and even add extensions if your heart is set on an up do. I love wedding crops and here’s why…

1. Short hair suits veils

Okay, well maybe a long veil will look out of balance, but a birdcage one will look really chic. Choose one that sits on a head band rather than a comb which may not have enough grip if your hair is fine and super-short.

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2. Short hair works with your texture

I wouldn’t recommend having your hair cut short for the first time with less than three months to go until W-day. You need time to grow it out if you do regret getting the snip. Trial a few wigs first and get shorty in stages. You might find that you fall in love with a Lob (think J Lo’s shoulder-skimming do) and stop there. Go pro (obvs) and be guided by them. They’ll know what style will best suit your texture. As a guide, if your hair is naturally thick or curly, an ultra-short crop will prevent unwelcome kinks. If you’re more naturally straight and fine, a soft feathered pixie cut will look really cute.


3. Short hair can be worn up

But only if you have the length or can add some subtle extensions. If not, bump up your texture – I love a messy crop that’s been tonged, mussed up and tucked behind one ear. Look at the red carpet for style inspo. The likes of Scarlett Johansson, Katy Perry, Michelle Williams and Emily Ratajkowski are all rockin’ short, chic hair at the moment. Just remember that crops can flop too so it’s still worth booking a pro on the day who can layer products and wield gadgets in such a way that your do will go the distance.

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4. Short hair suits accessories

Again, it’s about balance. Something overly big or heavy will look wrong. Go for delicately beaded headbands, diamante clips, coronets or tiaras instead.

So, are you thinking of going for the chop? I love too, how short hair zooms attention onto your face. You can really oomph up your eyes or your lips (not both natch.) I’d love to know if you’re going to be a Pixie or a Lob’d-off bride. Let me know…

Sarah x

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  • Cute pix! My hair is so short that a grip would never stay in. I’m not a tiara girl either so am going for a veil. I don’t see any reason to grow your hair just because you’re getting married. Isn’t it more important that you feel great? Short hair rocks – and I’m keeping mine! Xoxo

    5 years ago : Kazza13
  • All I bin doin since reading your post is day dreaming about cutting my hair. Thank you River x

    5 years ago : River
  • 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💖💖💖👰🏽x

    5 years ago : Trobson
  • Same reason I found this post Tanya. Congratulations. You’ll look beautiful. Michelle Davis xx

    5 years ago : Mdavis
  • I’m just over tratement for cancer. I’ve got hair. It’s short but it’s mine and I’m proud. Thank u for showing different accessories to prettify it up. I’m not really a veil girl. Tanya x

    5 years ago : Trobson
  • My hairstyle I’d describe as Clare from steps. I think colour can make a massive difference to short hair. Highlights over block colour is vital! Zoe x

    5 years ago : Zculver
  • Don’t worry. Just cut it if you want. It’s your day too after all and you deserve to feel beautiful, whatever length your hair. Caroline

    5 years ago : Smithy
  • Sorry everyone I didn’t mean to cause offence. It’s what my fiancé said not me. I love the look. Sorry again. Anon

    5 years ago : A
  • Well done above. I’m a lesbian who has short hair and am getting married! My quiff will stand prouder than it ever has been ! Caroline

    5 years ago : Smithy
  • Why would you want to risk that he hates your bridal look Anon? Nothing wrong with the crop (or lesbians) but don’t you want him to think he’s never seen u more beautiful than on your wedding day? Xanthe

    5 years ago : Xclover
  • I’m tempted by Katy perry’s quiffy crop but my fiancé thinks she looks like a lesbian. Should I do it anyway????? Anon

    5 years ago : A
  • Tots agree about the makeup point. I’m going for full on smoke and tons of false lashes. I figure it’ll look cute with my mia farrow crop. Mrs price to be xx

    5 years ago : Kbrown
  • Short hair takes just as long as long to look good let me tell you! I have a big battle on my hands come w-day to stop it looking spammy and flat. I’ve got irons, brushes, rollers and a whole arsenal of lotions and potions. Oh for long straight hair! Janie x

    5 years ago : Jingram
  • I really like that short pixie crop style. I might get my hair cut because of it. It’d sure sort out my blah blah length! 💇🏼Doree xo

    5 years ago : Dortisirons
  • Thank you for this post. I’ve had short hair since I left school. Now I’m engaged I’ve lost count of the times even hairdressers have asked me why I’m not growing it out. Short hair is beautiful too people!!!! Rita x

    5 years ago : Rjohns