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Winter lips: deliciously dark




Now regular readers will know that when it comes to wedding lips, I love any colour as long as it’s not boring beige! For me, the vampier, the better. I mean look at the bride in this Glitzy Secrets picture. How stunning is she? Against a white dress I think there’s nothing more beautiful than a precisely-painted rich plum or deep merlot mouth. And who cares that dark lipstick is more high maintenance than barely-there gloss – that’s what a Maid of Honour with a bunch of tissues is for. Believe me, your photos will thank you for ‘coming on strong’ with your statement pout with clout.

Even after so many years as a Beauty Ed/lipstick lover I still get a whirlwind flutter of excitement when the new lip colours hit the counters. So pardon the pun, but if you fancy getting your gums around some plums (geddit?) scroll down through my fave eight va va vampy lip shades…

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MAC Liptensity Lipstick in Hellebore, £17.50
For a lush purple pout that feels as good as it looks. Would leave a great kiss print on your hubby!


Tom Ford Lip Color in Bruised Plum, £39

If ever a lipstick had me at Hello, it’s this deepest, darkest burgundy. It screams
special occasion!


Bourjois Rouge Edition 12 Hour Lipstick in Red-Outable, £7.99

Settling happily in my make-up bag, this sophisticated red feels dreamy to apply and promises to outlast lots of kissing and champagne-sipping


Benefit They’re Real Big Sexy Lip Kit, £24.50

Four seriously sexy mini lippies in one tin, but this Lusty Rose is my favourite, not least for the name. It combines a liner and lip colour so gets a definite ‘I do’ from me


Chanel Rouge Allure Ink in Choquant, £26
A soft, matte stamp of sophisticated of claret. J’adore!


Too Faced La Creme in Divine Wine, £18
I’m drunk in love with this rich Bordeaux (as Beyonce once didn’t sing…)


Make Up For Ever Artist Rouge Creme Lipstick in 403, £17
Classic and oh-so-classy. What’s not to love about a pillar-box pout?


MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer in Firecracker, £3
An unbelievable price-tag for such a berry nice lipstick!



So which one would be your wedding favourite? Tell me below

Sarah x





  • Doesn’t just have to be for winter does it? I need all the definition I can get ..

    5 years ago : Trace
  • Fill in your whole lip with lip liner before lipstick. Forget lip balm if you want it to really last – just get your lips in order before the day.

    5 years ago : Maxine makeup artist
  • ANTHING by Tom Ford deserves a place on your list. They’re so covetable x

    5 years ago : GBA
  • Can I add Bobbi brown’s Berry to your list too. Great colour and lasts well x

    5 years ago : Laura B
  • Dark lips look great against a white dress plus look good in pics. Super post x

    5 years ago : Libby
  • I totally agree! Why do so many people think bridal makeup should be beige. I’m totally for a purple pout x

    5 years ago : Racylacey
  • That too faced colour. Looks amazing. Can imagine it with smoky eyes x

    5 years ago : Rachael Roberts
  • I need hellabore in my life. NOW!! Xo manda

    5 years ago : Manda
  • I think my greatest worry would be getting lippy on my dress or veil. Love the colours though – esp the Chanel 💜❤️

    5 years ago : Nellie