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Winter Hair SOS

bridal-hair-vine-bridal-pearl-flower-headpiece-by-biano-on-dawanda-comWhat you want on your wedding day is shiny, super-swishy shampoo-ad hair but what you’ve got is straw…… In the second of my SOS guides, here’s how to make it look like winter isn’t really happening!

You now: Suddenly dry
The cure: Let’s blame British Gas. The dry heat of your radiators is perfect for sucking the moisture out of your hair. Then, when you ‘head’ outside (fnar fnar) into the big chill, it sucks up as much moisture as it can grab like a sponge. The result? A lank, frizzy crowning gory. To score some sleek chic, use a deep conditioner like Kerastase’s oil-rich Nutritive Masquintense, £29 at least once a week. If you’re on your own, wrap your hair in clingfilm and leave it as long as poss. I mean it though. If you’re on your own!

You now: Frightening frizz
The cure: Could be that ‘dry so syphons up the water from the air’ cycle again. To regain control, after washing, don’t rough dry it like you would a Golden Retriever or you’ll have a major frizz fright on your hands. Instead, blot it on an absorbent microfibre towel and if you must use your hairdryer, wait until your hair is almost dry before switching it onto the lowest setting. Minimise potential moisture-sapping courtesy of a mist of Trevor Sorbie’s Frizz Free Smoothing Spray, £3.80. Oh, and buy a hat!

You now: Dull highlights
The cure: Well, with no natural sun to make your colour shine, you’ll have to resort to buying it in a box. Try this one, it’s really good! Scott Cornwall’s Shine On Original Conditioning Hair Glaze, £12.99. It won’t change your colour but it’ll give it a dose of mega-watt shine thanks to a ‘diamond’ molecule. Did someone say diamonds? A B2B’s favourite thing….!

To score wedding hair that feels as good as it looks:

DO wash your hair in lukewarm, not scalding water
DON’T just dollop shampoo on top then rub it about. Pour it into your palm and smooth it along small sections
DO condition after every shampoo. It’s all about keeping cuticles happy and facing the right way…
DON’T brush from the roots. Start detangling from the tips then work up
DO use saw cut combs or brushes made with boar bristles
DON’T skip on amino acids and foods rich in hair-loving Omega 3 and 6. Salmon is a goodie
DO sleep on a satin pillowcase. Apart from the fact that you deserve the luxury, it’s actually good for preventing wrinkles and stopping your hair from tangling as you move during the night.

So how do you cope with winter-ravaged hair? I realise that the Kerastase conditioner is on the pricey side. I’d love to know if you’ve any recommendations for a really effective one that won’t burst the wedding budget.

BTW,  I’ve written posts on Winter Skin SOS and Winter Body SOS too. Please take a look!

Sarah x

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  • I’ve begun piling on hair conditioner twice a week and sleeping under a silk non-shower cap every night in an attempt to transform my curls from a frazzled mess to softer, shinier, easier to brush waves. I’ve never really lavished much attention to my hair apart from washing it and using straighteners but I am enjoying the decadence and know that it’s already looking healthier. I’m using a bumble and bumble conditioner (which was pretty pricey so I’m glad it’s working!)

    7 months ago : hannah
  • I’m definitely Suddenly Dry! Great advice. Cheers🥂

    3 years ago : Tilly
  • Summer was amazing but my hair has suffered for it. I like your idea of intensively conditioning under cling film – I can see how that would work. My favourite conditioner is a spearmint one by St ives. It tingles as it works xx

    4 years ago : Bettie
  • The glaze sounds great for my wavy lob. It needs an injection of shine

    5 years ago : Leanne
  • I would love to try the kerastase conditioner. It sounds lush

    5 years ago : Marnie
  • Thank u for these great recommendations. I love kerastase

    5 years ago : Sophy
  • Great tips – my current mop of straw thanks you
    Xo lizzie

    5 years ago : Elizabeth D3