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Winter Body SOS


Okay, so you’re wearing a full-length gown but there must be some skin on show surely? No? Not even a hint of shoulder or a flash of leg? Well what about the wedding night then…. In the third of my SOS posts, here’s how to make it look like winter isn’t really happening.

You now: Dry, itchy patches
The cure: Piping hot baths can be dehydrating so add a bit more cold water along with a few drops of softening almond oil. Once you’re out, pat your skin dry and layer on body lotion before snuggling into a cotton bath robe to help your skin lock in as much moisture as possible. Now where body cream was concerned, I only ever really cared about how it felt to apply and how it left my skin feeling. Then, Joan Collins launched I Am Woman Body Cream, £35. Like a magpie I swooped down on it, having adored Alexis my entire life. And what a fabulous name for a body cream too! How could any B2B resist? Happy to say that the cream itself scores highly for me on non-greasy application, a suitably luxe-scent and best of all leaves my skin all glowy and hydrated.

You now: Cracked feet
The cure: Those dainty Choos may be pretty but the plates you’ll be pushing into them sure ain’t! Check out my review for Footner Exfoliating Socks, £19.99. I mean, using them is gross. About a week after wearing them for just one hour, your feet will start shedding skin as if you’re a Boa Constrictor. But as long as  you don’t wait until a few days before the wedding (*shudders at the thought*) you’ll be beyond happy with your baby soft tootsies.

You now: Pimply arms
The cure: Exfoliating helps. So does smoothing a body cream boasting Retinol onto dry skin to decongest pores and improve any skin discolouration. So which power duo would I recommend? The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Skin Clearing Body Wash, £6.50 for starters. I’m a sucker for the smell anyway, but used in conjunction with a soft exfoliating mitt it’s pretty darn great at controlling any possible photo-wrecking blemish. As for the body cream, well it’s got pre-Retinol in (so really good for beginners.) It’s Clarins Renew Plus Body Serum, £41. Okay, so it’s not cheap but I like it because it soaks in quickly, smells fresh but still feels snuggly.

You now: Sandpaper hands
The cure: Massage a drop of two of warmed olive or almond oil all over your hands every evening, really rubbing it well into your cuticles too. Then pull on a pair of cotton gloves – I get mine from M&S, £4 – and leave them on overnight to allow the oil to absorb really well. Best pick a night when your intended is away! I do this quite often and when I wake up, my hands feel super soft.

You now: Scaley calves
The cure: Polish your legs daily using a long-handled body brush to shift the scaley bits. Mine comes from M&S, £10 and I brush it on dry skin from my ankles upwards. Turn down the skin-searing electric shower to let the body moisturiser you’re going to slather on soak in more easily.

So how do you cope with a winter-ravaged bod? What are your body care essentials?  Please leave me your suggestions in the comments below.

BTW,  I’ve written posts on Winter Skin SOS and Winter Hair SOS too. Please take a look!

Sarah x

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  • I’m applying your tips to my summer body. It’s a whole new level of dry skin I got going on! Great post. Totally gonna try your product recommendations x

    5 years ago : Tia
  • Super short baths followed by bio oil keeps my skin smoooooooth baby Gloria x

    5 years ago : G
  • I use a body oil then cream to soothe my dry skin. I find that cream alone isn’t good enough. I’ve also got a humidifier and take omega 3 fish supps daily to improve my hair, skin &I nails . Debs x

    5 years ago : D
  • Great advice – the gloves at night trick really works. xo corey

    5 years ago : Corey
  • Footner = fantastic

    5 years ago : Lauren
  • Omg!!! Footner socks are my guilty pleasure! You’re right about shedding skin like a snake! Disgustingly fabulous!

    5 years ago : Lottie
  • Love this! Definitely need to try some of these products

    5 years ago : Hairymary
  • Joan Collins. J’adore! All I’m sayin’

    5 years ago : Cat
  • I’ve just ordered the footner socks based on your two recommendations. Why am I scared (but excited)

    5 years ago : Samantha J