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Win perfect skin in time for your wedding

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Because who wouldn’t give a gift-wrapped box of diamante-encrusted Louboutins to walk down the aisle with flawlessly glowing skin?



Preparing for that all-eyes-on-me moment as you glide excitedly towards your groom takes weeks (make that months) of prep. But unfortunately, scoring clear, luminous skin isn’t as easy as making a crater-size hole in your budget. Actually far from it. Piling on product after product will just confuse your skin as to what’s actually doing any good, leaving it in a fragile and sensitive (make that spotty) state. (shudders)

In recent months I’ve been on a ‘skin fast.’ Huh? Well, you know how you tend to eat less – and better – when the dream white dress is on the horizon, I thought why not do the same with my skincare? Strip back to a more basic but effective routine that will boost hydration, protect against ageing and ultimately make my skin look loads better.

I skin-fasted using a range I recently discovered by Bellevue London and I can honestly say, my skin is looking better and brighter than it has in a long time. It’s a small but stylishly formed collection of four products – a Restorative Day Cream, a Night Repair Cream, a Facial Serum and an Eye Gel. Each one feels as dreamy to use as the next, thanks to a sophisticated blend of glycolic acid (good for natural buffing away of dulling cells) glow-bestowing elastin and collagen plus skin-smoothing peptides.

The Facial Serum is my fave of the four. Serum to me is the Super Hero of skincare. Fully charged with active ingredients, it swoops in to deliver the goodies deep into your epidermis thus saving your skin. I’ve been applying two drops of the Facial Serum over cleansed skin twice a day. Spiked with vitamins to increase collagen production and stimulate cell turnover, the texture is so light you barely know it’s there. I do find that I crave the comfort of moisturiser afterwards, which is where the Restorative Day Cream and Night Repair Cream come in. Both with souffle-like textures, they may contain snail extract, but they haven’t been slow to show results. My skin feels softer and looks clearer. The last product in the range is the Eye Gel which I’ve been using religiously twice a day for well over a month. Just the tiniest pea-sized drop slips around my eyes without dragging. What I like most though is how it feels really cool so is a nice wake-up call for morning puffiness! I always smooth any leftover gel onto the backs of my hands. Don’t forget that they have an important role to play on your W-day too with everyone wanting to see your new ring.

I really am impressed with this range. My bathroom shelf is no longer caving under the weight of a lengthy regime and my skin is looking and behaving better for it. But hang on, the name of this post is Win Perfect Skin in time for your wedding…. And here’s where you can do just that. Bellevue London have saved me an extra full set, worth £148 to give away to one lucky bride-to-be. To win it, just hit my social media or send me a comment in the box below. I’ll choose who’ll get her glow on in time for her own ‘I Do’ day on 29 February.

But if you can’t wait until then, don’t worry. You can still get a piece of the skin-loving action because Bellevue London are offering Bridalbeautyeditor readers a whopping 50% discount off any full-sized product in the range. To claim your discount, enter this online code bbedit50 at the checkout

Have you tried the range? Wouldn’t you love to get married with flawless skin?

Sarah x

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  • If I keep my fingers crossed, will my wish for perfect skin come true? Hayley xxxx

    4 years ago : Hayley
  • This looks amazing

    4 years ago : Sammy
  • Me me me!!!

    4 years ago : Madeline
  • IS your competition open to mothers of the bride too? If you think these creams will work on mature skins I’d love to enter. Thank you Doris Canterbury

    4 years ago : Doris
  • Having gotten engaged at Xmas I didn’t realise just how much I need to get myself totally sorted. I mean my hair, nails, figure and skin! It’s mind boggling. If you fancy helping out a rather overwhelmed fiancé please let me be your winner.

    4 years ago : Leah
  • This looks absolutely fantastic. I could really do with a skin pick me up as my skins gone awful from the cold and stress

    4 years ago : Gayatri Gogoi
  • I can see that loads of people have entered before me but I’d love to throw my hat (or fascinator) in the ring please. My skin is just awful – it totally wrecks my confidence. I don’t think I’ve ever had a ‘good skin day’. I have dry patches, spotty patches, greasy patches and now, what I think are whiteheads. Please help me get better skin for my august wedding. Your website is so great – packed full of tips and good advice (much of which I hadn’t thought of myself.) This range does sound really really good. Stephanie xx

    4 years ago : Steph
  • I’m so relieved to read this, Im about to turn 30 and have the skin of a teenager, urg, I’ve tried everything but nothing seams to work, I’ve tried the minimal… I’ve tried loading on the products, but nothing helps!! I had an accident 3 years ago, it stripped the skin off of the side of my face, I then caught the RSA virus in my face, leaving holes, and was on antibiotics for a year! Thankfully it hasn’t scarred and there are many people out there who have had worse, so I’m very grateful for what I have, but what it has left me with is yucky spotty sensitive skin!!

    4 years ago : Joanna Mcconnell
  • I’m a sucker for eye cream. I’d love to try it please (and the rest of the range.) my eyes really upset me. I’m not the best sleeper and it shows. I think the lines and bags around my eyes make me look loads older than I am. Please take pity on this bag lady 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻👀👁 hattie

    4 years ago : Hattie
  • You write a convincing review! I’d love to try this range please. I’m on the “wiser” side of 40 so basically need all the help I can get!! Maria

    4 years ago : Maria
  • I’ve found you through Twitter. What a great website. Loads of inspiration and advice. I’ll be back!! Darcey ps. I would love to enter your comp btw

    4 years ago : Darcey
  • I need a skincare regime too??? Wow, I’ve got to get my hair, body and nails in order as well. When des it end? After the honeymoon I guess! Jocelyn ps. Please choose me

    4 years ago : Jocelyn
  • I would love to win the chance to have perfect skin for my summer wedding. Costs are stacking up and I hadn’t even given a thought to beauty products! I’ve never used anything posh before. Please pick me!!!! Abigail Stafford

    4 years ago : Abbie
  • I love this write up! Seems like just what I need as I’m not in the youngest of brides category so need all the help for the big day!

    4 years ago : Julie coventry
  • Really interesting post. Really beautiful website. If I suck up some more, please can I win??????? Viv x

    4 years ago : Viv
  • Looks good. Sounds good. What’s not to love? Please can I win? x

    4 years ago : Stacy
  • Please don’t shoot me. I don’t use skincare. Just soap and water. But I know as I get older it leaves my skin feeling taught and dry. Do you fancy teaching this old girl a new skin trick? Am hoping so!
    Mrs Hamilton-to-be

    4 years ago : FH
  • I love giving new brands a go – and I’ve never used serum. I’d love to find out what I’ve been missing! xo Jocelyn

    4 years ago : Jossie
  • Yes please! My skin is in a pretty awful state at the moment. I’ve not been very well and its suffered. If this range is as good as you say, I’d love to give it a try.
    Jess x

    4 years ago : Jess
  • Yes, I would love to get married with flawless skin. Unfortunately it resembles a road map at the moment. I feel very drained and line-y. Would a picture help make me your winner????????? xx

    4 years ago : Jas
  • I would love to win this. Many thanks x

    4 years ago : Joanie
  • Am keeping my fingers and toes tightly crossed that you’ll pick me! My skin looks awful and I’m actually quite stressed about it (which probably doesn’t help.) I have blotches, spots, eye bags, you name it. Oh, and a wedding this summer! Spots and a white dress won’t look good
    Saffron x

    4 years ago : Saffrom
  • I would just really really REALLY love to win pretty please. I’ve never won anything in my life. I’m getting married next christmas and would love to get going with a good skin routine. It’d save on me buying a veil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Kezzia x

    4 years ago : Kezzia
  • The serum sounds really good. I too love serum and would like to find a really good alternative to the usual one I buy which is eating up a sizeable chunk of my beauty budget every month. I’d love to win your competition but am totally tempted to buy the serum at the hefty discount right now. Thank you for the post (and tips) Faye xx

    4 years ago : Faye
  • I love trying new brands and have never heard of Bellevue London either. That said, my skin has been erupting recently so I like the idea of a skin fast. I totally get your point about overdosing on products. I love how pampering a mask feels but do wonder if I’ve been suffocating my skin. I would love the opportunity to win a complete collection. That’s something I’ve never done either – use products from just one range. The more I think about the points you raised in your post, the more sense it makes. Thank you. Siobhan Powell

    4 years ago : siobhan
  • Would love to win this for my longtime friend who is finally tying the knot this year after 20 years and 4 kids x

    4 years ago : Giuliana Britti
  • Me! Me! Me please! I’ve looked at their website and it sounds impressive. My skin needs all the help it can get. Fingers crossed! Fi xx

    4 years ago : Fiona
  • Wow! The range sounds great. I’d love to win a set please xxxxx Gill

    4 years ago : Gilly