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Olverum Bath Oil

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It’s been a while, but I’ve finally found a reason to start taking baths again. In the nine years I’ve lived in my house, until recently, I could count the number of baths I’d had on three fingers. Stepping into the shower had become something I did on auto-pilot – get in, get clean, squeegee the glass doors and get out. 

But doesn’t every over-stressed B2B the world over deserve a long soak in the bath? After all, looking good has a lot to do with feeling good. Wallowing-in-warm-water alone-time is the perfect way to ease wed-related worries. All you need are a few flickering candles, a softly playing Spotify playlist (plus a towel handy so you can fast-forward tunes) and a bottle of Olverum, the most heavenly-scented bath oil. Suddenly deciding where to sit your embarrassing Uncle or asking your MOH to cover her tattoo won’t seem so daunting.

Olverum reminds me of my forever-favourite (though sadly-discontinued) body range created by a trendy spa in the Cotswolds. I’ve been trying to sniff out something similar for ages. Not that Olverum is new – it’s actually been around over 80 years but better late to my bathroom than never. It reminds me of lying in a sun-filled English herb garden. It’s bursting with feel-good lavender, lemon, rosemary and eucalyptus with a sprinkling of slightly christmas-y fir needles thrown in for good measure. It’s gorgeous. Just unscrewing the lid lifts my mood to a happier, more relaxed place. 

I have the travel set comprising of three 15ml bottles for £19. Though the packaging advises you pour a third of a bottle into each bath, I think you can stretch it out and still reap all the benefits. I feel I should point out that it’s a his ’n’ hers scent, although I’m keeping mine 100% mine! So, fired up by my new bath time buddy (that’s the bath oil not Mr BBE obvs) I thought I’d share my new bath time rules:

Rule 1: Close the blinds, light some candles and fill just over half the bath with warm water before dropping in a capful of mood-boosting Olverum. I find that it’s not worth braving water that’s too hot as I feel totally drained afterwards. 

Rule 2: Using the opportunity to turn bath time into spa time, I pile some intensive conditioner on pre-shampoo’d hair then pop on a shower cap. The heat helps open my hairs’ cuticles to intensify the conditioner’s hydrating and strengthening magic. 

Rule 3: For a few minutes after stepping in, I do absolutely nothing except soak. This is actually the best part. And with a bath pillow, total luxury. 

Rule 4: I love a face mask and lying in the bath is the perfect place to get one on. I’m really into sheet masks, though trying to put it on with wet fingers isn’t easy. Another reason to keep a towel handy.

Rule 5: Talking of towels, I make sure mine are snuggly soft and warming on the radiator. I’m out of the bath within 20 minutes before the water starts to cool. I find that my skin feels soft enough thanks to the oil so I don’t need to moisturise afterwards. However, if you like the ritual of applying body cream, pop that on the radiator too. Once I’m done and dried, I rinse out my hair (I’m adding this in just so you don’t think I’m a dunk-and-go kinda girl.)

So, this has been my Tuesday night ritual for a few weeks now since I discovered Olverum. Need more reasons to sniff it out? I sleep really soundly on Tuesday nights, my skin – actually the whole house – smells amazing afterwards and it doesn’t make the bath so slippy I risk crashing in and banging my head on the porcelain. If I had a cold, I reckon a long Olverum-laced bath would sort my sinuses right out.

I really look forward to bath night these days. How do you make your bath time special?

Sarah x

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  • I love a bath oil that has a pretty scent that you can smell all over the house. I imagine an oil made up of essential oils would do just that. I’m going to seek this one out x

    3 years ago : hattie
  • With small children, locking myself in the bathroom is the only peace I get. Though it’d be nicer to use an oil over Matey and get rid of the Paw Patrol bath toys! Good post. Love your sense of humour x

    4 years ago : Britt
  • Ha! You’ve inspired me to have my first bath in about 12 years!!!!! X

    4 years ago : Isla