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M2 Beaute Eyelash Activating Serum

So I’m a self-confessed beauty junkie. I love trying out new products – anything from the latest wrinkle-erasing moisturiser to the newest lash-bulking mascara on the block. But even though I have a massive haul of products, there are only really a handful that I truly depend on. I know my ears always prick up when someone mentions their favourite products so I thought I’d share mine with you. Today it’s M2 Beaute’s Eyelash Activating Serum and here’s why I love it….



It was as a traumatised partially balding upper lash-lined fiance that I first discovered this lush lash serum. I’d tried eyelash extensions for the first time and as they fell out naturally, so too did approximately one centimetre of my top lashes on one eye. One centimetre may not sound much but above your eye, when the rest of your lashes are mascara’d and definitely ‘there’, it looked really odd.  I’d spent one week chopping and sticking a strip of falsies in place, keeping my fingers tightly crossed that it hadn’t fallen off, and then I was recommended to try this serum.

In for a penny, in for £125… gulp! Whilst it claimed to make lashes longer and stronger within six weeks, it actually only took nine days for my new lashes to grow – a miracle! It’s all thanks to a vitamin-rich formula that’s packed with active ingredients (something called MDA) that stimulates the lashes at the roots, not only making them grow longer and stronger but delaying their eventual fall out.

If I had a pound for every time someone has asked me if my lashes are real, I’d have been able to book my wedding at Babbington House. (A friend did – and prices start at £40K!) I’ll still try rivals – but so far even ones which get rave reviews don’t seem to have the effect on my lashes that M2 does. Better still, I don’t need eyelash extensions – I’ve got home-grown Bambi lashes thanks to this super serum. That saves me £s.

It’s really ease to use. Just stroke a layer of the gel across your upper lash line using the fine brush included before you hit the duvet. And let’s not kid ourselves, the price tag is on the hefty side but to soften the blow, one tube lasts a good six months.

So s’cuse the pun, but this serum gets an ‘eye do’ from me. I’d love to know if you’ve tried it too – or if you would honestly recommend an alternative for me to try. Let me know below…

Sarah x

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  • Nouveau do the BEST lash extensions. And they’re nationwide too

    5 years ago : G
  • Using a lash booster has become just another step in my nightly skin routine. It’s def worthwhile x cara b

    5 years ago : Cara
  • Why not just have eyelash extensions? Wait until the day before then they should look great. are the best. Dionne x

    5 years ago : Dfurlow
  • No7 do a pretty good one too – I probably wouldn’t give it such a great review as you’ve given this one but it’s a LOT cheaper! Dx

    5 years ago : Diana
  • It’s amazing!

    5 years ago : Jude
  • I’ve got their lash plumping brush and eyelash comb. They’re great. Pheebs x

    5 years ago : Phoebe
  • I’ve tried loads of so-called lash boosters and have never been that impressed. This is a really glowing review – I confess I’m tempted. Sula

    5 years ago : Sula