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Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Liquid Liner

So here’s where I share my favourite couldn’t-get-spliced-without-them products. Today it’s the turn of a newbie on the block: Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Liquid Liner. Here’s why I love it….


I’m going to start with a confession: my upper eye line needs a little help in the definition department. Not in the full-on sixties sex kitten ‘va va voom, well heeeellooo boys’ sense. Just more of a subtle nod to the fact that hi there, yes, my eyes are actually open and don’t my lashes look nice and kinda thick today….

Thing is, although I need liquid eyeliner in my life, it and I have had a rocky relationship over the years. I’ve never really got on with dipping a wet brush in a pot of solid liner – or dipping a dry brush in a pot of sticky paste for that matter.  They start well but fade quickly (a friend likened hers once to an ex!) Now I know where I am with a pen. They feel more natural to hold and the results are satisfyingly smooth and consistent.

Oh, and upper eye-lining aside, pens work better when drawing things like pirate patches on small children… Something I discovered – and swiftly regretted – when my previous eyeliner ran out mid skull and crossbones tattoo. So, left naked (up at eye line level) I was on the prowl for my perfect replacement. My new liquid eyeliner match made in heaven (or House of Fraser.) One that felt nice to hold (not too skinny or stubby) one where the nib wasn’t overly long (and therefore prone to bend which really bothers me) and one where the line it drew was just right.

What a happy coincidence then that my search occurred just as Bobbi Brown’s Long-Wear Liquid Liner appeared on counter. First try on the back of my hand ticked all my boxes – nice fit and seamless slim streak of colour. Talking of colour there are five in the line-up and whilst all are on the dark side, none of them are jet black. They’re described as high-shimmer but don’t mistake that for flashy. They’re way more subtle, where just an eye bat in the right light catches a glimmer. I was tempted by the deep green Forest Sparkle but opted for Violet Sparkle, remembering that make-up artists have said for years that violet makes your eyes really stand out. Isn’t that what every bride wants on her wedding day?

Back to the application, streaking it along my upper lash line was a cinch. A thin even line of deepest, darkest purple.  If you’re after a thicker pussycat flick, it’ll need some building up but what it leaves with one sweep across was just what I craved. I’ve been wearing it daily and it does last pretty well. If you’re wearing it on your wedding day, I’d recommend a pre-reception party top-up – bulk it up for stunning party peepers.

So it’s another ‘eye do’ from me, this time for Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Liquid Liner. I’d love to know if you’ve tried it too…

Sarah x

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  • I think you can’t go wrong with Rommel Glam Eyes Liner – and it’s only about a fiver! Barb x

    5 years ago : Barb
  • Funnily enough I tried this liner on my hand today in store. Now I’ve googled for reviews and found yours. It’s a good price and I’m already impressed with its staying power. Steffi xo

    5 years ago : Ssimons
  • I love everything about this liner too. Wens x

    5 years ago : Wendy
  • This is a really cute liner – I LOVE the subtle twinkle it gives. Cheri

    5 years ago : Cherie
  • For every day it’s brilliant- but I can’t apply a straight line to save my life! 🖊Chloe Evans x

    5 years ago : Chloe
  • My mum has bought me a full Bobbi brown makeup kit following a counter consultation. This liquid eyeliner is in there and I agree, it’s easy to apply and lasts forever. Vicky x

    5 years ago : Vicky