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When you hate your engagement ring…. Berry Crush wedding dress, £350 IMG_9145

(and heartbreakingly, about 3000 brides-to-be do) SHOW ME THE MANI!

So Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Are you keeping your fingers crossed for an extra surprise coming your way? Something in a small box that’s finger-shaped and sparkly perhaps?

I didn’t remember this but years ago, Mr BBE overheard me talking with my bestie about ‘that’ episode of Sex & The City. You know, the one where Carrie wasn’t exactly head over her Manolo heels about the ring Aiden proposed with. It was too early in our relationship to be worried about dropping hints about potential proposals but he must’ve filed it in the back of his mind anyway. (*bless*) Fast forward then to the totally unexpected “will you marry me” moment when he presented me with a cheap fake diamond, quickly adding how he’d remembered what I’d said and wanted us choose the real one together. Between you and me, a small sigh of relief because whilst it was really pretty it didn’t make my heart ping.

At the time I thought what a brilliant idea that was, after all, diamonds don’t come cheap! Okay, so you’re engaged and blissfully happy, but wouldn’t it be even more perfect if you were sporting a solitaire that you adored? Apparently, of the expected 15,000 proposals this Valentine’s Day, one in five women will hate the ring! That’s a lot of unloved diamonds out there ladies! So, apart from putting on your best poker face and celebrating the fact you’re engaged, what should you do? Well, until you decide (and more about that later) I reckon you should make the most of your rock by rocking some fabulous nail looks. At least that way you can gaze lovingly at your nails….. Here are my five favourite ring tones:

Let your nails do the talking with a shimmering champagne shade like Essie Gel Couture in Daring Damsel, £9.99


The ring may not be ‘look at me’ but with this punchy pink your nails certainly will be. It’s Diego Dalla Palma in Cool Peony, £10


Bling it on! This colour will out-sparkle any diamond. Er, what diamond? Nailberry L’Oxygene in Star Dust, £14.50


Coral nails never fail to brighten up a girl’s day, especially when the finger jewellery isn’t hitting the spot. Morgan Taylor Beauty Marks the Spot, £10.99


Your fiancé didn’t break any rules, but you’d still rather have had a say in choosing the engagement ring. All That Jazz in Rules of Engagement, £9.98

Rules of Engagement

You’re not totally in love with your rock… what now?

Be honest. You have to tell your fiancé how you feel. Just be tactful in case he designed it himself. A friend of mine thought her original ring too over-the-top. She suggested that some of the stones be removed and now cherishes her reinvented rock. Those discarded diamonds were made into earrings so she sees it as a definite win-win.

Just be super careful in case you find out that the ring is a family heirloom. This has also happened to someone I know, an ex-colleague. To be honest, her mother-in-law-to-be was really offended but it just wasn’t to my friend’s taste. Luckily, her fiancé thought it looked really old-fashioned (and not in a good way) so after exploring ways of resetting the stone, she eventually decided to wear it on her other hand and they shopped for a ring-of-dreams together.

So the big question… how much do you love your engagement ring? I know that I’ll love mine forever. Did you have to have any awkward conversations? And what are your favourite nail colours to show it off?

Sarah x

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  • Oh god oh god please don’t let this happen to me! I’ve started to drop hints just in case. We definitely can’t afford an expensive mistake – and I don’t plan on wearing Covid gloves for the rest of my life!

    1 year ago : Fay
  • Awks… it could easily have happened to me. When my boyfriend mentioned he’d been ring shopping with his mum before I opened the box I was truly terrified. Poker face at the ready…! 😬

    4 years ago : Geri
  • Ha! This is so funny. I’m so happy to say that I adore my ring. It’s far from expensive but it suits me, it twinkles and I love it. It is a mix of sapphire and diamond which looks gorgeous with either deep sea blue, silver or grey nails. I always use Kiko colours. They’re small and cheap so you can buy lots without them taking up too much space. maddie xx

    4 years ago : Madison