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"What I wore"

As a bride-to-be, I’ve been prodding everyone for beauty advice: what works and more importantly, what doesn’t (like an updo that makes you taller than your groom - awkward), how to ensure your make-up will last from the “I Do” to the dancefloor and whether I should go Rapunzel for the reception (ie. let down my hair.) This section of the website is for beautiful brides - pros, pals and everyone in-between - who are happy to share their big day beauty secrets. Today, meet...


Anna, who married Tommy

in St Pauls Cathedral followed by a reception at No1 Marylebone, London

‘I don’t usually wear make-up so wanted to keep it subtle, with not much more than a soft smokey eye, mascara and lipgloss. I’d been given a really posh face mask by a friend which I’d saved for my wedding morning. I was feeling radiant and ready when my make-up artist arrived. After he’d applied a light foundation and powder, he was starting on eyeshadow when he asked if I’d used a new product. I told him about the mask and he instructed me to go and wash my face so he could cleanse and tone and start from scratch as the make-up was sliding off my face. Luckily we still had time.

I’m a ponytail or high bun girl most days as I’ve got so much hair. For my wedding, I really wanted to wear it down, softly curled and accessorised with a diamante comb. I felt amazing.’


The dress:

The hair accessory:

The base:


  • Wow! Anna’s wearing my dream dress. What a beautiful bride.

    6 years ago : savannah
  • What a nightmare! I’ve been saving a really indulgent face mask to use on my w-morning but I’m not going to risk it now! Ps. She looks stunning xxx Georgie Jackson

    6 years ago : Gorgeous georgie