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Wedding-worthy feet? That’s easy!

These lust-have barefoot sandals are on order, but are your feet ready for them?

Chances are, all the bridal prep – decorating the reception, choosing the favours, confirming the seating plan – has kept you on your toes lately. But talking of toes, are they up to public viewing?

As soon as the weather changes, I treat myself to a pro pedi. The skin sloughing, the oil-soaked massaging and the intricate painting – it leaves me totally blissed out. Plus, unlike other beauty treatments, you can see happy-making results straight away.

Over the years, I’ve indulged myself with pedicures courtesy of Margaret Dabbs, nails inc, Leighton Denny, Decleor, Champneys, Kerstin Florian, Elemis, Mavala and Sophy Robson to name-drop a few. And once my tootsies are up to public scrutiny, I feel spurred on to keep them looking that way until flip flop season is well and truly over again. Here’s my home pedi routine:

Shape ’em
I use a diamond file to shape them, rounding off the corners of my big toes to make them look prettier. I then gently buff the surface with a buffer because I like the surface to look really smooth.

Scrub ’em
On dry skin, I go bananas with an M&S Foot File, £3 scrubbing away all the hard and dry skin from my heels, the balls of my feet and the sides of my big toes. I find the cloud of dry skin I create weirdly satisfying. Every so often, I pull out my Emoji Micro Pedi, £34 for a thorough once-over. It’s battery-operated for less slough, more smoothing.

Soak ’em
I then dip my freshly smooth feet in warm water laced with lavender oil and catch up on Home & Away. If you’ve got any marbles or pebbles doing nothing, drop them in to give your mule-mauled soles something nice to rub against.

Moisturise ’em
My favourite bit. Feet up on Mr BBE with a dollop of foot cream for a really long, firm massage. At this point, I often have to sacrifice Home & Away for Football Focus.

Polish ’em
I love painting my toe nails. Sometimes, if I’m drawn like a magpie to a certain shade that seems a bit too ‘out there’ for fingers, I’ll buy it anyway for my toes. Blue is a prime example of this. I’m not a fan of blue fingers but I love blue toes – plus it’s an easy way to score your ‘something blue.’ First I wipe over the surface with nail polish remover to get my toe nails super clean then I sandwich two coats of colour between base and top coat. I keep my feet flat whilst they’re drying just so as not to cause possible colour drip if they’re raised.

Perfect Peep-Toe Wedding Shades

1. Leighton Denny Firecracker, £12
2. Essie Couture Inside Scoop Baby Pink, £9.99
3. Nails inc Gel Effect Baker Street Cobalt Blue, £15
4. Palette London Gold Rush, £13.50
5. Jessica Nails The Wedding, £9.90
6. Kiko Silver, £1

Save your soles
10 ways to score prettier plates
1. Wedding shoes will definitely need to be broken in before your big day. See if you can dance in them too. You could splash out on two pairs – one for the day and one for the evening.
2. Make sure too, before you buy them, that they actually fit properly. They won’t stretch – and your feet won’t grow into them!
3. There should be about a quarter of an inch between the tips of your toes and the tips of your shoes. PLEASE don’t overhang!
4. The most flattering height is a three-inch heel. Any higher and your ankle gets pushed forward forcing your toes to grip your shoes.  Make sure they’re not too high that they stop you walking, standing or dancing.
5. Every day, spend a minute or two stretching and curling your toes to keep them supple and stimulate circulation.
6. New shoes given you a blister? Cover it with lip balm to create a barrier between your skin and the shoe. It works!
7. Apparently, grass contains chlorophyll which is a natural deodorant. A fact that might come in handy…….
8. Actually, go barefoot as often as you can. Your toes can spread out to their heart’s content. Wear something really comfortable when you’ve got lots of walking to do, even if you change  your shoes once you arrive at work/the bar/the shops/all of the above.
9. It’s not glamorous but every fortnight or so, I drench my feet in moisturiser and slip on cotton socks for an intensive overnight treatment. You can buy ready-prepared spa socks but this DIY way works just as well.
10. A ‘foot note’ about smelly soles: don’t wear the same shoes day in/day out, drop some lavender oil in pongy pumps and avoid suffocating nylon socks or tights.

So have you thought about your feet and your wedding shoes yet? Beach weddings were made for these barefoot sandals. Imagine walking up a sandy aisle in them?

Sarah x

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  • My new years resolution was to look after my feet. I started with a pro pedicure and have kept up daily foot cream ever since. I reckon by summer they’ll be ready to bare!

    5 months ago : amie
  • I have a micro pedi too and it’s great. even better if you’re feet are up and someone else is doing it! he he! But I love having smooth, polished feet. it’s like the finishing touch to feeling truly groomed x

    3 years ago : hattie
  • OMG – my feet have been hibernating for months! I need this post Tilly

    3 years ago : Tilly
  • Gel toenails are a revelation. I’m on week 9 and they still look as good as they did on day one! I love how toe nails grow so slowly!

    4 years ago : Romilly
  • How do I get my feet in shape for summer? Exfoliating socks like Footner. Peaking the skin off your feet will make you hurl but they’re baby soft afterwards xxx

    4 years ago : Foot fiend
  • White toes! I hadn’t thought of that!

    4 years ago : Crazy lady
  • I’m really glad I read down to your Save your soles bit. My wedding shoes have been sitting in a box for months. It hadn’t occurred to me to wear them in! I wanted to keep them perfect but what’s the point if I end up chucking them off because they hurt!!!!!! Thank you x

    4 years ago : Macy
  • Wow… I’ve never heard of barefoot sandals before. I’m honeymooning in the Maldives at a no shoes hotel. These would look really pretty, I’ll definitely treat myself to a pair. Indy xx

    4 years ago : India
  • Thanks so much for the post.Really thank you! Great.

    4 years ago : jbentley