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Wedding hair tips from the pros

Forget Me Not-0813retThis post comes from my friends at Salons Direct. They’ve asked some top stylists and colourists for their ultimate wedding hair tips – from the importance of a trial through to still looking picture-perfect at the end of your big day. Here goes…
(and btw, the beyond-dreamy dresses are by Lyn Ashworth. Totally love….)

On trials
1 ‘A thorough consultation is an absolute must ahead of the big day. It will give you the best idea of what styles will work plus give you the chance to discuss different options for veils and headpieces etc.’ Nicole Crush, Stylist at Jo Hansford

2 ‘Think about the weather. Will it be hot? How will the style hold up with the elements? Your trial will give you the opportunity to discuss which options might work best with your hair’s texture and the season. You’ll also be able to pin down whether you’ll need extensions to add volume or length, a colour refresh or perhaps a trim.’ Genevieve Strazisar of Ted Gibson Artists Team
3 ‘The best place to start planning a wedding style is to look through magazines, not necessarily bridal ones. Collect any styles you like so that your stylist can get a good overview of what you like.’ Lee Stafford

4 ‘The dress I believe plays the biggest part in choosing whether hair should be put up or not. Create a moodboard including pictures of yourself where you love your hair as well as celebrity images from red carpet events. Avoid following trends which may look outdated in years to come.’ Craig Taylor, Creative Director of Hari’s

5 ‘As a stylist I like to get to know my bride on a personal level, see the dress, the theme of the wedding etc and then together we devise a bespoke hairstyle.’ International Session Artist Tracey Devine Smith

Farewell To Spring-4680ret

On the day

  1. I love loose waves as they fully show off the various tones in your colour. Use tongs to create loose stylish slightly undone waves and finish with hairspray to hold them in place,’ Nicola Clarke, Creative Colour Director for Color Wow and John Frieda
  2. ‘Don’t be afraid of going for something different to a traditional up do. Depending on the style of your dress, maybe a down-do and soft waves can look just as elegant.’ William from Electric HairMistflower-1126ret
  3. The most important aspect of wedding hair is that the bride feels comfortable with what she has. If she’s wearing an up do, make sure it’s secure. A small, hidden braid under the up do will give something that pins and grips can fix onto. Use plenty of hairspray to finish.’ Victoria Ralph, stylist at Windle and Moodie.
  4. ‘Aim to choose a timeless style – there’s a lot to be learned from the weddings of the eighties, which while on trend at the time, look dated today. Search through Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration. In the past few years, there’s been a huge shift towards more relaxed, sexier and wearable hair.’ Pete Burkill of the HOB Creative Team

She Walks With Beauty-3346ret

What other tips would you add for brides wanting their hair to look it’s absolute best on their big day? Let me know in the comments

Sarah x




  • Great tips. Really attractive. We netSalon thank to you for these amazing tips.

    3 years ago : netSalon
  • I’ve literally lapped up these tips. I’m so over my mum, friends, colleagues telling me how I should wear my hair. I’d quite like to surprise everyone. And not necessarily in an elaborate undo way. I want to feel amazing – I might just blow it straight A’s I do everyday. Does it matter?

    4 years ago : Abbie
  • Totes agree with Kerry. Check out glitzy secrets xx nat

    5 years ago : Njackman
  • Won’t your hair get in the way? Why don’t you pull the sides back and push on a tiara or comb? There are so many gorgeous hair accessories – it’s nice to wear something g you wouldn’t normally on such a special day. X Kerry 🙆🏼

    5 years ago : Kgold
  • Sod em all. It’s your day. If you feel great then go for it! 😤😤jo

    5 years ago : Johogan
  • Why would you want to wear your hair in a way you know your groom won’t totally love? Mandie x

    5 years ago : Mgowan
  • That’s nice if them. Why don’t you just please yourself. You’re the bride!!!!! Whatever makes u feel beautiful. Elaine x

    5 years ago : Laine
  • I love my long hair – it’s thick, poker straight and I can almost sit on it. But my fiancé and my Moh think it will drag me down. My dress is high neck with long sleeves. What does anyone else think? Ziggy x

    5 years ago : Zigster
  • I love Emma stone’s Hollywood waves from the oscars. I’d love to know how stiff with hairspray it was. I’m pretty sure they’d drop on my hair (fineish and shoulder length). Jax

    5 years ago : JAx
  • Extensions on a windy day can be style suicide. Make sure the joins are well hidden. Carrie 😩

    5 years ago : C
  • My sister wore her highlighted hair in a ballet bun on her wedding day. I think the point about checking photos is so crucial – we all looked at her brown roots and blonde knot as she said her vows. J x

    5 years ago : J
  • Can I just add: Emilie sande’s hair looked like coral – dry and crusty! Nicki

    5 years ago : Njohnson
    • I feel the need to add “Your hair looks like an Easter Egg!” here….. (Grease fans will understand me) x

      5 years ago : Sarah Green
  • I agree! It’ll date you. Highlights are def the best way forward for wedding day hair x

    5 years ago : Julie
  • My colourist has convinced me to cover my gold ombré with more natural lights running right thru the length because he reckons I’ll really regret it in years to come if I don’t. Bettie xo

    5 years ago : B madon
  • Top of my hair wish list is J lo – hence I’m getting extensions. I’m just worried that ombré colour will look really dated in years to come. C Fo xx

    5 years ago : Cherry fowler
  • My hair will be shoulder length bt the time I get married. Katy Perry’s tousled bob is my inspo. Karen Jacob

    5 years ago : Kjavob
  • I’d search Pinterest boards for red carpet events Billie rAther than waste £ on mags. Bonnie x

    5 years ago : Bonita
  • I’ve got a short bob – just past my ears. I’d love some ideas of how to wear it on my w-day. Even at my trial I was only offered blown out with a tiara or slick (which just looked greasy.) billie x

    5 years ago : Belinda
  • Totes agree! Short rocks – look at Emma Willis. Totally babe in hair terms. Vix x

    5 years ago : Vic v
  • I love a shorter do. It doesn’t seem the ‘done thing’ for brides not to have long hair – or maybe I just read too many hair mags. I think it’s a nice change to have a ‘hairstyle’. Rachel Davison xx

    5 years ago : Rack davy
  • Go for the chop. Maybe drop the dusty texture but some loose waves will look incred x Gus’ girl

    5 years ago : Jeanie
  • totally crushing on Katy’s ‘mob’ (aka messy bob). Would look awesome with a pettibone dress. Cornish patsy x

    5 years ago : Pm
  • I’ve totally pinned a pic of K Pez from the Brits. I love the texture but my mum says I’ll look a right mess. Am harrumphing. Mia T2b xx

    5 years ago : MGwent
  • I really fancy a Katy Perry scruffy bob but my wedding is 6 weeks away. What if I regret it….?🙎🏼💇🏼Renee x

    5 years ago : Renee
  • Even an up do will look better and last longer if you set your hair in rollers first. It gives more lift and shine. Edie

    5 years ago : Edie
  • Plaits will look so gorgeous when let loose for the reception. Just make sure you don’t look like a school girl. Sasha x

    5 years ago : Sasha
  • My top tip – discovered at my engagement party – is not to choose an up do which, with heels makes you taller than your groom. I hate looking ‘so big’ in the photos xx Tori

    5 years ago : Tori