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The divine dozen: Looking hot (to honeymoon trot)

with my pick of sun-sational beauty essentials…

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1 Clarins sun sprays have nestled happily in my beach bag for years now. I’d be sent them for free during my magazine life-time but even now I’m forking out myself, I’d still ‘go’ Clarins. I’m quite lazy when it comes to sun protection. Not in the don’t-wear-it way, I always do – and I reapply regularly. (‘Scuse me while I go polish my halo.) But rubbing it in bores the jiggy out of me (such hard work…) That’s why I’m a big fan of the sprays. The Sun Care Oil Spray, UVB/UVA 30, £20 to be exact. Easy to apply (and nicely cooling on hot skin) pleasant fragrance, suitably covetable plus, getting down to business, offers deep-down UV protection. What’s not to love? This year they’ve unleashed a new Sun Care Oil Spray UVB/UVA 30, £20 which I’m thinking will probably find a space in my suitcase too. 



2 Seeing as you forked out a fortune for your hair colour, it’d be a shame to let the sun bleach it or worse, emerge from a dip in the hotel pool with not-so-jolly-green-giant-hued hair! Nuxe Sun Moisturizing Protective Milky Oil for Hair, £12 has to be the most luxe way under the sun to protect your do against UV damage. It smells like coconut sun cream (ie. dreamy) plus is pretty helpful when it comes to nailing sexy beachy style too (like a perfectly mussed-up bun, mermaid braid etc.) Bonus!


3 Who else is gonna put their (pale) hand up and admit to first day phobia, aka being the ‘look at me’ newbie on the beach. My plan? Hide behind my Chloe sunglasses, a trusty all-over layering of fake tan and a flattering peachy shot of Kiko’s Free Spirit Lips & Cheeks in Wild Guava, £9.90. It’s amazing how ‘dressed’ a girl feels with just her face and bikini on. The semi-matte texture of this multi-purpose pencil gets a thumbs up from me too as it’s budge-proof. 

IN THE SHADE eyeshadow and kajal - 05 Anthracite & Metallic Rose

4 Mmmm….. I always treat myself to a holiday fragrance. Back in blustering Blighty, one spritz will airlift me straight back to sunnier times – plus it lasts a lot longer than the tan. This summer, the fume I’m favouring is Guerlain Terracotta Le Parfum, £49. Okay, so it’s on the pricey side but I love it because one floral buttery sniff makes me daydream about suntan oil, thatched parasols and a warm sandy deserted beach. I’ve been carrying a sample around with me for weeks. The way it develops during the day, pardon the pun, but it knocks me scents-less!


5 Apres-Beach skin looks even better when it’s been enhanced with a sexy shimmer. Estee Lauder’s Bronze Goddess Shimmering Body Oil Spray, £30 is great because a. the glittery bits are barely-there, just how I like them, and b. it smells beyond gorgeous. Like bare skin warmed by sunshine with a side order of an expensive coconut cocktail (ie. Not a pint of Malibu….)

Bronze Goddess_cropped

6 This is one smart sunscreen. It temptingly boasts ‘time-lag sun-ageing control’ which to you and me, means that on top of safe sun-worshipping, it also protects against fine lines, pesky pigmentation patches and sagging skin. Sensai Silky Bronze Cellular Protective Cream for Face SPF50, £80 may be on the pricey side but it’s the Stormtrooper of sun protection. Those evil UVA and UVB rays don’t stand a chance




7 A lavish aftersun is an absolute honeymoon non-negotiable. You. Freshly showered. Laying on the bed. A willing man with warm hands all set to smooth it in. You can thank me later if you choose Michael Kors After Sun Gelee, £20. It’s one perfect non-sticky moment (or hour depending…) you won’t want to miss.

After Sun Gelee

8 I swear I haven’t set one pedicured toe on an aeroplane in the last ten years that hasn’t been tango’ed. It’s my forever summer shade and looks even better once your tootsies start flaunting a light tan. This year’s pick for me is Collection’s 2 Step Solar Shine Gel Nail Polish in Caribbean Crush, £3.99. One coat delivers long-lasting chip-free colour with mega-watt shine. I’m looking down at my toes now. Even though they’re not buried in sand they still look gorgeous.

Carribean Crush

9 No surprises I like my make-up, but when I‘m on my hollibobs, I travel light (*shudders.) I prefer to pack a compact like Bobbi Brown Sunkissed Gold Eye Palette, £36. Four fabulous squares including sparkling bronze and shimmering gold along with an all-important definer can be mixed to create loads of sultry summer looks. Just add waterproof mascara to avoid a panda-monium!


10 Talking of which, using anything other than YSL’s Luxurious Mascara Waterproof, £25 is a long, forgotten memory for me. Okay, so some of you will say that wearing maz during the day is too high maintenance but I never go anywhere without mine on and the beach is no exception. Even if it’s all I wear (in make-up terms,of course!) This one gives me long, leak-free bambi-esque lashes. I’ve always got black about my person but am a total sucker for coloured lashes too. This one comes in Violet and Blue. Eenie, Meenie, Miney Mo…. Tough choice… MVEFC wp noir n°1

11 So the body is creamed up and ready for some beach action (even if your plans are no busier than shifting positions on your sun lounger.) A fashion friend once gave me some smart advice. That it’s worth spending a bit more on a really great bikini as the design ‘assistance’ will help hide any areas that aren’t as toned as you’d have hoped. So, introducing my itsy-bitsy bikini of dreams. Boux Avenue’s Amora Bandeau Bikini Top, £28 and Frill Briefs, £15. The frills assist my figure a lot. They are very flattering.  


12 Even though you’re on your honeymoon, there will be moments when you need to put your new hubby down. If you still fancy a bit of fun under the covers, allow me to suggest you pick up Lovers and Liars, a sex-sational read written by none other than my own beloved bridesman Nigel May (the Kindle edition is only £1.99.) A gentle start that quickly gathers pace as it races towards an explosive finish. All very satisfying…. 



So that’s my essential summer kit. Some of it a bit pricey I agree but then I’m ‘lick-penny’ (as Mr BBE would say) all year round, so come those precious two weeks away, what’s wrong with indulging myself? The pre-holiday shop adds to the excitement after all. And anyway, I’m not actually taking that much booty. I’m saving on suitcase space*. So have you any honeymoon essentials you’d like to recommend? Tell me below…

Sarah x

* and giving it to shoes!

Thank you to Boux Avenue for the dreamy holding pic and Nigel for this fabulous Scruffy Little Cat one below. Click onto his website – to be in with a chance of winning loads of goodies!

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  • That Bobbi Brown palette! Just add sunset, a tan and a long cool cocktail! H xx

    4 years ago : Hayley
  • Bobbi brown waterproof mascara would make my divine dozen. And Lancôme dog mists, colorspirt liky lip stain and coral nail varnish. Willow do a good cheapie x

    5 years ago : Tia
  • Thanks for using that picture of me on the beach! #inmydreams #aboutasmuchchanceasniallhoranproposing x

    6 years ago : Lydia Trott
    • Niall’s single right Lydia? It could happen… #agirlshoulddream

      6 years ago : Sarah Green
  • If I had the money I’d buy everything on your list! I’ve never used an expensive suncream – even the shop branded ones are not cheap. De-wrinkling creams sound very tempting though. Just don’t think my budget will allow (very sad face) XO Mollie

    6 years ago : mollie
  • I am thrilled to be featured in your flirty Honeymoon Hot To Trot top 12!!! I would love to think that any would-be honeymooners would pack one of my books into their case to keep things nice and spicy all day long! And congrats on a great website. It’s awesome. N x

    6 years ago : Nigel May
  • So happy that the terracotta perfume is back this summer. I tried to get it last year but it sells out quite quickly I think. Will buy it tomorrow!

    6 years ago : Sofe loves shoes
  • These are great buys! I’d love all of them. And I’ll buy them too if it means I look as hot as the model in your main pic. Great post!

    6 years ago : Addy Dee