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Ten ways to make Pantone Classic Blue your wedding hue

Now that Pantone has declared Classic Blue 19-4052 the Colour of 2020, expect a rush of peak-a-blue things to wet your wedding appetite. Pantone describe this exact blue hue as ‘timeless and enduring.’ A great reason to choose this classy colour as an accent shade for your wedding. Here are my top ten true blue buys….

1. A Classic Blue Rock
A princess cut sapphire cushioned between two sparkling diamonds. I mean, what’s not to go giddy over? It would definitely get an ‘YES!’ from me.
Beaverbrooks 18ct White Gold Sapphire and Diamond Ring, £2,500

2. A Classic Blue Bouquet
Imagine picking the blue hydrangeas from this beautiful bouquet and using them as hair accessories, button holes or centre pieces. I’d have my flower girls holding a single stem too.
Blue Horizon Bouquet, £49.99


3. A Classic Blue Wedding Dress
When I was working on the wedding mag, I was set a task to ‘design’ a dress for a beach wedding. I took a plain white (gorgeous) gown and treated it so some carefully applied blue fabric paint. I was thinking about that dress when I started putting this post together, hoping I could find something similar. A dress that was definitely fit for a bride but ticked the ‘something blue’ box too. And here it is, a bespoke gown created by RMINE. What a stunner…

4. Classic Blue Nails
Always the easiest way to do blue, even if it’s just on your toes. I’m a fan of Sensationail Gel Polishes. On top of the massive colour choice, my nails stay chip-free for around two weeks. That’d be the wedding and the honeymoon done (and blue toes in the sunshine look fab.)
Sensationail Gel Nail Polish in The Boys In Blue, £10


5. Classic Blue Shoes
These lush sky-high heels will probably end up being replaced by a pair of cool blue flip flops, but whilst they’re on, make sure everyone sees them!
Lunar JLR062 Blue Platform Sandals Wedding Shoes, £9.99

6. A Classic Blue Hair Comb
Such a subtle way to wear the colour of the moment. Imagine it tucked behind one ear or pushed into a chignon. My inner magpie is in love…
Glitzy Secrets Blue Belle Hair Comb, £24


7. A Classic Blue Veil
How beautiful and what a brilliant idea. A blue veil will definitely seal a ‘wow’ entrance. What I really love too, is that you can order to whatever length your heart desires.
Illusions Royal Blue Ribbon Edge Veil

8. Classic Blue Flower Girl frocks
One, two, three or more flower girls walking down the aisle in blue chiffon. I love the flat bows on the shoulder straps and the shirred bodice leading to a full skirt. Add sparkly shoes and sparkling smiles and you’re good to go (get married.)
Dessy Flower Girl Style FL4033

9. A Classic Blue Wedding Cake
Pinterest is packed full of inspo if your heart is set on a blue cake. As a sucker for anything ombre, this is the one I’d want to sink my teeth into….
Blue Ombre Wedding Cake


10. A Classic Blue Aisle
Oh shiny happy people getting spliced, this wedding runner is sequinned! Be still my beating heart.
ShinyBeauty 3FTx15FT-Wedding Aisle Runner-Royal Blue,Glitter Sequin Aisle Runner for Wedding Ceremony Party/Children Party Decoration, £34.61

Whatever time of year your wedding is scheduled for, classic blue makes the perfect accent shade. Against a sunny backdrop during the summer or surrounded by twinkling fairy lights in the winter. It’s a beautiful, calming colour and I absolutely love it. Sorting your ‘something blue’ just got a whole lot easier.

Are you adding anything in Classic Blue to your wedding? I’d love to  know

Sarah x

This is not a paid for or sponsored post

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  • Blueberry cocktails for my summer celebration plus bunches of pansies on every table. This is my favourite colour. Whoo hoo!

    2 years ago : dian
  • Your post has just decided my bridesmaids colour scheme. They’ll be my something blue for sure. As they’re my sister’s kids, perhaps that doubles up the something borrowed too :))

    2 years ago : bella
  • Blue makes a perfect accent colour, especially for a summer wedding. You can extend the colour to table cloths, chair backs, centre pieces, the ushers and even cool blue cocktails. Balloons, flowers, fireworks, the choice is endless

    2 years ago : Anon
  • Sapphires are the most beautiful stone (hence my engagement ring is not dissimilar to the your number 1 item.) This has definitely given me food for thought as I genuinely love the colour.

    2 years ago : Charlotte
  • Certainly beats just donning a garter with a blue ribbon!!!!! It’s a really nice shade of blue. I’d love my groom and his ushers to wear a blue suit which I could then echo in my bridesmaids and bouquet. Everyone seems to be going for dusty pinks at the mo, I definitely want my wedding to look different. Thank you xx Rox

    2 years ago : Roxanne