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Ten things brides-to-be with great skin do


Glow on, who doesn’t want perfect skin on their wedding day?

1. They know their type

By that, I mean they know whether their skin is sensitive (sometimes red, itchy or tight feeling,) normal (generally smooth and evenly toned,) oily (often with enlarged pores and a shiny T zone,) dry (pale and sometimes flaky) or combination (oily surrounded by normal or dry skin.) Because if you don’t know your skin type, how can you be sure you’re using the best products?

2. They double cleanse

Years ago, Hollywood derm Dr Harold Lancer told me how he was on a one-man mission to get us all double-cleansing. The idea was to reverse the usual cleanse-exfoliation ritual. By exfoliating first, the epidermis (upper layers) kick-starts the dermis (the layer beneath the surface) to speed up cell turnover. This will then stimulate collagen (stick with me: it’s what gives your skin structure and firmness) and generally ‘tricks’ the skin into acting younger. By following with a splash-off cleanser, leftover granules are gone and your skin is prepped for more effective delivery of the active ingredients coming later. It seems so obvious and I can vouch that you’ll notice a difference pretty quickly.

3. They knead facial oil

Regular facials are great for getting your skin into it’s best condition but when you’re on a budget, see how you get on with some DIY massage aided by a facial oil instead. Spend a couple of minutes rolling your fingers and knuckles up and out across your face every day. And don’t let the word ‘oil’ put you off. They’re often not that greasy and really help skin look plump and well, happy. For me, happiness has recently been coming from a bottle of Elemis Superfood Facial Oil, £45.

3. They use serum

It’s the one thing you can’t afford to miss out on, especially if you’re on the wiser side of 30 and concerned about tired-looking skin heading south. Serums are the active, powerful part of your regime. Sitting firmly (pun intended) on my bathroom shelf pretty much most of the time is Estee Lauder Advanced Night Serum Synchronized Recovery Complex II, from £52. Packed with active ingredients including hyaluronic acid to smooth and give good glow, all I can say, is when I don’t use it, I notice the difference. For me, it’s worth the dent in the beauty budget.

4. They like masks

Oh sheet you say? Great idea. It’s every bride-to-be’s prerogative to relax behind a pampering face mask at least once a week after all. I love a sheet mask – they force you to sit (or preferably lay) still whilst your skin gets saturated with active ingredients. Filorga’s Time-Filler Mask, £10 is my current fave. I’ve used their eye pads before so the fact that it’s black was only a surprise to my small children (cue lots of screaming and hiding behind curtains.) Filorga are experts in aesthetic medicine and every product I’ve tried has reaped results. This anti-ageing serum mask stretches the skin to make wrinkles less ‘out there’ plus gives my skin a good plumping.

5. They like tech

Cleansing brushes are great. Not tried one yet? I wouldn’t be without my Phillips VisaPure, £130. Okay, so it comes with a hefty price tag. I like it because even when I’m feeling lazy, it gently exfoliates and cleans out my pores, removing loads more make-up and dirt than manual cleansing ever would. It comes with two intensity settings and can even be used in the shower. Genius!

6. They always use protection

I’m talking sun protection of course. To maintain healthy skin, you should wear a minimum of 30 all year round unless you’re on the piste or at the beach when you should upgrade much higher. You know why. Because wearing an spf is the easiest way to protect against skin cancer and the signs of ageing. Skin-savvy B2Bs look for spf moisturisers loaded with both UVA and UVB like Piz Buin Ultra Light Dry Touch Face Fluid SPF30, £9 and This Works In Transit Skin Defence SPF30, £26.10.

7. They drink green goo

Juicing has been proven to have a visibly positive effect on skin. How? Because knocking back nutrient-rich veggies in their purest form offers a major hit of antioxidants. I once met celebrity juicer Jason Vale at a skin care press event where he whizzed up a tasty green juice that promised to boost glowy skin. As well as being good for your face, it’s a handy way of using up veg and getting green stuff into your diet. And you know what, kale doesn’t actually taste that bad…

8. They never sleep in make-up

… including on their hen night! That’s what face wipes were made for. Even if you’re already horizontal, at least you can get most of your make-up off with a cleansing wipe. I wouldn’t vouch for them as an everyday cleanser, but on special occasions they’re better than nothing.

9. They cream up their décolletage

Some people may use neck tape to get a smoother looking neck (no really, it’s becoming “a thing”.) B2B’s would never resort to such silly measures. Instead, they cover their neck and chest area in spf during the day and use a richer neck cream at night. Okay, so there’s nothing to stop you from just using a little more of your regular night-time moisturiser. It’s just that applying a neck cream like Liz Earle Superskin Bust & Neck Treatment, £33 feels so luxurious – it definitely makes me pay a lot more attention to that area. Isn’t it worth it to look your absolute best if your wedding dress is a low cut or strapless one?

10. They embrace their inner-princess

By wearing sunglasses at the merest glint of outdoor brightness (good for anti-squint lines,) having their teeth whitened (good for an overall look of health,) and clocking up at least seven hours of sleep on a silk pillowcase (good for de-wrinkling.) Well, it is called beauty sleep….

So what are you doing to get your skin how you want it for your wedding day? Any or all of the above? Or something else? I’d love to know…

Sarah x


Photography Sarah Salotti for Divine Boutique and Miss Leicestershire



  • I hope it’s helping. I bought myself a 3mm micro needle that I roll over my skin before serum. I read it helps the serum penetrate your skin better. Plus I kinda like the pain!!!! Loo x

    4 years ago : Lucie
  • lots of bloggers do round-ups of their favourite products. would you ever do that? i’d really like to know your ultimate pre-wedding skincare favourites. there’s so much choice out there, my mind boggles at the thought of deciding what’s best.

    4 years ago : bella
  • Another vote for the estee lauder serum from Rugby. It’s worth every penny (all 6000 of them!)

    5 years ago : sherbertpip
  • I use a cleansing brush with any old cleanser. I just love the feeling of squeaky clean skin

    5 years ago : Tia
  • The best thing you can do for your skin is to ward off stress. And drink gallons of water x vanessa

    5 years ago : VAnessa
  • Go charcoal! I’ve been using a scrub and a once a week mask. The difference it’s made to my skin is incredible x

    5 years ago : Dv8
  • My skin is playing havoc at the mo. I’ll be following these tips!!!!! X

    5 years ago : Bobbie
  • Don’t wash your silk pillowcase in the washing machine people. Mine came out feeling rough and ripped! Not so glam anymore…😭Xoxo

    5 years ago : Sdevine
  • I rub the pulp of a papaya over my skin every week. It leaves me with a natural glow and very soft. Baby Gx

    5 years ago : G
  • I’d add to keep your hands clean and try not to touch your face. Don’t squeeze spots (gross but toothpaste works a treat) and keep your mobile clean Phoebe Philipson x

    5 years ago : Phoebe
  • Really good post – I love the hair one too. Jasmin x

    5 years ago : Jazz
  • To your previous commenter – welcome to the ANR fan club. Estée Lauder often have offers on (I bought a duo in John Lewis for £50 last week.) I’ve used it forever. Michelle x

    5 years ago : Micha
  • That filorga mask looks scarily fabulous! I’ve just ordered one. Great post btw x

    5 years ago : Gilly
  • No Botox then??? If these tips work it’ll save me a small fortune 👠 👠👠👠👠xx

    5 years ago : Holly J
  • My aunt gave me a silk skin pillowcase for Xmas. I thought it a strange pressie for a 17year old who still lives at home. But now I get it – it’ll stop me getting wrinkles – amaze!!!! Hannah cook

    5 years ago : Hannah
  • Love these tips! Love this post! Hope I love my skin in a few weeks of trying them xx meg

    5 years ago : Megan
  • Yeah, about ANR. For years I couldn’t open a magazine or read a post that didn’t rave about. I tried it and to be honest found it so-so – def not worth all the hype (or the money for that matter.) but I got some of the Updated II version for Xmas. I’m a total convert – I doubt I’ll ever use anything else again. My skin is clearer, smoother and seems firmer around my chin. I 💜 It. JPho x

    5 years ago : Jen p-h
  • I think my wedding was the last time I actually pampered my skin!

    5 years ago : Madeline
  • My tonic for great skin? Advanced night repair (I’m a big fan too) sleep and … Guinness! X

    5 years ago : Ella
  • I’m finding that pregnancy is giving me the skin I always dreamt of having. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻X gill

    5 years ago : Gill
  • These are very do-able tips. Thank you. And nothing too outlandishly expensive either. Great work 😁Kim Colefield

    5 years ago : KC
  • Ok so maybe it falls more into the makeup category but I use Rimmel Good To Glow highlighter. Sometimes as target practice on my cheeks but other times all over mixed with moisturiser. Instant sheen. Susanna xx ps great post

    5 years ago : Suse
  • Facial wipes – for post gym and big nights out only. At all other times it’s got to be Clinique xo katie

    5 years ago : Katie
  • My biggest skin splurge are SKII sheet masks – my skin looks amazing after – and there’s enough serum to smear all over my neck, chest, arms and backs of hands. Everywhere that’ll be on show in my Ian Stuart dress xx

    5 years ago : Juliette r
  • Juices are good but you should steer clear of polyunsaturated fats and excess sugar if you really want to see a difference. Green tea has been my tipple of choice right through my pre-wedding period. Lizzie xx

    5 years ago : Liz E
  • Don’t they say that necks are the first place you show your age? I always extend my spf down my chest area too. Kate xx

    5 years ago : Kate
  • Wipes are my guilty pleasure 😢 Are they really so bad? Please say no! Pearl x

    5 years ago : Pearl
  • I’ve recently discovered Elizabeth Arden’s ceramide capsules. They’re brilliant for travel and make skin look so plump. Give them a go x

    5 years ago : Trish
  • I gave up smoking the minute I said ‘yes.’ I can’t lie – it’s the toughest thing I’ve ever done but I love how my skin is starting to look. I’ve got good glow!

    5 years ago : Vanessa
  • Can I just big-up my clarisonic brush. I swear my skin looks way clearer since I’ve been using it. Great post 👍🏻Dee xx

    5 years ago : Dionne
  • Thank you so much for not recommending a salon treatment. Some people just can’t afford them. It’s so rare these days to find skin tips that doesn’t tell you to try an acid peel at some swanky salon. I salute you!

    5 years ago : Ange
  • Great tips! I like the sound of the double cleanse – I’m definitely trying that

    5 years ago : Jo