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Ten things brides-to-be with great hair do

Lakshmi Beaded Crystal Silk Bridal Train £306

Because, let’s be honest, who else needs to be best-tressed on the day?

1. They get the snip

Regular trims are essential even if you’re growing your hair. The tips have endured years of heat styling and colour treatments after all.

2. They eat right

As well as keeping an eye on your waistline so that the frock fits, a healthy protein-rich diet is good for your hair too.

3. They always use protection

You know how unprotected hair can fry in strong sunshine but add styling protection to your safety (hair)net too. Invest in a hair primer (sitting pretty on my dressing table is Mark Hill’s Styling Primer, £7.99) and turn the heat down on your dryer and straightener. Just because they can hit 300 degrees doesn’t mean they have to.

4. They treat their scalp to some TLC

Because healthy hair grows better from a healthy scalp. Dead Sea Spa Magik Conditioning Scalp Mud, £10.29 massaged into post-shampooed strands will stimulate circulation to encourage stronger hair and less breakage. Oh, the massage part feels really good if you get someone else to do it…

5. They out-dazzle disco balls for shine

Because shiny hair makes you look younger! Shine-boosting shampoos and weekly deep conditioners should bling up hair that’s been dulled by everyday brushing, curling and straightening.

6. They adopt princess-like habits

Instead of rubbing briskly on a rough towel post-shampoo, wrap up in a super-absorbent one before carefully detangling from the ends up with a wide-toothed comb. Oh, and sleep on a silk pillowcase to prevent possible damage as you toss and turn at night worrying about the canapés.

7. They pop pills

Stress (particularly of the pre-wedding nature) can cause hair loss. A supplement boasting biotin helps promote growth and lustre. I’ve popped a daily Viviscal, from £29.99 for donkeys.

8. They know that colour is not just about covering uninvited greys

There’s added thickness, extra softness and easier to handle hair to flaunt too. Start trials at least six months before your wedding and go pro to ensure a colour (or blend of colours) that best suits you.

9. They wear scrunchies!

No really! Scrunchies are kinder to your hair than elastics which can cause breakage. And they’re cool again.

10. They co-wash

Sadly not a shampoo session a deux with the fiance. I’m talking a cleansing conditioner which allows you to skip shampooing for a dose of foam-free cream cleanser instead. Phtytoelixir Cleansing Care Cream, £16.50 is a goodie.

I hope these tips help in your quest for wedding-worthy hair. Let me know how you’re getting on…

Sarah x

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credit for pic: Lakshmi Beaded Crystal Silk Bridal Train, £306


  • I give my hair a day off every week. I wash and deep condition then let it air dry with no product in it. It’s not my prettiest day but I actually like it feeling so clean. I do the same with my skin. I avoid wearing makeup.

    4 years ago : Lucie
  • I always hated how the old hair protectors made my hair hard to comb thru. Ive got a bumble primer and I do like how I don’t have to tear my way thru tangles. I’d rec it (tho is waaaaay more expensive than mark hill)

    5 years ago : Rakkers
  • I’m confused by hair primers. Are they just uv protectors given a new label?

    5 years ago : Roothie
  • Pleased to see someone else likes a scrunchie! Have felt scarred since Carrie spurned them in S&TC😩😉xo dee

    5 years ago : Diandra
  • Great tips 👍🏻Super post xx

    5 years ago : Petra Zee