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Ten beauty resolutions every b2b needs to make



Got engaged over Christmas? Big congrats – you must be on cloud 9! Now, how about trading a few of those bad beauty habits for some new-you resolutions? You’re going to be a Bride soon after all…..

1 Ease off make-up

It’s a “thing” for Spring. Alberta Ferretti is just one of a cluster of designers who sent their models out practically au naturel on the catwalk. Why do I approve? Because it looks fresh and pretty, it’s complexion-friendly and well, let’s face it, minimal make-up equals minimum effort. Neat eyebrows are a necessity (more of that later) but apart from that, a light coverage of BB cream, concealer just where you need it, a flick of brown mascara and regular top-ups of Clarins tinted Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil, £18 and you’re done.

2 Eat your greens
Yeah… if it’s green (and goes off if you leave it too long) then it’s good for you. No surprises there but now you’re a B2B, at least try to swap some of the sweet stuff for something more wedding dress-friendly. Expected to be popular in 2016 are kale cocktails (nice) seaweed (I can handle it) and artichoke water (the jury’s out.) Other new superfoods you’ll spot doing the rounds include golden berries (cape gooseberries that look like yellow tomatoes) camels’ milk and a supergrain called teff. Just remember your end goal – looking amazing in that dress of dreams. Gotta be worth the effort…

3 Score the body you want

One of the first things I did when I got engaged was join a gym. Before I lose any gymphobes completely from this post, let me tell you that I HATE going to the gym. The one I chose was cheap and basic – no fluffy towels or fancy classes – I go in, do 30 minutes three times a week (only if my iPod is working otherwise I soon lose interest and motivation) then leave and window shop feeling very pleased with myself. I also wear a Jawbone UP fitness tracker and jog on the spot if I don’t reach my daily target. I do quite like the sound of some of the hot new fitness trends coming this year – not that my gym will offer them – but classes like Virtual Cycle  which replicates mountain biking and Pulse Powdered By Clubbercise, a high-energy dance class are totally my bag. Still prefer to workout in the comfort of your own front room? Netflix and Amazon Prime stream fitness classes, a whole host of reality stars have unleashed workout DVDs upon us (though I still stick with my Cindy Crawford one from decades ago) or you could try the targeted exercises in my Your Wedding Dress Workout post. Apparently it takes 21 days for your brain to form a new habit. Focus on how you want to look on your big day and go for it!

4 Cleanse, tone….

Who doesn’t dream of having a crystal-clear glowing complexion on their wedding day? As a Beauty Editor, I’ve spoken to a lot of dermatologists and make-up artists in my time. What do they all say is the most important step in your skincare routine? Cleansing. Especially at night otherwise you’ll be looking at spots, wrinkles (agh!) and a general dull, pale complexion. Sleeping in your make-up is a major beauty no-no. I wash my face before I’m too tired to bother doing it properly so that whilst I’m asleep, it’s clear to work all its inner repairing magic. All I sleep in is Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Replair, from £50.

5….. and mesmerise

Wearing SPF every day (even on the cloudy ones) is the most effective way to ensure you’re a picture of wrinkle-free radiance come your big day. Make sure your daily moisturiser contains at least SPF15. I’ve worn Estee Lauder’s heavenly-scented DayWear Advanced Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant Creme SPF15, £42 for years. Oh, and I can I suggest you give your mobile the once-over with an anti-bac wipe? A build-up of bacteria could be the cause for a spotty chin.

6 Do hair care

You may already have an idea of how you want your hair to look on your wedding day – up in a chignon, a softly tousled mass of curls, a loose side plait. Well, whatever style you choose, it’ll look better if your hair is in it’s most lush condition. Get regular trims, do weekly deep-conditioning treatments and give your hair a rest from heated appliances every so often. Before you head off to your hair trial, hunt through your Facebook photos and see where you’ve liked the look of your hair best or try different styles, just to give yourself as much choice as possible before your session with the Pro.

7 How now brow?

Never underestimate the effects of a little eyebrow maintenance – it can be like a mini facelift! If you’ve never touched them before, you’re best off putting them in the hands of a pro who can put you on the path to a perfect pair that complements your age and eye shape. For years I’ve been threaded at Benito Brow Bar – it’s quick, it’s pain-free (almost) and it’s really affordable. Treat yourself to a tint too to look uber-groomed.

8 Give your hands and nails some TLC

After all, there’s a sparkler on your left hand currently getting a lot of attention. Torn cuticles, chipped nails and rough skin don’t set it off. Since my ring arrived, I’ve taken to using cuticle oil at night, hand cream at every opportunity and, as my nails are really weak, gel manicures. An expensive new habit I agree. I’m keen to see if Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel Top Coat, £9.99 which can be applied over regular polish will save me some pennies – I’ve got a wedding to pay for!

9 Sniff out a new scent

Perfume is my ‘’thing.’ I love sniffing out new scents and can’t think of a better reason to hit the fragrance counters than to seek out ‘the one’ for my impending wedding day. Many years ago, a reputable perfume expert told me that future squirts of your wedding perfume had the power to evoke stronger memories of the day even than the photos! Always popular with brides are floral scents – Estee Lauder’s Beautiful, Marc Jacobs Daisy and Elie Saab Le Parfum. Me? I’m drawn more towards florals with a fruity twist and an added touch of spice – Guerlain’s Mitsouko, Mary Greenwell’s Plum and Chanel No19. If you’re not sure which fragrance family floats your boat, book a private perfume consultation. I can vouch for those offered by Jo Malone, Illuminum and the Roja Dove Haute Parfumerie. It’s just a lovely way to spend an afternoon….

10 Get a gorgeous grin

Can you check a perfect W-day smile off your to-do list? No? Then, after a trip to the hygienist, try a spot of tooth whitening. I went down the pro route for mine – at The Ware Centre of Dental Excellence. I can report a practically pain-free procedure involving hydrogen peroxide gel painted onto my teeth which was then activated by blasts of blue light whilst I settled back and watched a rom-com. By the end, my smile was five shades lighter than before. Now my remaining smile-based resolution to stick to is to floss every night…..

I’d love to know what beauty resolutions you’ve made. Tell me below

Sarah x



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  • OMG! I think Cindy Crawford’s DVD is the best celeb fitness tape too. I follow it via YouTube. That’s so funny – I thought I was the only long-serving fan

    6 years ago : Jessiesgirl
    • You and me Jessie. The old ones are the best x

      6 years ago : Sarah Green
  • Great resolutions! I just want to stress less about all the wedding planning and not worry about things out of my control. Oh, and I’ve joined the gym. I just need to make sure I go! x

    6 years ago : keira
    • You n me too Keira. I will if you will x

      6 years ago : Sarah Green