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How to look good at 40,000 feet



or… how to survive your honeymoon-bound long-haul flight looking, well, plane gorgeous!

‘Come fly with me, let’s fly, let’s fly away….’ So this tune was playing whilst I was queuing in the bank this morning. It managed to get itself so firmly wedged in my head that it prompted me to think about honeymoon beauty, or more specifically, ways to ensure you’ll step off the plane looking a less bedraggled new bride than you feel. It’s funny how doing nothing but sipping champers, having a snuggle and watching a box-set back-to-back can completely knacker you out. Anyway, back to that beautiful disembarkation, I reckon it’s down to…

  1. Cleanse, tone and … mesmerise.

No matter what daft o’clock hour I need to be at the airport, I’ll always be under a face of full make-up. But even before the captain checks in to say “Hi”, it’s gone with the sweep of a cleansing wipe then soaked in a toning mist.  Now this is interesting… I’ve heard from more than one dermatologist in my time that whilst you’re in the air, you’re closer to the sun which makes your skin more susceptible to UV damage. Makes getting a layer of moisturiser spiked with an spf on worthwhile… If you are planning a snooze, pop some soothing eye masks under your Yvonne Stuart-Hargreaves* eye mask to stop puffiness.

2. Resist the salty snacks.

Same goes for caffeine, fizzy drinks and alcohol* unless you want to arrive at honeymoon central feeling hungry, bloated and tired. I know, how to burst a bride’s happy bubble..? Drink loads of water and grab a few snacks for the journey once you’ve passed security so you won’t feel you’re missing out. Go for things like H2O-drenched things like cucumber sticks or watermelon slices. You could also think about opting for the vegan meal onboard which will be chocca-block with fresh fruit, salads and ratatouille. Remember that bikini body you’ve worked so hard to achieve…

3. Go easy on the make-up

No one will thank you for hogging the loo before landing to put your face on. You’re on your honeymoon  so ease up and make do with just the minimum. Go for a layer of brightening CC cream to even out your skin tone, a lip and cheek tint for a healthy flush of colour and a flick of mascara to fake you into looking wide awake. So long as your ankles haven’t swollen too much to get your shoes back on, you’re good to go….


* Don’t deny yourself a glass of celebratory champers, y’know, in light of the circumstances. Just ask for a large water chaser….

My in-flight beauty kit:

I like how clean my skin feels after using the textured side of NIVEA Daily Essentials 3-in-1 Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Wipes, £3.15.
Spritzing Institut Esthederm Eau Cellulaire Cellular Water Spray, £16 is just bliss. I keep it in my beach bag to cool down too. Oh, and this 100ml will make it through security too.
When on hols (or honeymoon) you gotta try This Works In Transit Skin Defence SPF30. It offers broad spectrum protection – in other words guards against UVA and UVB rays – and feels a dream to apply. The bottle itself feels light and slips nicely into a small plastic see-through bag…. It costs £29.
So, I keep a pot of Filorga Optin-Eyes Patch Express Fatigue Relief Eye-Patches, £38 in my fridge for scarey morning-after-the-night-before scenarios. But next time I fly, I’m gonna take a pair to sneak under my eye mask. Puffiness be gone!
I’m nearing the end of my first tube of Rodial Skin Tint + SPF20, £45. I’ve been really impressed by how my skin just looks brighter and better for a subtle covering.
Stila’s Convertible Colour compact has been a fixture in my summer make-up kit for donkies now. Poppy looks bright but blends out to give a really healthy flush of colour across your cheeks and lips. It costs £16 and lasts an age.
It’s cute and it curls to make your lashes look more WOW. Benefit Rollerlash Mascara Mini, £9.95 deserves a home in your inflight make-up bag.

So what would your in-flight beauty haul consist of? Apart from the mascara, mine is a finger-friendly in-seat beauty routine. ‘On the wings of love, only the two of us, together flying high…’ I’m at it again. Let me know your beauty (or tragic flight-themed tune) faves in the comments box below

Sarah x

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  • I love that your tips aren’t like a telling off. You aren’t saying don’t have the champagne on the flight – quite the opposite. thank you

    3 years ago : hattie
  • A tinted lipbalm (which I’d blend into my cheeks too) a hair comb and a fragrance sample from a beauty counter or magazine insert. That’s all I’d take. I couldn’t bear the frisking at the security gate and having my favourites taken off me! Pippa x

    5 years ago : sherbertpip
  • Whatever you do, pack your makeup bag. The Rottweilers at Luton airport swiped my MAC as I couldn’t close the silly little plastic bag! 😭

    5 years ago : Tia
  • Don’t forget your mini water spritz. Ideal for taking out the passengers behind as well…

    6 years ago : Maggie
  • Next June I’ll be “Lucy in the sky with diamonds!” Love this post. I take lavender oil too to drop on the back of the yucky head rest – and lip balm xx

    6 years ago : Lucylou
    • Congrats for next June Lucy! Is that the diamond twinkling away on your left hand…?

      6 years ago : Sarah Green