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My sunshine beauty hits

FullSizeRenderI’ve been forced inside today… by the sun. It doesn’t happen a lot so I’m not complaining. But there I was, basking in beauty newness when the sun switched positions between clouds and threw too much glare on my laptop. I considered a hoodie but would have been hot and bothered quicker than it took to say ‘can someone please put up a parasol.’

Anyway, this toe-curlingly gorgeous burst of sunshine has inspired me to pick out a few of my favourite summer essentials. Unless you and your perfect skin are getting married on a beach, this haul is probably a little too low maintenance for your Big Day. But for sunny days, here or on honeymoon, these little beauties are perfect. The fact that they look really nice with my ‘Bride’ make-up bag is purely a coincidence. Honestly.


Elizabeth Arden FourEver Bronze Bronzing Powder, £29 

It was love at first sight when I spied this ‘wow-der’ palette. I love to swoosh a big fluffy brush over the two bronzer shades and sweep them across my cheekbones, forehead, bridge of nose and chin (anywhere the sun would naturally hit basically.) I then add a pop of the pink blusher just on the fattest parts of my cheeks and finish off with a dusting of the highlighter across my cheekbones and collarbones. If you’re a whizz with the whole contouring malarky then this compact will have your name on it for sure. I feel more confident with more of an overall blend-a-thon.  I’m using the Medium compact but there’s also a Deep one available. A tip a make-up artist once told me for anyone feeling a bit cowardly where bronzing palettes are concerned is to take a selfie with the flash on. That should show up where some winning bronze will help.


Too Faced Natural Eyes Shadow Palette, £32

Summer’s most coveted compact showcasing shimmering gold to smoking chocolate shades for lids and cheekbones. Should you need inspo on how to wear the colours, it comes with a How-To Glamour Guide. I was first hooked by the colours – there’s not one that you wouldn’t use – but I love the names of each shade too. How does Honey Pot across your lids, smudged into some Sexspresso on your outer corners with Nudie all over your cheeks sound? Heaven? That’s in there too! I’m actually onto my second palette. Gold eyelids are my every day look, which I build up with the deeper browns for special occasions and nights out. I just add lashes and I’m good to go…


Bourjois Volume Reveal Adjustable Mascara in Black, £9.99

If there’s one place no B2B minds putting on weight it’s her eyelashes. Am I right? Well, two coats of this beauteous black mascara (that feels like a mini toblerone btw!) will deliver you lush, Bambi-esque lashes. Plus there’s a genius magnifying mirror on the side so if you want to reapply for an even bigger bat, you won’t get in a flap negotiating the wand whilst holding a mirror and the tube in your other hand. It’s worth mentioning that it washes off easily too. Yes please!


Essence The Gel Nail Polish in A Whisper of Spring, £2.50

As a mum of two girls, I’m proud to say that I always give good party bag. Never have any party goers gone home from one of my girls’ birthday shindigs with bubbles, a plastic hand-clappy thing or anything else that would hit the bin the minute it came into my house! I get texts from parents telling me that they’ve swiped the sunglasses, flip flops, lipglosses etc for themselves! With a party on the horizon, I snapped up quite a few of these very affordable nail colours from Wilkos. But I’ve snaffled this oh-so-lovely lilac for myself. Sandwiched between top and base coats, I get around 3 days of chip-free colour. Okay, so it’s nowhere near as good as a pro gel mani, But look at the price tag! And the colour! Your heart will want it even before your nails do. Plus it looks really pretty against a sparkling solitaire.


Diego Dalla Palma Mattissimo Matt Lipstick in Miami Pink, £19

I’m delighted to see that the trend for flamingo pink has extended itself to lippy. Even when I wear little else (I’m talking in make-up terms of course) a swipe of this perfect pink makes me feel insta-glam. I love that it has a matt texture – but doesn’t feel dry or need to be applied over balm – and I love that I only need to swipe on one coat for full-on coverage that lasts really well. It’s minimal effort for maximum impact. Sometimes I add a drop of gloss on the centre of my bottom lip but often I stick to au naturel. Oh, and with this sunny spell turning my skin subtly golden, it looks flaming(o) gorgeous!

So what are your sunshine essentials?

Sarah x

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  • ah…. warm summer days. You can get away with a dress, flipflops, ponytail and barely any makeup. Waterproofed lashes to stop smudging and just a shock of bright lippy is all I need. I’m usually a coral girl but I love the idea of flamingo pink. As you say, flaming (o) gorgeous.
    Loving your whole site. It’s really beautiful.
    Matilda xx

    3 years ago : Sarah Green
  • I really trust your favourites, whether for the bride or just everyday life. Can you do another round up line this one please? Hayley

    4 years ago : Hayley
  • I’ve just found this post and it’s december! It’s not wrong to want to wear these colours now is it? My thinking is that it’s sunny somewhere in the world!! Xx

    4 years ago : Dbaxter
  • I’m so impressed with the Arden palette. Apart from it being gorgeous to look at, I really love how my cheeks are left subtly flushed. It’s easy to build up – and now I’ve got a bit of a tan, it looks even nicer. Fee

    5 years ago : fruityfee
  • Loving this. WANT the Arden. Now!!!!!!! Do U ever do competitions?

    5 years ago : Bobbie
  • I’d add Guerlain Terracotta bronzer, urban decay midnight cowgirl eyeshadow, benefits For Real mascara, Barry m candy nail polish and a Lancôme juicy tube!!!! Love your choices too – I think we like similar colours.

    5 years ago : Amanda B
    • Absolutely! Midnight Cowgirl is one of my all-time faves. The most flattering shimmery gold under the sun x

      5 years ago : Sarah Green
  • They say (or maybe it’s just me) that a girl can never have too many nail varnishes. At £2.50 a pop I think I’m going to Wilkos tomorrow! Kelly x

    5 years ago : Kells belles
    • Like your thinking Kells x

      5 years ago : Sarah Green
  • All that’s missing from a complete summer kit is spf!!!! I definitely wouldn’t want to wear anything more pretty polly x

    5 years ago : Pretty polly
  • Love the tip about taking a selfie to work out where you should bronze. Thanks xx

    5 years ago : Dotty P
  • This is a really good selection of summer colours – would def give a girl loads of options especially where eyes are concerned. I want it all. N x

    5 years ago : Nut-meg
  • OMG! Love is that lipstick!!!!! I can imagine it looks stunning against olive or black skin. M x

    5 years ago : Moi moo
  • I’ve just bought the Arden bronzer and found your post whilst hunting for reviews. It comes with a handy chart on where to place each colour but I prefer your method of blending them together. I’m not a kardashian!!! Xo Gemma

    5 years ago : Gems
  • Ditto GG’s comment above. I want that lipstick – you make it sound so perfect x

    5 years ago : Sunday girl
  • Love this post. It sounds like you really genuinely love these products rather than just put a pretty collection together. Am tempted to go shopping !!!! GG

    5 years ago : GeirgiaG
  • I’ve googled The Swag Bag Co but it looks like it’s a dodgy website. Anyone else know where I can buy a Bride makeup bag? Flojo xx

    5 years ago : Ffsflo
  • Big up the Bourjous – it’s an awesome maz. Doesn’t clump or flake, gives va va boom lashes and for once the mirror is actually decent. Xoxo Laurie

    5 years ago : LaurenXX
  • These are great picks – I want them all. I reckon that if you use the darkest brown eyeshadow as kohl you’ve got a complete bridal diy kit. SO want the Too Faced palette. Am crushing…! Pol x

    5 years ago : Pale faced polly