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Sexercise! Because hot sex could score you both hotter bodies!


So I’m in a saucy mood today…. I think my Gymphobia may be hitting an all-time high. It made me think of other ways to get fit – and ways that don’t make exercise a solo effort every time…

A feature I once wrote whilst working on more! magazine sprang to mind. It was called Sexercise and basically explained how a session of mattress mambo was a fun way to boost your energy, self-confidence, stamina (*coughs!*) and best of all, your body shape.

Apparently an hour-long sesh can burn over 200 calories! Oh, and release a flood of endorphins (your happy hormones) too. It’ll certainly take your mind off any stressful wed-min whirling through your mind….

So treat it like a cardio class. It’ll spike up your heart rate, make your lungs work harder and, if you try to incorporate the positions below, will make you feel good (in all the right ways) as well as giving you a pretty good workout.

1 The pelvic lift

Why? You’ll tone your bum, your glutes, your abs and, ahem, boost your thrusting!!
How? The most fun you can have on your back! With your knees bent, keep your back straight as you lift your hips off the floor and squeeze your bum. Hold for a count of ten then pulse your hips up and down a few inches. If you can straighten one leg, go for it!

2 The dragonfly

Why? Because this one will strengthen your pelvic muscles, as well as tone your inner and outer thighs.
How? Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Drop your knees to the sides, bringing the soles of your feet together. Slide your feet out straight then return to the starting position. Try to incorporate arching your back to rest on your elbows and drop your head back. Expect fireworks!

3 The plie squat

Why? They’re a great way to tone your inner thighs, tightening your vaginal walls and pelvic floors into the bargain.
How? With your hands on his hips and feet wider than shoulder-width apart, turn your toes and knees out. Tuck in your bum as as you lift and lower, using your inner thighs to get you back up to your starting position. You’ll probably end up on your toes which will give you a total leg workout. Incorporate a pelvic pulse (see below) for good measure…

4 The wheelbarrow

Why? Because strong arms mean stamina! And it’s great for tummy toning too.
How? Oh, he’s gonna love you for flipping over into this one! On all fours, hold your stomach in as you walk your hands forward. Stop when your body is in a straight line from your knees and your elbows are resting on the bed. Hold strong but if you want to take it further, straighten out one elbow at a time. With him on top, you won’t need to do any press ups in the morning!

5 The pelvic pulse

Why? Strong pelvic floor muscles boost arousal – plus your fiancé will ‘really enjoy’ the squeeze!
How? The easiest way to find them is to imagine you’re stopping your wee mid-flow. Hold for count of three then release and squeeze again. He’ll soon be ready for a repeat performance…



The couple that plays together, stays together!
So sometimes you’ll want to leave the bedroom. Doesn’t mean you need to stop getting frisky – or fit. I reckon the following will bring you even closer together as well as get you in the mood for going straight home and ripping off your gym gear…
tennis or badminton
yoga or pilates


Come on, can you think of a more fun way for you both to get fit for your wedding? What exercises a deux have you been doing?

Sarah x


  • This is saucy… but I like it! X

    5 years ago : Bobbie
  • Now Bbe this is great, practical (and sounds like) expert know how! This sounds so much more appealing than a “workout” at the gym!!

    5 years ago : Rach
  • Geez def going to give some of these a try. Might have to have my phone next to me to follow the instructions though!

    5 years ago : Margaret
  • I heartedly recommend exercising together. I met my fiancé at the gym! We’re getting married in two weeks. Wendy 🤽🏾‍♂️🏋🏾💖

    5 years ago : w
  • My fiancé is a yoga teacher. nuff said! Alexa x

    5 years ago : A
  • Now the sex I can do with my bloke but outside of the bedroom he’s too competitive. We once went for a romantic game of badminton. I even wore a mini skirt to give him the odd knicker flash. But 5 mins in and he’s smashing the shuttlecock at me. I eventually left the court – bruised and angry. Sue x

    5 years ago : Susan
  • my hubby and I always work out together. I’m never out of the gym. We are so alike its uncanny!

    5 years ago : Madeline
  • My boyf and I workout together all the time. We keep each other motivated. He likes the dragonfly btw

    5 years ago : Stu&sue
  • So we’ve mastered the wheelbarrow!!! But omg my arms are killing me

    5 years ago : Caroline