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Ready, steady, shape up!

It’s time to meet your motivator: Mr Date-ercise

So … got your eye on a sexy white figure-hugging frock? Great. Now, how do you feel about the body that’s going to be wearing it? Not so great? 

If you’re anything like me, I was desperate to shape up but totally unable to do it under my own steam. Motivating myself to work out just didn’t work. I found that working out in a gym class was way more fun. I worked harder, was less likely to skip sessions and could feel my tally of happy hormones (endorphins) sky-rocketing along with my long-lost body confidence. 

Now Mr Date-ercise, aka Personal Trainer, Keith McNiven of Right Path Fitness is someone who knows a lot about mixing fitness with pleasure. He runs classes where single-but-looking-to-mingle wannabe gym-bunnies can meet and workout together. (He even encourages them to meet for cocktails afterwards!) ‘If there’s one thing that exercise can help with, it’s confidence,’ he says. Now show me a bride who isn’t looking for a large slice of that?

I asked him to share a few tricks that’ll help you get the body you want (with a big-time shot of confidence on the side.) Here goes…


Guns of steel: PT Keith McNiven


Commit the time
For a real transformation you need to put in 3-4 sessions per week for at least 6 weeks, ideally 12. When you’re knee-deep in wed-min, I know how easy it can be to give the gym a miss. If you schedule in your workout sessions you’ll feel obligated to go. No one ever regrets doing exercise. It’s a great way to de-stress as well as target specific body concerns.

Try something fun
Every day is a good day to start something new. Just like kissing frogs before finding your fiance, you may have to try a few classes before you find the one that makes you tick. Maybe you’re a HIIT girl? Or a spinner? Or a yoga bunny? Or, ahem, Keith’s Naked Fitness classes might do it for you! Focus on your end game and the reason you want to be in shape. And whilst your body is shrinking, marvel at how your confidence is growing. 

Rope your groom in
By recruiting the support of your spouse-to-be, you’ll be way more likely to stick to exercise longer term. Instead of staying in to share a Chinese takeaway, suggest going out to a yoga or a trampoline class instead. It’ll be good to spend time together not discussing seating plans plus you’ll both be getting your bodies and minds into shape.

Challenge yourself
It’s easy to slip into the mind-set that you can’t do something, say if you never liked running at school you might reckon it’s because you can’t run. These mental blocks will stop you from moving forward. Set yourself challenges and celebrate each and every win. Realising that you’re more able than you ever gave yourself credit for will send your confidence levels through the roof. 

I hope Keith’s tips help you prep for the most body-confident day of your life. If you’ve got even the teensiest urge to book a gym induction, go for it. Yep, you’ll feel awkward at first but you’ll feel better and ultimately, look better for it. I’m in the early days of a new gym membership myself so I know the feeling. But it’s worth it. You might not be able to get excited about a treadmill or a HIIT class, but I bet you’re excited about the slipping into that wedding dress. 

I’d love to hear your confidence-boosting or gym motivation tips. Please share below.

Sarah x

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  • So funny!!! You had me at in the mood… for lunges!🤣

    3 years ago : Tilly
  • Guns. Enough said. Grrr Mr Date-rcise. See you in the naked class….

    4 years ago : Romilly
  • Ah this is sweet xx

    4 years ago : Sian
  • Enlist a friend so you push each other to go and do HIIT classes. They’re killer but last just 30 mins. You can be back home within the hour. Amerley x

    4 years ago : Amerley
  • Treat yourself to some gym gear you really love and want to wear. That’s my tip! Siobhan xx

    4 years ago : Siobhan
  • Oh my goodness, I really struggle with motivation. I’ll find any excuse not to exercise even with a wedding date looming. His tips make total sense to me. Challenge and celebrate. I like that. Dawn

    4 years ago : Dawn
  • Naked classes? NAKED????? No…. I couldn’t do that. Cheeky!

    4 years ago : Billie