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How to look good in your wedding photos…

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Ready for your close-up? A survey recently came up with this little nugget: that a bride’s biggest stress is that her wedding snaps won’t match up to her selfies! Well, even selfie-obsessed brides like Kim Kardashian booked a pro for their big day (tho I’m sure she made good use of her selfie stick too.) Anyway, I thought I’d ask a few pro photographer pals for their top tips to guarantee you strike the most beautiful pose possible:

On finding your photographer

Look through loads of websites to get an idea of the style you like the best. For instance, you may prefer a more relaxed reportage-y style over traditional. Try to meet your photographer face-to-face but if that’s not possible, ask to see their whole portfolio rather than just the shots on the website.

On nailing your picture style

Make it clear when you want your photographer to start shooting and when you don’t (they could be on an hourly rate!) Do you really want hundreds of getting ready and wedding-shoes-on-a-pillow shots? Maybe this is when you should ‘go selfie’ and save your pro until you arrive at the venue. Lots of brides add props to their pictures which really only works when they suit the style of your wedding and your personalities. For instance, should your wedding be happening around say, a bridge over a river or an old oak tree, then go for it. But don’t bring in the balloons, gypsy caravan, silly ‘I’m with Stupid’ signs or fake moustaches unless you really like them.

Have a photo trial

It may help you feel more at ease to practise your poses before the big day. In front of a mirror is good but in front of a friend with a camera is even better. Here are a few pointers to:
stop scary stare-y eyes – if you’re a blinker, then blink. Let your snapper fire off loads of frames. Sooner or later they’ll catch the perfect picture that’ll look so much better than if you’d tried really hard to hold a stare without blinking.
avoid a double chin – press your tongue into the roof of your mouth as you push your head forward everso slightly and lift up your your chin.
hide angels wings – if you’ve plumped for a strapless/sleeveless dress, instead of trying to squeeze your arms into your body, try lifting them slightly out to the sides. Or do like loads of celebs do and put your hands on your hips with your elbows out to the sides. This will make your arms look slimmer and give your waist more definition. Obviously don’t do this for every picture otherwise you’ll look like the stroppiest bride ever. But one or two pics with even just one arm bent, will look great.
to look slimmer – twist away from standing straight towards the lens and place one foot in front whilst shifting your weight onto your bag leg. And at all costs, don’t allow your photographer to shoot you from below, say as if he’s recreating the proposal or trying to get the ‘garter’ shot. This is never flattering.
to avoid cankles – when you’re signing the register, gently cross your ankles (if you’re not in a floor-length dress of course.)

On capturing easy-breezy natural-looking shots

Before the picture-taking starts in earnest, once you’re Mr & Mrs, ask to have a few moments alone.  Your photographer could (and should) still snap away but from a distance. You’ll get loads of non-staged, natural shots. Once they do get going, if standing still seems strange, have a walk around. How your dress and hair moves will look beautiful. Add in some giggling bridesmaids if that helps.

Most importantly, don’t forget the kiss shot! It’ll be one definitely destined for a frame or a thank you card… And get your guests to snap away too then upload their pictures onto Flickr or some other photo sharing site. We laughed at my friend Sammy’s wedding when her photographer seemed to be everywhere! We said that she’d be weeks trawling through all the pictures. Unfortunately, every single one came back out of focus which left her a) heartbroken and b) frantically collating as many friends’ pictures as she could get her hands on.

Anyway, I hope this helps. Let me know if you’ve got any more ‘how to give good photo’ tips to add

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  • I’m so glad I found this post. I’ve been practising on my phone and getting wound up by my chin, nose, neck, smile etc. It’s do hard to look natural when you’re waiting for the picture to be taken. Great tips about props, lighting, setting. Am hoping the photographer thinks of these as I wouldn’t. Kinda wish I’d booked a professional butcwe just couldn’t afford it so my brother in law is taking the pictures. I’m suddenly fretting!!!!!!

    4 years ago : Hattie
  • Anyone else posing infront of the mirror now? I can’t get the selfies to work and can’t risk my children seeing my phone. The shame! x

    5 years ago : Faye
  • I’m having 7 kids under 5 as bridesmaids. I’m focusing on finding a child’s photographer who can at least put them at ease so I get one decent pic with them all in!!!!! Faye x

    5 years ago : Ffoster
  • I think that you’ve got to go on recommendation. It’s s once in a lifetime event and you’ve got to love your photos xoxo 📸🎥

    5 years ago : Sdevine
  • Your advice on researching photographers is spot on. I don’t believe my sisters’ knew one end of the camera from the other. If she’d have met him first she’d never have booked the bumbling baffoon who showed up! Anon xx

    5 years ago : J
  • This is great. I just spent the morning practicing my poses in front of the mirror. The tongue trick is a miracle!

    6 years ago : Jo jo
  • I love this! I’d add Holding the bouquet loosely rather than gripping it with both hands. Otherwise you’re heading for vein city!

    6 years ago : Lucylou
    • T’is true indeedy. White knuckles is never a good look Luce

      6 years ago : Sarah Green