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How to pull off pastel coloured hair on your wedding day

Hair envy can be heartbreaking…. and I suffered it big time a few days ago. I was frock shopping with a friend when an excited lilac-tipped blonde B2B came in to make an appointment. Obviously, celebrities have been showing off rainbow hair for some time but it hit me how pretty pastel hair could look on a bride. I could instantly imagine her hair in a tousled up do or left in boho waves against a white dress. Two other thoughts sprang into my head as well. 1. I wish I’d thought of it and 2. Why am I such a coward as far as my own hair colour is concerned?

During my years on bridal magazines, editors took a different approach. “Don’t go for a look that’s too trendy because you’ll go off the pictures in years to come,” they’d say. But the more I think about it, your wedding day is this amazing, magical moment in your life when you’re head over heels happy. If that coincides with blush, lilac, mint or powder blue floating your hair boat then why change it? Photographs are instant memory triggers – one look will whisk you straight back to your wedding day.

I hit Pinterest as soon as I got home to collate a Pastel Wedding Hair board and thought I’d show you a few of my fave brides below. See what you think….

blue1, Here’s her ‘something blue’ sorted. I love how, rather than block colour, streaks of blue (and chocolate) have been woven through the bottom half of her blonde hair. credit: Max Timofeev & Alex Botsman for Rocknrollbride


2, Her dress is simple and her accessories non-existent. That’s because the focus goes up to hair level and her woven pink and pistachio bun. Stunning. Photo credit: Karen Buckle for Greenweddingshoes


3. Plunging for purple… I absolutely adore it (but then purple’s my favourite colour.) If a full-on purple dye job is too much, try baby steps by weaving soft streaks into your natural colour or going for an ombre effect where your roots remain your natural colour whilst your length fades to purple at the ends. Photo credit: Eleonore Bridge
4. This is hair heaven. Soft blush tinted waves with a delicate flower tiara. I want my wedding day back! Photo credit: Etsy

5. Blue’s her hue! This bride has gone bold but again, if it’s too much why not go ombre? I love her down do, but can you imagine it up in an undone chignon…? Photo credit: Weddingomania

pink hair

6. A short shot of bubblegum pink to make her boy wink! Photo credit: Weddingomania 


7. Mixing streaks of mint and lavender in a beachy mermaid-style. All I’d add is a veil….


8. What I love about this style (apart from the pink and the plait) is how healthy her hair looks. I’d add some subtle flower-topped hair pins and that’s all.

With any colour treatment before the biggest day in your life, I’d recommend you go pro. They can advise you on the best shade to suit your skin tone (and wedding dress!) As a guide, if you’re fair then pastels like pink, lilac or light blue will really flatter your complexion. If you’re darker toned, try richer jewel shades like emerald green and deep purple.

Back home, use shampoos and conditioners formulated for coloured hair and keep the water to a lukewarm temperature as you wash (not scrub) your hair. Invest in a dry shampoo so that you can stretch your wash days longer and avoid fading. It would be such a shame to see all that pretty colour disappearing down the plughole. So what do you think of pastel hair for your wedding day? I’d love to know….

Sarah x

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  • Hah! I was out with my friends and we ended up playing the Drink Live Schwarzkopf game. Basically, every time someone with coloured hair walked past we downed a shot. Two for a bad one. Within half an hour my friend was sick. I think great if you’re 20 and gorgeous and your hair is in good nick. Other than that, don’t do it. Especially on your wedding day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4 years ago : Ellen
  • Dont do it! You’ll regret it. If you want colour in your hair, get it though accessories like flowers or combs. The only bride who can get away with crazy coloured hair is someone who has crazy coloured hair already. You’ll end up in years to come re printing all your photos in black and white.

    4 years ago : Steph
  • I have become totally OBSESSED with unicorns. That’s my hair style sorted! x

    4 years ago : Jas
  • I am currently sitting opposite someone with wishy washy blue hair. Let me warn you – it can look awful. Def not the time to do-it-yourself!!!

    4 years ago : Dbaxter
  • So I told my fiancé I wanted to colour my hair green and he’s taken to calling me Princess Fiona. Ha! I guess that makes him Shrek c

    5 years ago : victoria
  • Unfortunately it’s not the wedding that won’t allow me to have purple hair, it’s my work. I’d be sent home for sure, or worse! Come honeymoon though I’ll have 3 weeks off. Maybe some ombre pink will be nice. anon x

    5 years ago : dana
  • something old (me) something new (dress) something borrowed (veil) and something blue (hair!!!!!!!) xx

    5 years ago : Zoe
  • I am in love with pastel hair! I wanna be blue!

    5 years ago : evelina
  • Maybe I’ll try a hair chalk first. At least it can wash out – I reckon temporary colours are a good way to see what shade suits you best xo Sarah

    5 years ago : sarah
  • I love this post! And I especially love the short haired bride with bright pink hair. She’s a bubblegum bride! Totes Love. xx

    5 years ago : Katie
  • My current hair colour is almost exactly the same as no3 – I’m proud and purple! And I’ll definitely stay this way right through my wedding, honeymoon and beyond. I agree that you have to be true to yourself. Don’t dull yourself down for other people! c

    5 years ago : Mollie
  • Pastel hair is SO pretty. I would do anything to get that mermaid hair. I’m not sure my mum would like me to wear it on my wedding day but I do love it.xx

    5 years ago : Justine
  • I’ve never wished more than this summer that I was blonde. I would LOVE to have candy floss coloured hair but it’s so naturally dark I reckon i’d have to bleach the life out of it first. Not fair….

    5 years ago : Kelly
  • I’d love to try pastel on my hair but worry how permanent colour changes the texture.I quite fancy trying wigs first.

    5 years ago : Ronnie