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New ring? New nails!

Just got engaged? Here’s how to show off your new ring with rockin’ nails


So it turns out that the most popular time to pop the question was on New Year’s Eve! This nuptial nugget comes from vintage jewellery specialists William May who added that Christmas Eve followed by Christmas Day were next in line. So are congratulations in order?

Tiffany Norris, founder of proposal planners The One Romance has identified how certain shapes of diamond suit different personalities. Apparently don’t be alarmed if you’d seen your other half riffling through your drawers late last year – she reckons they were probably just trying to pinpoint your taste before dropping £££s on the hopefully perfect bling.

So which kind of bride do you think you’ll be? Classic and timeless? A finger-on-the-pulse fashionista? Or a wham-glam Hollywood siren? And more importantly, with the prospect of much ring finger flaunting, which nail colours will make it bling the best, because believe me, naked equals drab not fab! Here’s my pick….


Hooked on classics
You’ve pictured your bridal look since you were a little girl. A stunningly chic strapless gown like Monsoon’s Klara, which you’ll wear with a sophisticated chignon and stained red lips. It’s not about being expensive and showy; you prefer a more timeless and elegant look. Luckily your fiancé struck gold by selecting you a classic super-sparkly round diamond.

Your perfect ring tone: Ciate Paint Pots in Couture, £9, a picture of elegance in muted pink



The aisle will become your very own catwalk as you sashay towards your groom, gathering green-eyed monster looks for your drop-dead-gorgeous lace Beverley gown by Claire Pettibone. They’ve already clocked the Princess Cut diamond twinkling away on your finger.

Your perfect ring tone: Christian Louboutin Miss Mars Nail Colour, £36, a totally lust-worthy silver grey shot with blue shimmer



Hollywood siren
You’re craving a bridal look that oozes hollywood glamour. A stunning silk Truly Zac Posen lace corset ball gown tops your wish list. Your bridal icons include Liz Taylor and Grace Kelly, both of whom flaunted emerald cut engagement rings – just like you!

Your perfect ring tone: Barry M Molten Metals in Copper Mine, £3.99, a covetable rose shimmer with an added injection of gold




Never one to have her nails naked, I’m loving all the new season’s colours, especially the metallics. S’cuse the pun but they’re ore-some!  I mean, be still my beating heart but “love is” the Louboutin. Let me know what you think? And obvs if the question got popped!

Sarah x


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  • Can you imagine!!! Thankfully I chose my ring – it was a special thing to do together and I didn’t mind that there was no ring at the proposal. I’m actually thankful!!!!

    3 months ago : Sarah
  • So cute! I am about to ditch the crazy nail art in favour of diamond worthy nail colour. I love gels for chip free long lasting nails but I still like your colour choices

    1 year ago : Fay
  • I’m newly engaged and for the first time in my life taking a strong interest in my nails and hands. I’ve bought loads of colours and buckets of hand cream. Can’t risk a chipped nail or rough hands

    2 years ago : Dee
  • I’m one of those really happy ladies flaunting a new rock! It’s amazing how my nails are suddenly so important! He he! This is such a cute post. I’ll be reading more of your posts regularly

    2 years ago : Gigi
  • This is where I am! Freshly engaged so loving changing my nails to suit my ruby engagement ring. I’m sporting gold glitter at the mo. Really lovely for this cosy time of year x

    4 years ago : Darcey
  • I went safe nude. But I rocked a hot pink toe x

    5 years ago : Madeline
  • Boring comment alert! I’ve got the Barry m – tho is an awesome shimmery grey. A week in and it’s chip free

    5 years ago : Marf
  • What a cute idea for a post. Love it 💍💅🏽

    5 years ago : Jess
  • Okay so I don’t have the ring but I do have the louboutin! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    5 years ago : Just jacques