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Love is….Peacock eyes

Who says that brides should stick to a shades-of-grey smokey eye? If like me, you like make-up and you love colour, it’s well worth asking your make-up artist to trial this season’s prettiest peacock look, as seen on Kendall Jenner at the DVF catwalk show. I reckon ole blue (and green) eyes will really stand out against a white dress.


If you wanna DIY, here’s how to do it: Start by coating your lids with bright blue shadow. Next, sweep a streak of green along your socket crease, winging the colour out on your temples in a straight line before lining it underneath your eyes too. Keep the colours separate so they’ll look stronger than if they’re blended together. Finish off with black lashes. And here’s what I used: Maybelline My Mono Eyeshadow, 75p (!) and Stendhal Eyeshadow Duo, £2.99.


‘Eye do’ to peacock peepers? Only if you:

  • increase the colour, layer by layer, until you get the depth you’re after
  • keep your brows neat but natural-looking
  • step away from your eyeliners
  • go for a light base, adding soft pink cheeks and a sweep of nude gloss

So what do you think? Are you up for adding a shock of colour to your big day look? If it’s a bit too daring for you, what about your bridesmaids?

Sarah x

DVF picture courtesy of Getty Images. It’s gorgeous! Thank you!


  • Gorge!

    5 years ago : Sal
  • I do really like this look but reckon it’s too much for a church ceremony in (probably) rainy Leicester. I like the idea of my MOH wearing it though. Is it ok to tell her what hair and makeup to wear?

    6 years ago : Stephsteve
    • Whether its okay to tell your MOH which way to go regarding her hair and make-up is something I researched during my magazine days. In a nutshell, if you’re not paying for a stylist/make-up artist then whilst you can politely suggest a look (particularly if you’re having a line-up and want everyone to look similar) you shouldn’t demand it. Also, you wouldn’t want her to feel anything less than amazing on your wedding day would you? I’ll do a post soon on all of this, I promise x

      6 years ago : Sarah Green