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Love is…. my mum’s beauty advice!

My mum is obviously very excited about being a Mother-of-the-bride-to-be. (That’s an understatement by the way.) So much so, that as well as offering advice on everything from the guest list (…!) to the playlist, she’s taken to dishing out a few beauty hints too. But you know what, she’s spot on about some things. I thought I’d share her top ‘Stella’ beauty tips:


1. “Use hand cream regularly – and stop opening cans with your nails.”

Will do! After all, my hands will play an important role during the wedding with every- one (well, the women anyway) wanting to get a closer look at my new bobby dazzler. That’s the ring btw. But hands are one of the first places to show age. So, since the engagement ring has been on, I’ve been smothering my mitts in hand cream (adding cotton gloves occasionally at night) and dipping my fingertips into Bourgois’ ….. (I’m a nervous nibbler but this is really helping my cuticles.) Oh, and I’m trying to use the handle of a teaspoon to open cans and the pads of my fingertips when texting…..

2. “You don’t need to cake your face in make-up”

Yep, cos it’ll look really fake in the photos plus my fiance may wonder who the lady in the mask is. I’m a fan of a sheer base that needs no more maintenance than a subtle blot and powder during the day. Why cake it on just because I’m getting married? I’ll stick with my less-is-more approach to make-up too. Neutral colours but playing up just one feature – eyes or lips.

3. “Don’t forget to wear rouge”

Or blusher, to pull her up into the 21st century. But she was right. According to Bobbi Brown, ‘nothing makes a woman look prettier than a shot of blush.’ Pink-flushed cheeks make a girl’s eyes look brighter too.

4. “Please leave your eyebrows alone”

Now, I do believe that a little eyebrow work can make a B2B look immediately more groomed but… I’ve looked back at old photos and been slightly scared by the skinny over-plucked ones staring back at me. So much so that now I leave my eyebrows firmly in the hands of the professional threaders. The Benito Brow Bar girls are all expert at nailing my most flattering shape, adding a natural tint on top for extra.

5. “You shouldn’t be washing your hair every day”

Every bride craves healthy, shiny hair but shampooing it every day is not the way to guarantee you’ll get it. I’ve interviewed so many hairdressers over the years who’ve all said the same thing: washing your hair every day of the week will strip away natural oils leaving you with a crowning ‘gory’ that feels dry, looks dull and is full of static. Thing is, my hair is really fine and by day two it looks disgusting. It’s made me be- come a big fan of dry shampoo – Batiste being my absolute fave – which allows me to stretch out two or three days between washes. Oh, and when I do wash it, instead of rubbing it dry with a towel I wrap it up in an absorbent hair turban and leave it a while before combing (and polishing my halo.)

So these are my mum’s top beauty tips. Have you been handed any ‘mother knows best’ advice? Please share…..

Sarah x


  • My mum Dawn never leaves the house without a full face of make up. She taught me well.

    6 years ago : Maddy Court
  • This is so funny. As I read I thought, ‘Yep, she’s said to me over the years.’ My mum also doesn’t think that anyone needs to dye their hair. I have a feeling she’d be disappointed in me if she knew I had my roots done every six weeks

    6 years ago : maria
    • What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her Maria. You keep your secret under your hat (or veil….)x

      6 years ago : Sarah Green