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The only big day hair tips curly girlies will need

As soon as I saw Bhldn’s beautiful brides I felt inspired to write this post on curls. As someone who Mother Nature decided not to give even the merest kink to, I spend an awful lot of time (and money) faking my waves. When you think about it, so many straight haired B2Bs unleash tongs and straighteners in their quest for kinks. If your curls come naturally, why on earth wouldn’t you want to make the most of them?

Okay, I hear you. Rain and humidity are the devils work, and guaranteed to have you reaching for the nearest hat you can get your hands on, even if it’s your Gran’s feather number. But something weird’s happened. This season’s big news from the catwalks is that waves and curls are the way forward. The whole thing started in New York where Escada’s models bounced out from backstage flaunting hi-shine disco waves. Any hopes that waves were a one-off were soon dashed as the fashion pack around the world caught onto curl power. Tory Burch, Giorgio Armani, Etro and Alberta Ferretti – hairstylists left Mother Nature to do her thing whether it be fluffy curls, unruly ringlets or wayward waves. So…you got it? Then flaunt it! Whatever your hair type, it’s time to join the new wave and make the most of your homegrown texture.  And here’s how…

Twirl power

Your five-step plan to scoring bouncy curls
1. Wash your hair. ‘Naturally curly hair’s biggest enemy is dryness,’ says Daniele de Angelis, International Artistic Director at TONI&GUY. ‘Dryness means frizz so use a nourishing shampoo followed by conditioner.’ If your hair is fine in texture, keep the conditioner on the mid-lengths and ends only. Blot dry as opposed to rubbing vigorously which will encourage frizz. Try L’Oreal Elvive Curl Nourishment Shampoo and Conditioner, £3.99 each.
2. Blow-dry using a diffuser. ‘This season’s curls are about embracing your nature texture, not fighting it,’ says Mark Hill. Scrunch through some setting lotion before switching the dryer on to a medium setting to ward off the dreaded frizz. Try TONI&GUY Professional AC Diffuser Hair Dryer, £39.99 and Mark Hill Styling Primer, £5.
3. Use tongs to define your curls. ‘Some natural curly girlies steer clear of tongs or curling wands,’ says Mark, ‘however they’re great for making your waves look smoother and more polished.’ Use on small sections of dry hair for tighter corkscrew curls or bigger chunks for a looser wave. Wrap the hair away from your face stopping short of your roots so it doesn’t look dated. Try TONI&GUY Style Fix Curler, £29.99. Once you’ve curled, keeps your hands off your hair until its completely cool then mist Mark Hill Taming Anti-Humidity Spray, £5.99 on your finished ‘do to fight frizz and amp up shine.
4. Go with the fro! To create naturally hot fuzz, look for cleansing conditioners containing shea butter (they’ll even allow you to forego shampoo) before diffusing to make the most of your natural afro texture. Try ORS Curls Unleashed Coconut & Shea Butter Leave In Conditioner, £6.39. When you’re done, just skim over serum for shine.
5. Stop the flop. If your curls are prone to flopping faster than a failed souffle, after tonging, coil your hair back to the roots and secure with a clip until completely cool. If you want them to stay put for a few days, after coiling up, wear a hairnet to bed. It’ll help your curls keep their shape and save you having to do too much fiddly restyling. Come the morning, shake it loose then mist over with shine spray. 

So, are you thinking of ditching the straighteners and being a curly bride?

Sarah x

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  • What I like about curly hair is that you can just scrunch to restyle. so low maintenance. ok, at the start of your wedding you want to look great but 8 hours in once you’re 4 bottles of champers in, a scrunch and go will do nicely.

    3 years ago : grace
  • Go curly!!!!!!!! It’s softer, more romantic and less in chance of looking rubbish, going flat, etc. As long as you’re not prone to frizz – or take precautions if you are – curls are def the way forward for a wedding day. plus if you’re naturally curly, wouldn’t you want to look back at your pictures in the future and see you naturally beautiful?

    3 years ago : maria
  • I have curls but diffusers terrify me. When I want to control mine I twirl serumed sections around my fingers and clip up to dry. I worry that a diffuser would puff ball me up!

    3 years ago : Rosie
  • Curls hide a multitude of problems however frizz control is key. John Frieda is a saviourxxx

    3 years ago : Suze
  • Yay!!! I love my curls and want to embrace them on my w day. I love the bhldn pictures. So beautiful. Lonnie

    3 years ago : Lonnie