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Microblading: everything you need to know to score wow brows

Treatment gifted for review

You can’t have been so up-to-your-eyebrows-immersed in wedmin that you’ve not heard of microblading – but have you got the guts to give it a go? It is after all, semi-permanent brow tattooing. While 2020 may have been quiet on the salon visits front, microblading is still a treatment taking the beauty world by storm.

My own morning make-up routine takes around 20 minutes, half of which is dedicated to my brows. Now we’re hiding behind face masks it puts the focus firmly up at eye level after all. My brow ritual involves habitually plucking the odd straggler, pencilling and powdering until they’re just right. As a beauty journalist I’ve been invited to trial microblading many times but always cried off, preferring to play with makeup rather than endure any possible pain. I mean, it involves a blade right…?

For anyone who has just emerged from under a beauty rock, just to clarify exactly what microblading is, it’s a form of semi-permanent tattooing that gives your eyebrows a well-defined, natural-looking arch using individual hair-thin strokes that mimic real hairs. Because each stroke is done by hand using a blade that scratches the skin’s surface, you can achieve a colour, density and brow shape that blends in with, and enhances your natural eyebrows.

It took a friend of mine to qualify as a brilliant blading technician and beg me to be a case study before I agreed to take the plunge.  Even then under the influence of numbing cream and a paracetamol….

After a mean ‘before’ pic (I never realised Mother Nature had short-changed me so much on the length) Kayla Jade measured in my new shape, discussed the best colour to use and selected the stencil she believed to be the most flattering for my eye and face shape. She then dipped a sterilised blade in dark brown pigment and made what felt like tiny little paper cuts into my skin. She alternated between my brows and about an hour (and two comfortably numb eyebrows) later I was done. It didn’t hurt half as much as I was expecting – tbh the worst bit was the sound of the scratching scalpel.

Blade and potential blood spurts aside, another reason I’d declined previous invitations to microblade my brows was witnessing women post-treatment sporting scary black slugs atop their eyes. I was beyond relieved to see that my new eyebrows still looked like mine – only better. Definitely longer, way fuller and more defined – in shape as well as shade. They were a little sore looking I won’t lie, but Kayla assured me this wouldn’t last the day. I should expect some scabbing and possibly some itching but as long as I kept my brows dry for four days, could enjoy up to 18 months of brow perfection.

At my follow-up appointment four weeks later to tweak the shape and top up the colour, Kayla showed me some other case studies she’d done – women who had over plucked their eyebrows as a teenager, some whose grey eyebrows made their face look completely drained of colour and others who suffered really patchy brows. Every ‘after’ picture showed how microblading had completely transformed their face.

I didn’t think microblading was a necessity for me before I had it done but now I wish I’d had the courage to do it sooner. Life post-treatment is an absolute breeze. Everyday I wake up with a perfect pair and rarely bother to apply make-up on top. My advice to anyone considering microblading is to find a qualified technician who uses high quality products from trusted manufacturers. Book yourself in for a free consultation and ask every question that springs to mind. Kayla recommends that brides have their first appointment at least two months before their big day. This leaves enough time for post top-up treatment side effects to subside and for the pigment to settle.

Now I can really see the results I’ll never go back to making do with make-up. Whilst it’s far from a cheap fix (expect to pay between £200-300) if your brows are begging to be rescued, it’s honestly well worth the investment. I’d love to know if you’re thinking of trying microblading – or if you’ve already taken the plunge.  Tell me below.

Sarah x

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  • The difference is remarkable

    3 months ago : Harriet
  • this is convincing. i see offers all the time for microblading. thank you for writing an honest review – the painful bits too – you look really good x

    4 months ago : amie
  • I’ve spent lockdown staring in the mirror worrying about my face. I definitely want to get my eyebrows sorted out. I think they make me look too serious at the moment. I love the sound of a professional ;being able to soften them. great post x

    1 year ago : Lisa
  • You actually make this sound like it’s not too painful a treatment. if my local ‘blader ever opens again I think i’ll take the plunge.

    1 year ago : isabelle
  • Am definitely doing this in 2021 as my September wedding WILL be happening! I’ve got really uneven eyebrows – I reckon this is what they’ve been waiting for. Libbie x

    1 year ago : Libbie
  • As soon as the salons reopen I’m doing it. I’ve wanted to for so long. I’ve saved money after all during lockdown so there’s nothing to stop me. My problem is that the natural colour has completely drained away. I’ve had my brows tinted for years but have toyed with the idea of microblading as a longer term solution. xx

    2 years ago : jamie
  • I’m a year into my micro bladed brows and I’ve not regretted it for a minute. Like you said, I wish I’d done it sooner. I didn’t have any brows before. The difference and the confidence boost they give me is worth every penny I paid. Lauren x

    2 years ago : lauren
  • I’m going to do it. You’ve convinced me. I needed a push and this post is it. Cheers xxxx

    2 years ago : Bettee
  • Tempting…… but if it does go wrong it’s right there on your face for months and months. I’m thinking about my wedding photos. I’m just not sure i’m brave enough….

    2 years ago : Cassie
  • Thank you so much for this post – microblading is something i’ve been considering since well before lockdown but the price and the pain puts me off. i do really want the groomed look that it gives and my patchy brows would really benefit. Really interesting, thank you

    2 years ago : Charmaine
  • You were an amazing client Sarah! I’m so pleased you love your beautiful new brows! You could not of explained microblading any better! For anyone considering microblading it really can change your life, build your confidence and save you a precious 20 minutes of pencilling in in the morning! As women we always seem to put ourselves last but some times we need to make ourselves a priority!

    2 years ago : Kayla Jade
  • I’ve recently had my blading topped up. It lasted 2 years and faded really evenly and gradually. While it’s pricey I’d never give it up. I love having groomed eyebrows – they frame my entire face Faye

    2 years ago : Faye