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About your post Covid bridal appointment ….

Covid has certainly done a great job of scuppering wedding plans for the past couple of years. After lockdown(s) and possibly your own personal struggle with the virus, when you can eventually make it inside the disinfected doors of a bridal boutique, it could still be unlike any you may have experienced before Lockdown. Want the heads up on what the ‘new normal’ will look like? From your limited guest list to ordering lattes and from trialling hair accessories to getting hands-on assistance, here’s what you can expect at your post Covid bridal boutique appointment…..

Online consultations
Visiting ‘by appointment only’ isn’t exactly new but expect a more detailed pre-appointment consultation, either via email or the phone, than you’ve had in the past. Rather than be offered the opportunity to browse the rails, you’ll be encouraged to scan the boutique’s website and select just a handful of frocks to try on. It’ll save valuable time and mean you can get straight down to the exciting business of slipping on a wedding dress. By checking the website, you’ll also know for sure whether the shop carries the styles of dresses or designers you’ve been adding to your Pinterest boards lately. The dresses you choose will be ready and waiting on the floor, so that you can simply step into them.

A less hands-on appointment
The consultants will be there of course, but they’ll be masked up and wearing gloves, with a bottle of disinfectant never too far away. They make take your temperature before you’re allowed into the shop, so don’t be alarmed. They may even hand you some PPE if you don’t have your own. You’ll be encouraged to get yourself changed and ease your dress into position so that they can simply attend to you from the back. They will stand by your side for any repositioning but all the while, avoid face-to-face attention.

Boutiques will be even quieter with fewer brides than before
Social distancing means that bridal shops will be limiting the number of brides attending at any one time. Some shops are considering opening on traditionally closed days or cutting right back on mens appointments to allow the backlog of brides and bridesmaids time to find their dream dress. Only one VIP guest will be invited to each appointment. A real shame, but a safety necessity and at least your other guests should still be able to join in virtually.

BYO is the new norm
It’s a ‘yes’ to taking your own fizz (and glasses) but a ‘no’ to in-house refreshments. (Don’t drink too much though as they will probably discourage trips to the loo.) Whilst we’re on the subject of what to take to your appointment, heels of the height you’re planning to wear would be good, as would any other jewellery or accessories your heart is set on wearing on your big day. You’ll still be allowed to try on a veil.

Timings are essential
Chances are, if there is another appointment happening elsewhere in the shop, your arrival and departure times will be staggered so do your absolute best to arrive on time. Bear in mind, that in-between appointments, the dresses will be steamed and the changing room/chair/door handles thoroughly cleaned so the consultants can’t run the risk of overrunning due to late arrivals.

Yes, it’ll be different, but at long last you get to slip your Lockdown body into a bridal gown! Scary thought??? You may have taken advantage of shops offering virtual appointments in recent weeks but there’s nothing like the real thing. Even if you forget the fizz, expect bubbles of excitement!

I hope this post has helped prep you for your long-awaited appointment. Any further updates I hear about before the 4th, I’ll let you know. Oh, and if you own or work in a bridal shop, please do tell me what your plans are and how excited brides can help.

Sarah x

This is not a paid-for ad. It’s just wishful thinking….

Pic courtesy Rosa Clara

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  • My appointment has now been cancelled 12 times. I’m beginning to think that it’ll never happen. Should I just bite the bullet and order online? At least I’ll have a dress for May……

    1 year ago : kath
  • My first fitting happened just before the Xmas lockdown. I was nervous for so many reasons, mainly would I still love the dress. The ladies in the boutique had it ready for me. Masks aside, it was as lovely an experience as I’d hoped – and my dress is beyond….

    1 year ago : Darcy
  • My appointment was cancelled – again – due to lockdown 2.0. I’m starting to worry about ordering times for a May wedding next year. I hate that everything will be rushed. Luckily, both boutiques i was booked in to visit have promised me evening or sunday appointments when they’re eventually allowed to reopen. It’s an agonising wait!!!!! xx

    2 years ago : jay
  • I love that the bridal shops are doing their best to make appointments really nice still. For a blissful hour I got to think about nothing else but my wedding. They even let me take my mask off for a picture. A real treat.

    2 years ago : Cassie
  • This post is a real help. I work in a bridal shop and haven’t yet returned. My boss has been quite quiet about how things will be so this has at least given me an idea of what to expect when we eventually open properly

    2 years ago : Lorrie
  • Please don’t worry ladies. I’m a boutique owner doing everything I can to make your appointment as wonderful as you want it to be. We’ve lots of safety measures in place but otherwise your appointment will be just the same.

    2 years ago : one bow bridal
  • I had an appointment on Saturday. It wasn’t too strange actually, although wearing a mask with a wedding dress was odd. But I may have to wear one when I get married in February after all. The sales lady was still super lovely and helpful. She wore a visor and still pinned me into the dresses to give me an idea of fit. There was no one else in the shop but I didn’t feel rushed at all. It was still a really lovely experience. Charlotte Christie

    2 years ago : Charlotte
  • I’m nervous….. but excited. Luckily my bridesmaids understand that only my sister can come in with me. I can’t wait to at least start feeling like my wedding is really happening! Willow x

    2 years ago : willow
  • I can’t wait until I can try on a wedding dress. I got engaged in February and our plan was to get married at christmas. Obviously that’s not loads of time now but I still want to try. I actually think choosing dresses before hand may make decisions easier. Hoping so anyway…….. xx

    2 years ago : jade
  • Yes, agree with above. Mine is an aesthetics business. I’ve started doing virtual consultations and depending on what treatments my brides want, doing more than one at a time. PPE and a meticulously clean environment is paramount. Lovely website.

    2 years ago : Svetlana
  • As a hair salon owner, I’m getting calls from brides eager to book in their hair trials. This is really tricky as, as you can imagine, our waiting list for regular clients is off the scale. As and when we get around to wedding hair trials, we’ll adopt similar practices as the bridal shops. No refreshments, appointments on time, and PPE to be worn. We’ll try to still make it as enjoyable experience as possible but it will be unlike any trial we’ve done before. Jules

    2 years ago : julie