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How to wear red lipstick on your wedding day

8 things that brides need to consider if they plan on being a scarlet woman!

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If you love red lipstick – to the point that you don’t feel like you without it – don’t let anyone talk you into toning it down for your wedding day. If you ask me, red lips and a white dress equal totally polished bridal perfection. Yes, I agree it’s a high maintenance look but your RLA (that’s Red Lipstick Addiction) is worth it to feel your most A-mazing on the Big Day. Just keep the following red alerts in mind…. 

Red Alert 1: The first kiss

‘You may now kiss the bride…..” Uh-oh, your new husband suddenly resembles a pantomime dame. Oh yes he does! So too for that matter, will anyone else who comes into contact with your lips. On the plus side, it could put a smile on the vicar’s face…

Mac Little Lipstick in Ruby Woo, £10

Red Alert 2: Please raise your glass

Really? Damn it, yours looks kinda trashy with lip print smears all over it. Grab a fresh one and try discreetly licking the rim of the glass before you sip to keep your lipstick where it should be. 

Red Alert 3: Er, wearing white

Avoiding the accidental transfer of red smudges onto your dress will require day-long maintenance – at least until you’ve had too much champagne to care anymore. Step into your dress rather than pull it over your head, or if that’s not an option, get dressed before the lippy goes on. 

Clinique Pop Matte Lip Colour and Primer in Peppermint Pop, £20

Red Alert 4: Whoa with the veil

You’re really dicing with disaster here. While a glimpse of red lips through a veil looks gorgeous, if for some reason they come into contact it’ll look gross. Be mindful of unexpected gusts of wind which could cause the netting to streak red across your face. Keep some make-up wipes handy just in case.

Red Alert 5: Leaking lipstick

Don’t chance lippy with a lid that has a tendency to fall off. Imagine opening your cute white clutch only to discover that the contents look like a murder scene from NCIS! Same goes for a lip brush. Find one that comes with a lid.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick in Jet Set, £7.99


Red Alert 6: Lipstick on your teeth

It’s not a great look, let’s face it. After every reapplication and before every photo opportunity, check your teeth. If no one is looking, pop your index finger in your mouth, close your lips around it and pull it out slowly. Any excess gloopiness should come out on your finger. Resist all urges to wipe your finger on your dress!

Red Alert 7: The reception canapés

Suddenly you remember you’ve not eaten all day and are eagerly eyeing up the mini burgers. Good luck with not ending up without red blobs on your chin and nose. Oh good, someone’s just snapped a photo…..

Red Alert 8: Has my lipstick worn off?

Yep, red lips will require multiple bathroom visits but they’re worth the faff. Get more mileage out of your last application by applying it in thin layers over lip liner (I fill in my whole lips for a really hard-to-budge stain of colour.) I find that semi-matte lipsticks work the best. They last longest and don’t leave your lips craving gloss. 

I wore red lipstick on my wedding day. I wouldn’t have felt dressed without it if I’m being honest. There are so many reds to choose from, if you don’t think it suits you, then honestly, you just haven’t found your perfect shade. Check out my lipstick masterclass for tips on finding your best red. Will you be rocking red lips on your Big Day?

Sarah x

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  • This was so fun to read – and as a scarlet woman, I’ve fallen victim to every point you made. However, theres not a chance in hell that i won’t be wearing red lippy on my big day – if it ever happens!!!!!! ruby Woo is the one for me…

    2 years ago : eliza
  • Red lips are a real statement. Absolutely beautiful. Aouffe

    3 years ago : ADuggan
  • I bought Ruby Woo in the airport. It’s every bit as magnificent as you suggest. Thank u. I wear it every day

    4 years ago : Rom
  • Ruby Woo is an awesome red. I’ve worn it for years. To the point that if I don’t have it on, people think I look poorly or tired! x

    4 years ago : Petra
  • Ha! This is fun – and as a red girl myself, all true. My lipstick has transferred on many a prosecco glass, white top (when I’m taking it off – why don’t I ever remember that?) I love Ruby Woo too!

    4 years ago : Sasha