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How to wear glasses on your wedding day

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Boys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses? Pah! They marry them!

And what’s more, remember that they fell for you with your ‘bins’ on so don’t even think about binning them for the big day! I say this with a little experience on the matter. A really good friend of mine had worn specs since she was in primary school. She left it until her wedding day to decide to ditch them in favour of contact lenses. Okay, so smart cookies might say that she should have road tested them beforehand. Unfortunately, she, I and the other bridesmaids all had a go at putting the little slippery discs in her eyes. About an hour later, all pink and sore, she admitted defeat and decided that specs were best. (We all said that from the beginning by the way.) None of us had ever seen her specs-less, unless you count mornings-after-the-nights-before when, let’s face it, we were all squinting, feeling sorry for ourselves and looking less than foxy.

So, it’s left me a big fan of bespectacled brides. I’m always harking on about how important it is to still look like yourself on your wedding day. As a beauty editor, I’ve learned a few things over the years where make-up and glasses are concerned. Things like:

  • Glasses are not a barrier to your eyes. You don’t need to fight for attention by overdoing your eye make-up. 
  • Make an appointment at an optician to really suss out which frames suit you best. They may also be able to help advise about frames which work with tiaras or veils, when there’s quite a lot going on behind your ears. If you’ve got your hair accessory or ear-rings already sorted, why not take them along to your appointment, just to ensure you won’t go OTT on the diamantes, for instance.
  • Ask for anti-reflection lenses so that your eyes, not the lenses will show up in your photos. If you’re getting spliced in the sun, get photos with your regular glasses before swapping to your sunnies. Whatever you do, don’t opt for those transition ones which darken in sunshine.
  • Go pro to ensure your most flattering eyebrow shape to suit the frames of your specs. As a guide, upward-slanting brows look amazing with cats-eyes glasses, classic arches suit round or oval glasses and natural brows complement wayfarer and flat brow frames.
  • Wear your glasses to your make-up trial. This way, your pro can ensure things like  whether fake lashes are squashed or eyeliner works (I’m talking heavy black eyeliner inside heavy black frames.) 
  • A really pretty way to wear eye make-up is to go for a neutral, shimmering oyster base over your lids up to your brow bones, with a smudge of cocoa brown in the outer corners and socket crease. Eyeliner needs to be flawless; drawn perfectly and positioned right at the upper lash line. Finish with mascara stroked onto softly curled lashes. Avoid lining the inner rims of your lower lashes as it can often leave your eyes looking smaller.
  • Check your make-up by taking selfies with your specs on. It’s the best way to know whether your eye make-up works with the strength of your lenses too. 
  • Play up your pout! Shift the focus away from your peepers and down to a perfectly painted pair of hot red lips. Fabulous!

So are you wearing glasses for your big day? If you’ve any more tips to share, please add them in the comments.

Sarah x

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Ps. How cute is this pic? She looks SO happy! I scoured Pinterest to find it. It came from saved to

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  • I’ve just been told I need my first pair of glasses. I’m actually excited. There is so much choice in so many cool colours. I’m actually looking forward to getting them next week – and wouldn’t worry about wearing them on the big day. It’s got to be better being able to see! jx

    4 years ago : Jas
  • I want new glasses for my wedding and I reckon finding the right pair has taken longer than finding the perfect dress! I want frames that don’t overpower my makeup and put the focus away from my wedding dress. it’s not easy xx

    5 years ago : sherbertpip
  • I don’t want to wear my glasses for the ceremony or the main pix but after that, I’ll be Four Eyes Faye as usual. And I don’t reckon anyone will mind…. x

    5 years ago : Faye
  • Don’t wear frames that match your lipstick …. as my sister-in-law Rachel did! And actually, when I think of it, frames that match your hair colour would be a no no too

    5 years ago : Anon
  • If I don’t wear my glasses I won’t know who to marry! It could all go horribly wrong!!!!!😀

    5 years ago : Dee
  • I will look as radiantly happy as the bride in the picture on my wedding day, glasses n all! 😁

    5 years ago : Ziggy
  • I love my glasses – they cost more than my wedding dress. I shall wear them with pride (and hot red lips!) x jo

    5 years ago : Jo jo
  • OMG! I just forked out £400 on a tiara not giving a seconds thought to my glasses too! Eek! Better hunt out the receipt. Mo xx

    5 years ago : Mo
  • For a really long time I considered contacts – at one point even laser surgery – but my fiancé begged me to wear my glasses. He said that’s how he always pictured me. I wouldn’t dream of ditching them now. Makeup tips gratefully received x

    5 years ago : Dorothy
  • The tip about eyebrow shape is spot on. How u wear your brows can totally make or break your look, any day of the week. On the day, groom them with gel or pencil if they need thickening up. HD brows do a great kit – makes getting the shape right a cinch. Hayley Bircher x

    5 years ago : Hales
  • Great pic + great tips! As a bespectacled b2b 🥂X

    5 years ago : J johnson