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How to wear flowers in your hair


If my wedding had happened at any time other than twelve days before Christmas, I know I’d have gone for flowers in my hair. Maybe a spray of stephanotis or a delicate daisy chain. With fresh flowers fast becoming the no1 hair accessory choice for brides, I asked florist Amie Bone for her picks….

So, have you noticed a sharp increase in brides ordering hair accessories as well as bouquets
Absolutely. So many more brides are choosing flower crowns in particular, instead of veils or a tiara.

But it’s not just flower crowns exclusively, is it? Though I can imagine that they’re more popular during the festival months.
For me, crowns are definitely the most impactful. But I’m also asked to create a lot of bun flowers which are more delicate, as are headband flowers or clips and combs that can be pushed into the side of a low chignon or scattered into an up do.

Big or small, which is your fave?
Larger blooms look beautiful if they’re placed singly into a simple style – say a neat ballerina bun or behind one ear. But I also love seeing smaller blooms such as bud Roses, Gypsophila and Freesia grouped together or attached to wire and woven through tumbling waves or into a loose plait.

Is it best to stick to what’s seasonal?
Keeping it seasonal always helps and I’ll advise the bride on what’s available and what I know from experience works well as a hair accessory. For instance, for summer weddings I recommend roses and peonies. For winter weddings, berries and more delicate blooms such as Lisianthus look beautiful. I love foliage and always mix it in with the flowers for maximum impact.


Are there any flowers that you’d recommend a bride steers clear of using as a hair accessory? I remember doing a cover shoot once and the stamen of a flower scattered all over the dress. Luckily we could retouch the stain out of the picture. Not so easy on your big day.
I bet that was an oriental lily. They don’t make good hair flowers as once they’re out of water for a while they start to wilt and the stamens can create havoc. The dust from the stamens could even turn the brides hair orange!

Sounds like a trial with the real thing is a good idea then. That way the bride can give her flowers a test run to see how they’ll behave during the day.
Absolutely. Always use real flowers for the trial if possible, or substitute it for something similar as recommended by a florist. That way the bride can see if a. it will work with the style she has in mind and b. it will last. Artificial flowers could work okay, especially if she’s going for a crown. They’ll at least allow the bride to check that her make-up will complement the colours in her hair and vice versa.

What about the bouquet? Should it match? Could you run the risk of smelling like the inside of, well, a florist?
I always like things to complement each other – remember that the bouquet and the hair accessory will show in most of your photographs. As for an overwhelming scent, whilst fresh flowers smell divine at a wedding, heavily fragrant ones like sweet peas or certain rose varieties may give the bride and her groom a headache as the day goes on. It’s best if the florist just uses just one scented flower the hair accessory and leaves the bouquet to do most of the work.

When the flowers are delivered to the bride, what’s the best thing to do with them? I remember helping a friend of mine get ready once, and her mum pulled the bouquet and buttonholes out of the fridge. It just seemed a bit harsh to me.
The flowers will be wired and prepped on the morning of the wedding and sprayed with a special product to keep them hydrated for as long as possible. Just leave them flat in the box they arrive in and put them somewhere cool that’s out of direct sunlight. As far as when to wear it, my advice would be to wait for as long as possible. Let the hairdresser complete the style, including hairspray which could potentially wreck the petals, before adding the flowers in just before she heads off to the ceremony.

Thanks Amie, these tips are great. I’d love to know if you’re planning to wear flowers in your hair and if so, which ones and how?

How beautiful are the pictures in this post? They all feature in-your-dreams wedding dresses by Sarah Barrett for Lyn Ashworth. Think floaty skirts beneath nipped in waistlines studded with sparkles or layered with romantic lace. Utterly swoon-some…


Sarah x




  • Amie bone did my wedding flowers – they were absolutely beautiful. Jessica xx

    5 years ago : Juicyjess
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      5 years ago : Sarah Green
  • Nice tips and good pix. Great job. Denise x

    5 years ago : Denise
  • I’m making my own flower crown using white roses and green leaves. It’s cheap and as long as it’s well entwined it’ll hold together fine Jessica W

    5 years ago : Jess
  • Grea post but I still worry about wilting, wind and anything else that may go wrong. But are fakes really cheesy? PJ X

    5 years ago : Polly
  • This is so pretty – I love wearing flowers in my hair. I’m the MOH and will def try and coax my sister into letting me wear a flower xo Lauren

    5 years ago : Lauren