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How to wear a forehead band

Pic credit: Veritas Gift

So it seems that there’s a new trend happening up at hair level. However you wear your hair –  super-short, long and flowing or pulled up – the best-tressed brides are flaunting forehead bands.

A good way to hide wrinkles I’m thinking… plus you can forego lots of other expensive accessories too. There’s no need to wear a veil for a start, and adding a necklace or dangly earrings will leave your face looking overcrowded. What really appeals to me about forehead bands are how flexible they are. Seeing as they tend to come as either a fixed band or as a hairvine, you can switch your look during the day. After all, this has to be your ultimate good hair day right so why not go for selfie hair heaven by treating your social media followers to more than one instagram-worthy style?

Below are 20 of my favourite forehead bands. Some are kind of grecian-looking, some Great Gatsby-ish and a smattering are boho but all of them utterly gorgeous. Which one’s your favourite…?

Hermione Harbutt Bronzette Garland, £365

Holly Young Millinery Festival Bridal Feather Headdress ‘Minihaha’, £150


Sahar Millinery Chantilly Lace Ivory Headband with Swarovski Crystals, £140

Fifth & Spring Willow Vintage Beaded Chairs Headpiece, £75

Debbie Carlisle Haillie Bridal Halo Circlet, £145

Jazmin Bridal Hair Vine, £90

Glitzy Secrets Charming Pearls Hair Band, £76

Champagne and Grit Co Bridal Forehead Band, £131.39

PA Crafts from the Heart Gold Ivory Boho Headband, £6.38

Simply Faye Tiaras Bridal Wreath, £85

Enze Bridal Crystal Decorated Wedding Hair Vine, £68.89

Sigalshakkedjewelry Boho Bridal Headband, £63.82

Debbie Carlisle Silver Crystal and Pearl Trailing Hair Vine, £205

Glitzy Secrets Twenties Charm Hair Band, £72

Victoria Millesime Gold Orchid Bridal Forehead Band, £280

Donna Crain Darcy Hairband, £280

Hermione Harbutt Blush Galaxy Headpiece, £395

Lucie Green Couture Lola 1920’s Style Head Dress, £140

Donella Retro Crown, £300

So save on botox and buy a forehead band! There’s so much choice out there – diamanté encrusted, delicate lace or even florals. Which one is your favourite?

Sarah x

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  • I always thought they were belts!!! That didn’t fit properly!!! A headband makes a much nicer idea

    1 year ago : Georgie
  • DArcy is gorgeous. I love how it frames one side of her face. Looks perfect with the updo. Danielld

    3 years ago : DAnnii
  • Cunning! So if I wake up with an unacceptable pimple I can wear my necklace around my head and still look gorge!

    3 years ago : Tilly
  • Absolutely loving the mini ha-ha headress. Thank you for the find

    4 years ago : Lucy
  • Excellent. Less £ on Botox and more on shoes! Gx

    4 years ago : Geri
  • Hi there
    This is the first time I’ve ever commented on a website. But I have to say thank you for introducing me to this Donna Crain feather side band (I don’t know what else to call it.) I have really short hair and have been searching for some way to dress it up THATS NOT A TIARA. This is absolutely stunning. Thank you again. Tara xx

    4 years ago : tara