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How to tell your skin type

How understanding your skin can help you score W-day complexion perfection

Because unless you’re using the right products you’ll never achieve flawless skin (just a big hole in your wedding budget)

‘Skin type is determined by skin and eye colour,’ says aesthetic doctor and founder of Dr Maryam Zamani. However, life (and weather) happens, which can affect how it behaves. ‘For instance, dry skin can be worsened by harsh temperatures, UV radiation, central heating, medication and skin care habits,’ she explains. ‘Similarly, oily skin can be exacerbated by hormonal imbalances, stress, heat or too much humidity.’ But how do you know if your skin is dry, oily or sensitive to start with? And what’s combination skin – just a cop out for people who aren’t sure? 

Dr Zamani offers up, in her own words, a ‘not particularly scientific but fairly accurate’ test to help you identify your skin type. Before your morning cleanse, blot your skin on a tissue.

If your skin is normal there will be no trace of oil on the tissue. Your skin will generally seem smooth, radiant and even in colour courtesy of a perfect balance of oil and water. Blemishes are rarely a problem.

If your skin is sensitive it will have a tendency to feel taut, dry or itchy. Post tissue blotting may show up flushed or inflamed areas. Dermatologist Dr Emma Wedgeworth adds that, ‘certain ingredients such as fragrances and some preservatives may cause irritation.’ 

If your skin is oily there will be puddles of oil allover the tissue. Your skin will often have enlarged pores and a shine down the central panel due to overactive sebaceous glands. Congestion via blackheads and blemishes are more common and your skin may seem sallow in colour.

If your skin is combination, you’re looking at oily skin surrounded by normal or dry skin. A shiny T-zone (nose, forehead and chin) is a daily annoyance until it’s soaked up by the tissue.

If your skin is dry it will appear dull, pale and even flaky after the tissue test. Your skin may be susceptible to red patches and signs of irritation. It’s also prone to showing signs of ageing due to low levels of sebum production. Even applying moisturiser doesn’t always alleviate feelings of tautness.  

So now you’ve nailed your skin type, at least you can use products best suited to it. Oh hang on, that’s not as easy as it sounds either. Sometimes creams that claim they’ll suit you don’t behave as expected. They sting or leave a greasy residue for instance. Click onto for an explanation as to when to persevere with a product – and when to ditch it. For instance, a stinging sensation is not always a sign that it’s not fit for your skin. Some ingredients, say, acne-fighters may irritate at first while your skin gets used to them.  

Attaining dream skin from a jar is just that though, a dream. To really achieve peachy, perfect skin, alongside products that suit your skin type, it’s worthwhile giving a few life adjustments a go too. Stuff like staying hydrated, staying off the ciggies, avoiding overly hot baths and showers, exercising, eating well and ‘skin-vesting’ in spf-boosted products every day. 

Glow on, who doesn’t want perfect skin on their big day?

Sarah x

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  • great tips. and much needed too. thank you

    3 years ago : hattie
  • Would you recommend a retinol? I read so many great things about it – but also peeling, pigmentation and sunburn…..

    3 years ago : sandie
    • Hi Sandie. I would definitely recommend a retinol – but you need to know what you’re using, how to use it and to allow around 3 months before seeing the results. I’ll post about it really soon, promise xx

      3 years ago : Sarah Green
  • I’ve never read such a straight forward way to work out my skintype. A thousand thank yousxxx

    3 years ago : Hattie
  • Wanna look like this bride. Perfect skin and everything…..

    3 years ago : Jealous susie
  • I was prescribed a cream at the dermatologist which I thought irritated my skin. I was told to persist and my skin is really showing signs of improvement. In the past I would’ve given up. Faye

    3 years ago : Fferrer
  • I always assumed I was combo but doing your test turns out I’m just dry! That’ll save a lot of unnecessary expenditure in the future. Thanks

    3 years ago : Libby
  • No way!!! It’s all about my eye colour?!?!? That’s b-l-o-w-n my mind….

    3 years ago : Lonnie