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Time to prep your summer wedding skin

This is not a paid for or sponsored post

I’ve been like Goldilocks trying to find the perfect place to tap out this post. In the garden? Too bright? In the conservatory? Too hot. Behind the blinds? Aah, just right. Cool, comfy but still aware that the sun is beaming down outside. One thing I didn’t have trouble deciding on this morning however, was what to wear. By that I mean spf. That’s because I always wear spf, even on the dingiest December day. But now that we’re looking straight at summer, it’s time my spf habit got properly re-fed.

One thing I learned long ago from dermatologists is that while spf is essential, getting it built into a moisturiser is really no more than a sales gimmick. A reason to add an extra benefit on the packaging and extra pounds to the price tag. For skin to be truly protected, it needs more than a spf15, especially during the summer. 

I will admit to occasionally reaching for the odd spf-infused moisturiser last winter, topping it up with an extra shot via make-up. But now that summer’s well and truly on the horizon, I need skincare that’s harder working. It’s all about protection and perfection for me. Protection against the elements and perfection where the look of my wedding make-up on top is concerned. This is what I do…

1 Cleanse
Night-time cleansing means I may not wake up with panda eyes but I will still wake up with some level of sweat on my skin so I never skip the cleansing stage. I love the feel of water so opt for a non-foaming cleanser and spend slightly longer massaging it in than I feel may be the norm. I have been known to do this step in the shower – don’t shoot me – but only when I’m not washing my hair and when the water isn’t too hot. Oh, and I always rinse with a clean flannel. If I’m sink-bound and have a minute more, I’ll use my Phillips Visapure Cleansing Brush. It’s discontinued sadly although a mini version is still available.

2 Exfoliate

I skip this step if I’ve used my cleansing brush otherwise I use an exfoliator a couple of times a week. By far I prefer to use acid-soaked pads. It’s a toss-up between Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Extra Strength Daily Peel Pads, £18, an amazing two-step system which I save for days I really need a skin boost and NIP + FAB Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads, £12.95 which I can use more often. Whether I’ve face brushed or used pads, I always give myself a mental pat on the back for first-class cleansing

3 Eye Cream
Some people (I’ve heard) put this on at the end of their skincare routine which I find absolutely bonkers. Applying eye cream is actually my favourite step and I like to let it absorb for a few minutes before putting anything else on my face. If it went on later in my regime, how could the goodies get through the layers? It’s hard to choose one eye cream to recommend – especially one that won’t break the wedding budget. Having said that, if there was only one eye cream left in the world I’d want it to be Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Eye Supercharged Complex, £45. Yes, you’ve seen me write about it many times and yes, I use it morning and night. The formula is a dream to apply and packed full of brightening and hydrating goodies that work their magic against lines and signs of fatigue. 

4 Serum
To transform good skin into great skin I call in the Super Heroes of skincare. Spiked with effective ingredients, serums have the molecular ability to deliver the goods deep into your epidermis to bring about results. Whatever your skin woe – uneven tone, a lack of radiance, enlarged pores, redness, shine or wrinkles – a pea-sized drop of feel-good serum will give your skin the ‘hit’ of active ingredients it needs. As a girl on regular wrinkle watch, I’ve taken to popping an Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capusule, £39 every morning. 

5 Moisturiser
My perfect day moisturiser is one that comes with a light formula and lots of promise. Recently I was sent Thirsty Work by Angela Langford, £37.50 to try. I’m not overly familiar with the brand but Thirsty Work passed it’s first back-of-the-hand test with flying colours. The formula – light but still firm, ticked my texture box and the scent – slightly herby but not overly powerful was divine. Angela Langford is a former chef (her products come with cute recipe cards) and she crams all her culinary knowledge into creating her beauty formulas. In Thirsty Work she’s whipped up a concoction of rosehip, raspberry, chia seeds and blackcurrants along with Vitamins A and C, tons of antioxidants and hyaluronic acid. It promises to target fine lines, dryness and elasticity – every one a current concern of mine. The texture was the first thing I liked, closely followed by the scent as I’m a sucker for anything herby. But mostly, I was really impressed by how beautifully the cream smoothed into my skin. It sunk in immediately leaving no greasy residue and no real need to wait before the next step in my routine. Since I began using it about 6 weeks ago (and I’ve still a quarter of the 50ml tube to go,) I can honestly say that my skin does feel firmer. An annoyingly persistent dry patch is long gone and my skin feels dreamily smooth. Hand on heart, mature skins in particular will lap it up.

As I mentioned above, I use a separate spf once the winter doldrums are a distant memory. I worry that using a moisturiser laced with spf 15 gives me a false sense of security. Plus, to get the full 15 I’d have to layer it on like yoghurt and reapply every couple of hours. My skin sailed through safely and happily under a layer of Prevage City Smart SPF50, £55 last year and I’ve no reason to seek an alternative now. The fluid is really light so easy to smooth down my neck and across my chest plus it carries a gentle tint. Some B2Bs may stick with just City Smart over serum but I prefer to layer it over my moisturiser. While Prevage isn’t a culprit of this, many spfs mattify your skin. Don’t be put off though as you can reclaim your glow via make-up. 

So, that’s my morning summer reg. To reap your possible best results on the Big Day you need to have been using the products for a couple of months. If you’ve time, make a few switches now and I promise you will see a difference. How do you score safe, flawless summer skin?

Sarah x

This is not a paid for or sponsored post

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  • Good old nivea sees me through. I use spf 15 year round. you can’t beat it for value

    4 months ago : kim
  • I just wanted to ping in with a thank you. I know I should use spf but wanted something that was more beauty than straight forward sun care. Prevage is expensive but I can see why it’s so praised. Apart from being a lovely product to apply, my skin looks good and I love knowing that it’s protected. thanks for the tip. pip x

    3 years ago : pippa
  • I wondered whether serum, moisturiser, SPF then foundation would be too much for my skin. I think the key is finding light formulations and letting each one sink in for a few minutes before the next layer. I also wondered whether sticking to one brand was best but your advice, along with other bloggers seems to mix it up all the time. Again I guess it’s diwn to finding products that suit you rather than brand loyalty or price points

    3 years ago : Carlie
  • I’ve never switched my winter/summer routine. I need to look into this!

    3 years ago : debbie
  • Ah this is the perfect guide for me! THANK YOU!

    3 years ago : jen
  • The exfoliating pads like Nip & Fab are very gentle but so worthwhile using. Thanks for sharing your tips x

    3 years ago : ramona
  • I love the Estee eye cream too!! I’ve used it so many times and it really does such a good job of hydrating my under eyes. Thanks for sharing. Sal xx

    3 years ago : Sally
  • I’ve been in total dumbsville for years. No wonder i have a pigmentation problem. I thought that as long as my makeup had an spf15 I was covered. I don’t overload my skin so I probably only ever got a 2 or 3. Thank you for the tips. My skin is now my no1 priority
    Piper xx

    3 years ago : Piper