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How to: diy a Pillow Bun

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Almost as important as the dress will be how you’ll wear your hair come The Big Day. Knowing that a lot of brides have their heart firmly set on an up do I thought a series showing exactly how to do some bridal-perfect pin-up styles would be helpful. I’ve joined forces with Christina Butcher who has recently published Braids, Buns & Twists, £14.99 (apple press.) In the book she offers step-by-step tutorials to d-i-y-ing over 80 stunning styles. For this installment I’ve picked her Pillow Bun, perfect if your hair is medium to long in length and if you want a spin on a traditional chignon. Here’s exactly how to do it….

Pillow bun_2338

1 Brush your hair and make a half ponytail by gathering a section of hair from either side of your head. Secure with a hair band and leave a gap in the centre of your hair.

Pillow bun_2338

2 Backcomb your half ponytail. This will create the volume and ‘stuffing’ for the inside of your pillow bun.

Pillow bun_2338

3 Gather the rest of your hair into a low ponytail. Secure it with a hair band roughly 5cm from the ends of your hair.

Pillow bun_2338

4. Bring the lower ponytail up and thread it through the gap in the half ponytail, then tuck it into the gap in the centre of the low ponytail.

Pillow bun_2338

5 Fan your hair out to form the chignon and tuck the ends of your hair inside the bun. Check that the chignon is even and secure with grips at the top and sides. Finish with hairspray to hold this style in place.

These steps show you how to position the bun at the nape of your nape (perfect If you’re wearing a veil) but I’ve seen it fixed higher up on the crown and it looks absolutely stunning. If you’re going without a veil, pretty it up by pushing in fresh flowers or a diamante comb.

The pillow bun is a definite maybe for my own Big Day do and it wasn’t too hard to do – yay! I fixed a false ponytail into step 1 to give me a plumper pillow. I’d love to know how you got on if you tried it. Look out for further posts and step-by-steps…

Sarah x


  • Very chic – in a Grace Kelly way. J’adore

    6 years ago : PoppyP23