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How to: diy a Ballerina Bun

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Hello! Ready for the next installment of our step-by-step updo tutorials? Today its the turn of the Ballerina Bun (otherwise known as a Doughnut Bun – can you guess why?) It’s from Braids, Buns & Twists, £14.99 (apple press) by Christina Butcher, a fab book showcasing over 80 picture-perfect ways to style up your big day do. Your home-grown hair should ideally be medium to long but if you need some help via a fake ponytail, just make sure you select a perfect colour match. Ready to roll? Here’s how to do it…

Donut Bun aka Sock Bun_2338-01

1 Using a paddle or bristle brush, gather all your hair up into a high ponytail and secure it with a strong hair band. You’ll need your ponytail to stay secure and support your bun. If you’re using a fake hair piece, add it into the rest of your ponytail. Pop your doughnut padding around your ponytail. Try and use padding that is close in colour to your hair colour.

Donut Bun aka Sock Bun_2338-02

2 Gently backcomb your ponytail to create more volume so you have enough hair to cover the doughnut.

Donut Bun aka Sock Bun_2338-03

3 Hide the doughnut by twisting and wrapping your hair around it.

Donut Bun aka Sock Bun_2338-04

4 Find the centre of your ponytail and wrap your hair around evenly to cover the donghnut. Use hairgrips to secure the ends of your hair. You can also tuck your hair under the doughnut to keep it neat.

Donut Bun aka Sock Bun_2338-05

5 Finish with a spritz of hairspray to smooth any frizzy flyaways.


I love, love, love ballerina buns with a little diamante bow pushed in at the front. But I hate, hate, hate supersize-me buns. You just want your guests to think you’ve got thick, long hair – huge doughnuts look fake! I also love a slightly mussed-up texture. Just one word of warning – I know I’ve said this before but if you’re planning a high bun, check that it won’t make you taller than your fiance. He and your photos won’t thank you!


So, fancy pirouetting your way up the aisle? I’d love to know what you think. THere are lots more of these step-by-step tutorials to help you find your perfect Big Day do.

Until next time


Sarah x


  • OOh I do love a doughnut

    6 years ago : Maddy Court
  • OMG! My bun actually does make me taller than my husband-to-be!!!! Lucky I tried it in advance. Thanks for the tip! 👰🏿

    6 years ago : Beverly
    • Pleasure’s all mine x

      6 years ago : Sarah Green
  • This is too cute! Thanks for sharing

    6 years ago : Honey locks
  • I reckon the trick with a ballerina bun is to go high but stay small. That is, unless you are marrying someone from Towie…. I do love a high bun but it’s gotta be a neat little one xx ps. i love all your how-to posts. i’m working through them one-by-one

    6 years ago : billie boo