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How to ditch dandruff before your Wedding Day!

It’s snow joke. But hold off on hiding your hair under a veil for the entire day, as it can often be treated pretty easily. Here’s how….

Okay, so thanks to the white dress you won’t risk snowy shoulders *breathes sigh of relief* but what about up at hair level? White flakes are a major beauty embarrassment after all, and one that you really don’t want to stress about on your big day.

Apparently, 50% of us will be stricken by the Dreaded D at some time. That said, if you’re about to get married – with all eyes on you – you’ll probably feel that you’re the only person in the world to have been struck down by dandruff. I’d say try not to stress but guess what, stress is a major trigger. Months of wedmin could be to blame but so too, could things like hormonal changes, a lack of sleep, an overly sugary or salty diet, air conditioning and central heating. Oh, and it’s doesn’t just show up as white flakes either. Other symptoms include itching, redness, dryness and an irritated scalp.

But back to those unwelcome white flakes, no surprise to learn that they’re actually old skin cells lurking on your scalp. You know how your skin renews itself without you noticing? Okay, so you might encourage the shedding of dull cells via an exfoliator but you never actually see them falling off. Well, the same happens up in your hair. The skin sheds on our scalp and whilst a lot of it might disappear down the plughole along with your shampoo, some unwelcome flakes of skin want a wedding invitation so cling on. Your best bet is to:

1.   Brush it
It’s tempting to leave your hair alone as much as possible but regular brushing (with a boar bristle brush) will stimulate blood flow to distribute natural oils, unclog hair follicles and stimulate hair growth. After all, a healthy scalp equals healthy hair…

2.   Treat it
Shampoos containing alcohol and sulphates can make your scalp itch so use ones containing Selenium, Ketoconazole or Zinc Pyrithione instead. Wash your hair often to prevent product build-up and help shift the snow, massaging the shampoo in well before rinsing thoroughly. An ex-colleague of mine swore by Selsun Shampoo 2.5% w/v. You can only get it after a consultation with an in-store pharmacist but it’s spiked with Selenium Sulphide and she reckoned a style (and confidence) saviour.  You could also try adding a drop of tea tree oil to your regular, mild shampoo.

3. Feed it
It’s about nourishing from the inside out. Just like your skin needs hydration and behaves better when you’re following a healthy diet, the same goes for the skin on your scalp. Fill your shopping basket with foods rich in zinc (red meat, poultry, nuts) and omega-3 fatty acids (broccoli, spinach, salmon) and knock back plenty of water with it all.

4.  Style it
It’s worth mentioning at your trial if you’re prone to snowy outbreaks. Avoid any styles that would require a severe parting making dandruff more noticeable. Go for a softer, looser look with lots of volume at the roots.

5. Get it checked
If you’ve been doing all the above and still not seen signs of improvements, or it’s got worse (even migrating down to your eyebrows) it’s time to head to your GP (pun intended) to check for psoriasis.

If you do get hit by the Dreaded D I really feel for you. Try not to let it ruin your wedding day. Get into good hair habits now and choose a style that should it rear its ugly head, won’t scupper your day. A hairdresser once told me of a night-before-the-wedding dandruff remedy: mix lemon juice and olive oil, massage it into your scalp, cover in clingfilm and hit the duvet. In the morning, rinse it out to reveal a flake-free, super-soothed scalp. I hope this helps. Please share any other anti-dandruff tips and good buys below.

Sarah x

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  • I need this advice for….. my dad!!!!!! Snowy shoulders alert!!!!

    3 years ago : Tilly
  • I suffer slightly with dandruff. My mum used to tell me it was just shampoo that i hadn’t rinsed properly. This caused me to this day, to rinse for absolutely ages. It makes complete sense that its caused by stress. that would tie in with my last few bouts – break-up, redundancy, massive family fight – and thank you for the tips on getting rid of it. Honestly, I’ve only ever bought Head & Shoulders then hoped for the best. I thought brushing would aggravate it so left it alone. I’m almost looking forward to my next visit by the white monster. Although please god not on my wedding day! x

    4 years ago : Lucy
  • Dry shampoo gives me dandruff. My hair guy used it in my trial and after a few hours my hair looked like I’d been out in the snow! Anyone else find this? He used a rub in dry shampoo…., ugh! :((

    4 years ago : Geri
  • hmmm…. my bridesmaid (not my choice but my fiances sister) has dandruff. really badly. it’s a tricky subject to bring up. I’m hoping that a professional hairdresser can wash away lots of it (i’m almost puking as i type this by the way) but i’ll consider your idea of styles. I think that after reading your post, partings are not the way to go. I’d thought about pill box hats but they won’t go with the dresses! you see it’s bad!!! I feel such a b***h but her hair is making me miserable. my other bridesmaids think i should ditch her but I can’t. not over hair. a boho style could be nice. sorry i’m waffling. going now. thanks for the post

    4 years ago : bella