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How to: d-i-y an Asymmetric Bun

Asymmetric chignon 2_Xiaohan Shen_2338

Wives-in-waiting – have you decided on your wedding hairdo? No? Need some inspiration? Great. I’ve teamed up with Christina Butcher who has published a one-stop wedding hair directory called Braids, Buns & Twists, £14.99 (apple press) that’s packed with aisle-worthy styles to try. For this installment I wanted to show you her Asymmetric Chignon. Apparently as long as you’ve got 5cm of hair it’ll work. So here’s how to do it…

Asymmetric chignon_2338

1 Start by twisting a small section of hair from the top left side of your head.

Asymmetric chignon_2338

2 Twist the hair tight around your index finger, then twist around the index finger on your other hand to create a small twisted bun on the side of your head. Slide a hairgrip through the twist, pinning it to the hair underneath.

Asymmetric chignon_2338

3 Next, twist and pin a small section of hair from the right-hand side of your head and make a twisted bun next to the first section.

Asymmetric chignon_2338

4 Pin the two twists together to create the top of the asymmetrical shape.

Asymmetric chignon_2338

5 Keep taking small sections of hair, twist tight around your indec finger, then twist around the index finger on your other hand and pin. Continue until all your hair is pinned in place.

The beauty of this style for me, is that once it’s in, it stays put. My favourite way to wear it is by overlapping the small buns so that the finished chignon looks bulkier. Add a healthy dose of hairspray and you’ll find that when you eventually take it down (maybe the next morning) your hair will look softly tousled.

I’d love to know if you’ve tried this asymmetric bun – or any of the other Style School looks.

Sarah x


  • This is so easy! If my hairdresser lets me down, I’ve mastered this cute style. It looks really good with my boat neck gown. Even when some wisps start to fall

    6 years ago : keira
    • Nothing wrong with loose wisps. Let’s call it convertible hair (as in posh car enroute to the reception.) x

      6 years ago : Sarah Green