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How to: d-i-y a Waterfall Bun

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Hello! It occured to me that during your wedding ceremony, your guests will be spending quite some time starring at your backview. So as far as your hairdo goes, you may as well make it easy on the eye! I love this Waterfall Bun, which combines a chunky plait with a chic side bun. It’s from Braids, Buns & Twists by Christina Butcher, £14.99 (apple press) a fab book offering step-by-step tutorials to achieving over 80 wedding-worthy hairstyles. To ace this do medium length hair is best, just so that you don’t get too many escapees from the plaited section. You can fix in a fake ponytail for a bulkier bun. Want to try it? Here’s how…

Gibson Roll

1 Brush your hair and part it. Starting on the right-hand side, take a 2.5 section and split it into three.

Gibson Roll

2 Start forming a waterfall plait (that’s where you use the traditional French plaiting technique, but instead of picking up a new section of hair from the bottom, you allow it to flow through, creating a cascading waterfall effect. In other words, starting with three sections as normal, begin by crossing section 1 over 2 and then section 3 over 1. Then, instead of crossing section 1 over 2 again, drop it out and pick up a new piece of hair from just behind it. Cross this over section 2 and continue plaiting. Just add in hair from the top and drop out the bottom piece each time.)

Gibson Roll

3 Once you’ve reached the lower left side, pull your hair up into a ponytail and secure with a hair band, adding the fake hair piece if required. Leave the waterfall sections loose.

Gibson Roll

4 Scoop up the waterfall sections and twist them into the ponytail.

Gibson Roll

5 If you have any shorter layers on the first few waterfall sections, use hairgrips to secure them in place. Gently tease or backcomb the ponytail and pin into a messy low side bun.


So what do you think? It’s gorgeous isn’t it? I’ve been practising this one on my daughter as I’ve found it pretty tricky to do on my own hair. I’m a sucker for a slightly messy side bun and love how the plait adds extra interest. I’d love to know if there is anyone out there who can diy this one – I’ll be so jealous! Anyway, hope this has been helpful and inspirational. There are lots of other styles to try so please look out for more Style Schools.

Till next time,

Sarah x


  • I found it tricky to diy. Maybe having fine shoulder length hair didn’t help. I can imagine it with little diamanté pins pushed in

    6 years ago : Shakysgirl
    • If at first you don’t succeed, Shakysgirl, try, try again. Setting damp moussed-up hair in rollers first will give it some more guts and make it feel thicker. And yep, bling up x

      6 years ago : Sarah Green
  • Wow, that’s so much easier to do that I first thought. Gives a great modern twist to a formal updo (which my mother is insisting I have…)

    6 years ago : keira
    • Doncha just love it when mother knows best Keira?

      6 years ago : Sarah Green