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How to: d-i-y a french twist


How to do a French Twist

Hi there! Here’s the next installment of our step-by-step tutorials to guide you whether you’re styling your own Big Day up do or want some ideas to show your stylist. Today I’ve chosen a classic French Twist. (Guess what, my mother loves this style. “So chic” she says.) Just like the other Style School looks, it comes from Braids, Buns & Twists, £14.99 (apple press) by Christina Butcher, a fab new book showcasing over 80 picture-perfect ways to style up your do. Christina recommends this look if your hair is medium to long in length. Ready to try it? Here’s how…


1. Brush your hair and gather it into a low ponytail.


2. Twist the length of your ponytail down and then flip it vertically up.


3. Fold the end of your ponytail over and tuck the ends inside to form a roll.


4. Pin the edge of the twist in place with hairpins. To make them secure, twist them 180 degrees from left to right, so that you catch the hair from the top of the twist.

So how did you get on? I found that that gently backcombing the hair on my crown made it look fuller. I didn’t mind how some soft face-framing strands escaped as the day wore on either. Don’t tell my mum but I’ve shortlisted this style!

Want to see some more step-by-steps? Look out for further posts…


  • The up dos are great but can you include some hair downs too please – or half up / half down. Hope u don’t mind me asking. Love the site 👏🏻

    6 years ago : Jayne ❤️Wayne
    • Consider it very high on my to-do list x

      6 years ago : Sarah Green