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How to cope on a hot, sweaty wedding day

The current run of sunny days has had me pondering a potentially sticky (and if you’re really unlucky, smelly) situation.  It’s not the most glamorous subject I’ve posted about on BBE, I warn you. But as I sit here, hot and bothered by the sun blazing in through the window, I can’t help but wonder how a bride is meant to cope in these conditions. As if she’s not stressed enough, she’s smothered head-to-toe in figure-hugging layers of silk, is worried sick about her makeup sliding off her chin and is a bag of nerves to boot. It’s enough to make anyone break out in a sweat…?

Oh, pardon me, brides don’t sweat, they perspire… Anyway, whilst I’m not the sweatiest of people,  I’m still relieved I got married in the winter. Though that’s down more to luck and a love of fairy lights if I’m honest than careful planning. But back to sweaty wedding days, what can you do except order in a lorry load of heavy-duty fans? 

Let’s talk deodorant for starters. Actually, let’s start by sorting out the difference between an anti-perspirant and a deodorant. The clues are in the names but just to clarify: anti-perspirants keep you dry by blocking pores whereas deodorants don’t stop the sweats but do at least neutralise any ‘Bob’. Huh? That’s Bob Orange, aka BO – a named coined many years ago with my pals to subtly alert each other to musty men. “Watch out. Bob’s here.”  You’ll get it by the end of the post…

Now back to deodorants, personally I prefer a roll-on. They’re smaller, kinder to the planet and don’t run the risk of leaving you with a cloud of white powder crumbling down from your pits like an avalanche. Not that you’ll suffer too much in a white dress but they don’t leave stains either. The trick really, is finding one that will mask Bob effectively. I’ve written before about an aluminium-free crystal deodorant called Pitrok, £6.59. I admit it takes some getting used to – you have to dampen it down and apply it to clean, dry skin. Barely any seems to go on but amazingly, it does keep you whiff-free. You may still get a little damp under the pits so keep that in mind if you’re wearing a frock with sleeves. The downside is that you can’t really reapply it during the day unless you wash your armpits first and that’s too much faff on your wedding day. But still, I’ve had my Pitrok for nearly 6 months and there’s loads left. Over in the anti-perspirant corner, I don’t think you can go wrong with Sure’s Invisible Black + White.  I mean it’s a pound! It really does prevent pongs plus won’t yellow your wedding dress. What’s not to love? 

Now apparently fact fans, fresh sweat doesn’t smell. Bob only rears his smelly head when the sweat clashes with bacteria. What’s more alarming is that the sweat glands in our armpits are capable of producing litres of sweat in 24 hours if our body needs to cool down!!! Jeez, do you Adam take Niagara to be your lawful wedded waterfall?  Quick, get this girl some Perspirex, £8.49! It’s a really effective anti-perspirant and whilst it’s perfume-free, fret not, I’m happy to report no Bob! On the pack it claims to keep you sweat and smell-free for between 3-5 days. It’s weird putting it on before bed and being a daily shower kind of girl I can’t say whether it really goes the 5 day distance but it’d definitely see you through your Big Day.  Should your honeymoon see you separated from a shower for a few days, some Perspirex could be a love-saver…

So that’s your armpits hopefully sorted but let’s face it, you’re looking at some other potentially sweaty situations too. Things to consider before your WD: 

LINGERIE! Spanx and other control underwear can work miracles – but they can also make you feel hot and uncomfortable. Road-test your undies before the big day. 

SHORTS! Having said that, you could ease on a pair of shorts to stop any sore chaffing between your thighs. 

BLOTTERS! The powder-free kind. They can soak up shine to save your makeup plus you can dab them along your parting and across your chest too. You gotta love Chanel’s Oil Control Tissues, £26.

DRINK! Sadly not the alcoholic kind alone. Knock back some cool water to keep you hydrated.

CANAPES! Steer clear of anything too spicy as they can trigger sweating. Same goes for caffeine too. 

WIND! Pop a mini fan in your clutch bag. You can pick one up for £1.99 at Superdrug. When no one’s looking, you can aim it under your skirt too to give your legs some air. 

MIST! Or how about a surreptitious misting of a cooling spray? What I like about Institut Esthederm’s Eau Cellulaire Spray, £18 is that it’s packed full of skin-loving goodies so it gives you some protection as well as some chills.

UPDO! Wearing your hair up will feel a lot cooler than having it around your neck and shoulders. It’ll also help if you’re prone to an attack of the frizzies.

MELT PROOF YOUR MAKE-UP! Sandwich primer between oil-free moisturiser and foundation to hold your make-up in place for longer. Remember with make-up, the less you put on, the less there is to slip off. As for colour, go for creamy eyeshadows and blushers and steer clear of anything too shimmery as it’ll leave you looking even more sweaty. Oh, and waterproof mascara is a no-brainer!

I got chills – they’re multiplyin’. So how do you plan on keeping your cool on the Big Day? Please share any tips and tricks below.

Sarah x



  • I had Botox in my armpits last summer and it really worked. I’ll top it up just before this summer kicks in

    3 years ago : Dee
  • I’d like to add anti-chafing bands which I found cheap on eBay. I really suffer with inner thigh chafing and these help tons

    4 years ago : Romilly
  • I’m seriously breaking out in a sweat just thinking about my wedding next weekend. The temperature is set to hit 90!!! Sian

    4 years ago : Sian
  • A sweaty back is my concern as my dress is completely backless. You’ve got me really worried now! Ex

    4 years ago : Ellie
  • I’ve been trialling melting make-up over the last sunny few weeks. I’m loving Estee Lauder’s double wear for stay-ability. But thanks for the lingerie/shorts idea – I’d not thought of that. I’m a biggish girl so was relying on Spanx. I’ll make sure to find something that comes with shorts. Billie

    4 years ago : Billie
  • It’s a yucky subject but actually something I’ve not considered – and my dress has long sleeves. Thank you

    4 years ago : Hellena
  • Thank you for your blog post.Really thank you!

    4 years ago : Ellena