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How to choose your wedding champagne

Here’s where the fun really starts… Deciding upon the dress doesn’t always come easy, but choosing the perfect wedding champagne? I’ll drink to that….

As luck would have it, I found myself on a champagne tasting course a few months before my own wedding. I got to learn the difference between champagne and sparkling wine, whether I was a brut or a demi-brut kinda girl and how best to serve it. Here’s what I learned….

That the only way you can truly tell if you like the taste is to drink it!
Well it’s obvious really (and a fun way to work through all the wedmin.) But beyond a simple taste test, other things to consider are the colour, the smell and whether after swallowing, it has a pleasant after-taste.

That vintage carries more WOW factor
Apparently vintage fizz offers a more intense experience (and a higher price tag.) They’re not produced every year – only after an outstanding harvest which will result in a more unique tasting, higher quality champagne. Non-vintage fizzes on the other hand, are created from grapes harvested in a single year blended with reserved wine from previous years. This ensures that the taste always remains the same. Whichever you choose, it’ll do its job well on the day – to celebrate your wedding.

That you can only call ‘champagne’ champagne if it’s French, and from Champagne
Otherwise, you’re looking at Cava if it’s Spanish, Prosecco if it’s Italian or Methode Cap Classique if it’s from South Africa.

That there’s a difference between Brut and Demi Sec bubbles
It refers to the sugar content. Brut is dry with less sugar per litre (between 2 and 12g) whereas Sec or Demi Sec is sweeter with sometimes up to 50g sugar. Which you choose for your wedding is down to personal taste, there’s no set rule.

That there’s a right temperature to serve it
Between 7 and 9 degrees! Over-chilling can effect the flavour so rest it in an ice bucket filled with ice and water for around twenty minutes to hit the optimum temperature.

That there’s a right way to pop your cork!
The sound of a popped cork is always followed by cheers and whoops.. Slant the bottle slightly, twist the cork to let out some of the pressure then go for it!

That there’s a best way to pour
Gently pour a little into a long-stemmed tilted cold flute to prevent any spills over the top. You certainly don’t want to waste any! Allow it to settle then add a little more until the glass is about two-thirds full. The indentation at the base of your bottle is called the punt and is there to prevent pressure from building up at the bottom. Put your thumb in the punt when pouring.

That there’s no real point in saving wedding bubbles for special anniversaries
Champagnes and sparkling wines tend not to age very well – they’ll lose flavour and bubbles over time.  (I discovered this the hard way and once had to throw out approximately 25 bottles of really posh champagne.) It’s best supped within a year or two.

Apparently, wedding guests are expected to sink up to 6 million bottles of fizz this year (and that doesn’t include your ‘getting ready’ drinks.) Have fun popping your cork!!

Sarah x

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  • i’ll be road testing your tips before my september wedding! lots of practice is needed to perfect my pour!!! 😂

    5 months ago : nat
  • Pink Prosecco all the way!!!! And lots of it!!!

    6 months ago : Anya
  • Cheers for the tips. I’m looking forward to testing whether I’m a Brit or Demi brut bride!!

    6 months ago : Sam
  • I’m definitely a pink champagne girl. I think for a summer wedding outside it’ll be perfect. I’d love to serve it in the goblet glasses but I’m told you get through twice as much as I’m on a budget!

    7 months ago : Julia
  • cheers!

    7 months ago : dawn