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Hot weather wedding updos

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You pray for sunshine on your wedding day but it does come at a cost … to your hair. Flopped curls, greasy partings and frizz do not your best hair day make. If you’re still searching for the perfect summer big day do, allow me to show you my favourites….

1. A twisted top knot

Why do I love a top knot? Because it looks cool (in all the right ways) plus it’ll stay put. Keeping it twisted into a high knot and studding it with a silver stars will guarantee you look like a bride, not a ballerina.


2. A milkmaid braid

I love how a chunky plait has been pinned into an ‘undone’ updo with face-framing waves. It’s the ultimate in romance, especially if you’re wearing no more than a floaty wedding dress and bare feet. Should any more hair fall free, even better.


3. A modern chignon

Now chignons come in many forms but to beat summer heat, I love how small sections have been twisted up and pinned into place. The subtle beehive height on top will ensure no greasy looking parting either. Easy elegance.


4. A messy bun

I mean, what’s not to love? Her hair has been gently raked back into a ponytail then loosely twisted, looped and pinned. Chic, sweet and simple.


5. A classic french plait

If you want to show off your length in the coolest way, try a french plait. I love how this one has been kept loose on purpose and studded with rose heads – it looks divine. Again, a few face-framing tendrils work like a dream.


6. Mussed-up pony

With or without extensions,  ponytails on brides are the epitome of cool. It’s the wispy texture carried through from the crown to the tips and the lack of any kind of sparkly accessory that I love.


7. A retro roll

When you want a more formal updo, go for an elegant roll – swerve away from strictly traditional by tucking it off to one side. You can finish it off with diamante comb or some fresh flowers pushed into the top of the roll.


8. A mermaid braid

It’s the chunkiness of the braids that I crave – and the only way I could get it is via extensions. There’s a combination of thinner and thicker fishtail plaits woven and twisted into each other. As the day wore on, it’ll only look even better.


9. A low bun (and band)

You may have realised that I have a phobia about greasy crowns – something that would/could occur if you’re getting spliced in the hot sunshine. The low bun keeps your neck cool (and your long hair from sticking to your back) plus the stunning metallic BHLDN band masks any unwanted shine lurking around your parting.

Have you thought about how to style your hair for your sunny wedding? I’d love to hear your suggestions….


Sarah x

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  • All of your up do’s are really inspiring. And you’re right. A high bun can look ballerina like if it’s not positioned just perfectly. But I love the milkmaid braids for a bride – and the chunky plait. They’re both so untraditional but ‘normal’. I’m going for a relaxed vibe and either would be perfect. xx

    3 years ago : amelie
  • That. metallic. hairband.

    I NEED IT!

    3 years ago : pippa
  • With fine, poker-straight hair, how I wear it on my big day is a bigger worry than finding the perfect dress. I had considered extensions but even worry about them breaking up in the heat. I hadn’t thought about using them within an up do. I feel like a weight has lifted off my shoulders. Or even a chunky plait. I suddenly feel a bit more positive about my rubbish hair. Thank you SO much. Indy xxx

    3 years ago : india