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Your wedding day hair countdown

EVE4-2You’ve got the groom, and even if the dress isn’t on order, you’ve probably got a firm idea of what you want. But what about your hair? If there’s one occasion when a girl really needs a good hair day it’s her wedding. But there’s so much to think about – the cut, the colour, the condition and of course, the style. I thought it might be helpful to break down your route (or root!) to perfect hair via a timeline. Here we go…

7 months to go!

It’s never too early to start thinking about your wedding day hair. Apparently, on accepting a proposal, a newly engaged B2B’s top priorities are her dress, her figure and her hair, in that order, with a staggering 99% deciding to grow it longer! What’s important right now is to think about the style of your wedding because what works in a formal setting, say a neat chignon, may look out of place on a beach. Have you got your heart set on wearing a veil, a tiara or fresh flowers? It could have an impact on your hair do too.

6 months to go!

Now’s the time to start thinking about who’ll be styling your hair on the day. Are you able to use your regular salon? If you’re stuck for a good stylist, ask for recommendations from people whose hair you admire or ask the staff at your wedding dress shop. When you meet them for the first time, ask to see their portfolio but also ask for some references. A friend of mine firmly believes that the stylist she booked for her wedding couldn’t have created the looks in her portfolio. On her W-day, she couldn’t seem to master a curling tong….  This is why a trial is so important too, even if you’re DIY-ing come the day itself. Take along pictures of styles you like, a snapshot of your dress so that your stylist can see the neckline, a swatch of the material if you can and the accessory or veil if it’s been bought. Even if you don’t decide upon ‘the do’, you’ll work out whether you want to grow it longer, need to grow out a colour or book in for some much-needed conditioning sessions. You may even decide that a brazilian blow-dry or digital perm is your best course of action if you’re fixed on straight hair (but fall foul of frizzies) or loose waves. See how your hair reacts to the treatment now so you’ll get no nasty surprises further down the line.  One last word about booking a pro – make sure they’re available on your day and get their prices in writing. Do they charge extra for further trials or for traveling to your venue? Are they required to stay all day or style your MOH too? Get it all down in writing so unlike another friend of mine, you don’t watch in utter desperation as your mane man (or woman)  disappears into the distance on their motorbike.

5 months to go!

If you’re considering a change of colour, now’s the time to start experimenting. Thinking of going darker? Play around with temporary colours that will fade within a few washes. Thinking of going bolder? Have it done now in case you have a change of heart. Or worse, scare your fiance. That’s where I am at the moment; trying to ‘lock’ down (pardon the pun) my perfect shade of rich chestnut, shot through with golden tones. I’m also popping pills, talking of which….

4 months to go!

Popping a daily supplement like Philip Kinglsey Trichotherapy Tricho Complex will make a big difference to the condition of your hair – plus if you’re lucky you’ll probably notice an improvement in your skin or nails too. My poor hair was in a desperate state – more of that another day, but right now, I am, thankfully, starting to see a difference.  Think about your diet too. Make sure you’re getting plenty of amino acids and foods rich in Omega 3. Things like fresh veggies, fruit, whole-grains, red meat and oily fish. Steer clear of caffeine, chocolate, too much fried food and… tuna – which trichologist Philip told me was a follicle killer! Nuff said…

3 months to go!

I mention no names…. but last year I went to a wedding and for the first time, considered the impact of a high bun on the groom! No, it wasn’t Jared Leto standing at the altar with his formerly long locks pulled up into another girly do. The bride looked the epitome of elegance – very Audrey Hepburn. Unfortunately, as she met her man to say their vows, her bun (and her four inch high Louboutins) caused her to tower over him. He joked about it at the reception but during the photos, made her kick off her strappy shoes and squat down slightly. Shame, but obviously a sensitive soul. Still, it’s something to think about if you’re finally nailing your big day do. And once you are decided, take digital photos so you can check the style from every angle. It’s worth making sure all future hair appointments are in the diary, especially if you’re getting married in the height of summer or at christmas when stylists get booked up quickly. Have a think about your bridesmaids hair too. Are you happy to them to do their own thing or do you want to book them in for a trial too? A line-up of side chignons…

2 months to go!

Now you’ve decided on how you’ll wear your hair, book in for your penultimate trim. This is not the time to opt for a complete restyle or a new fringe. Resist the scissors and go jewellery shopping instead. You’ll now know whether a stud or drop earring will look best or whether a statement necklace is a must-have purchase.

1 month to go!

The butterflies are having a full-on zumba class in your tummy now. Take them on a shopping trip to buy any kit your bridesmaids may need (coloured hair grips, mini hairsprays, cordless tong…) and if you’ve decided to go for a permanent blow-dry or digital perm, get it done now. If you normally wash your hair every day, you’re stripping away natural oils and run the risk of dry, static hair come your big day. Here lies the beauty of dry shampoo to help you stretch out the days between washes. What would we do without it?

2 weeks to go!

If you’ve having your hair coloured, do it now so that there’s time for it to settle with no risk of root growth. Get your colourist to talk to your stylist especially if you’re having highlights. Where your parting falls and what’s on show if you’re going for an up-do is beyond important. Enjoy your last trim as a single girl safe in the knowledge that it’ll look top-notch during your honeymoon but still tuck-in-able if you’re heading for a big day up-do. On the admin side, if a stylist is coming to your house or venue, make sure they have a map and directions as well as your mobile number. Make sure too, that the room you’re getting ready in has enough plug sockets and a suitable chair. A stressed stylist will make for a very stressed bride.

1 week to go!

You can do it. You can wean yourself off your straighteners and other heated appliances. It’s only one little week and your hair will love you for not subjecting it to daily onslaughts of 200 degree temperatures. Let it air-dry after washing and should you need to pull it up gently in a fabric covered scrunchie, no one will think less of you. One last intensive conditioning treatment will give your hair a boost (if you’re doing it yourself, wrap it in cling film for deeper absorption). I get laughed at when I do this, but my hair feels dreamily soft afterwards.

1 day to go!

If you have thick hair and have chosen a hairstyle that needs lots of curling or pinning, you can wash your hair the night before. However, if like me, it’s fine and you know it’ll look a grease-ball tomorrow, wait. The right styling products will still make your do work.   

It’s today!

If you’re having your hair done at the salon, allow enough time to get there. Ask for a relaxing head massage if you’re having your hair washed – and don’t forget a nerve-calming glass of champagne too! If you’re DIY-ing, get to where your hair is 90% ready, then do your make-up whilst your waiting for rollers to cool or clips to help set a style in place. Do your final tweaks just before your ready to leave. Just remember, if you’re wearing a veil, finish any hairspraying before you ease it on, otherwise you may yellow the fabric.

All that’s left is to enjoy your day, leave it to your MOH to ensure your hair looks picture perfect and then let it down – literally – for the evening!

I hope you found this perfect hair countdown helpful. In other posts I’ll be offering some styling suggestions so please look out for them.

Beyond beautiful image thanks to The bride is wearing their ‘I Feel Pretty Birdcage Veil, £185 flo&percybirdcage