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Score a bare-able backview

Backing a winner? Is your back bare-able?

Hello fellow brides-to-be. I’ve been thinking about ‘the dress.’ Again…. It occurred to me that a lot of my favourite frocks on my Pinterest board feature a low-back. Take Amsale’s Nicole dress which bares a delicate lace-framed back (lush) and Christos’ silk chiffon Agatha frock featuring a plunging V back (dreamy) for instance.  But to pull them off, I’m gonna have to make sure that my back is up to scratch (pun intended.) Out of sight can’t mean out of mind as my guests will be staring straight at my back for the length of the ceremony. Methinks a little back-focused beautification is called for.


Here’s the deal. Whilst skin renews itself every 28 days on average, this slows down as you rack up the years. Add central heating, what-no-sunshine plus a lack of air from hibernating beneath layers into the mix and your guests could be looking at a dull and definitely not bareable-backed bride. If you’ve ever scratched your back and come away with dirty nails, that’s a build-up of dead skin cells. Blee! Another problem is that the skin on your back and shoulders has a higher concentration of sebaceous glands, which make it oily and prone to spotty outbreaks. Double blee!

So… to ensure you’re flashing a sexy spine come The Big Day, you need to (drum roll please) …

1 Exfoliate it

Luckily a little sloughing will soon bring about a more beautiful back. Exfoliating not only buffs up your back it also cleanses your pores and boosts circulation too. Exfoliate dry skin using a long-handled bristle brush or loofah (a great excuse to coax your fiance into a steamy bathroom.) Make sure you brush up towards your heart to encourage lymphatic drainage (techy talk for toxin release.) Or, if you’re more of a shower girl, use a body scrub or my fave, an exfoliating mitt. Just turn down the temperature of your shower as water that’s too hot will strip your skin of sebum which helps hold in moisture and stops your back from drying out. I really like Decleor’s 1000 Grain Body Exfoliator, £25  but if you’re a sensitive soul and have a spot-prone spine, use an anti-bacterial shower gel such as The Body Shop’s beyond fabulous non-budget-breaking Tea Tree Body Wash, £6. Be gentle when exfoliating so you don’t cause another break out. Oh, and try not to let your hair conditioner run down your back incase it blocks pores. Another option is to smear a clay mask all over your back once a week. Smear a dollop of Sanctuary’s 5min Thermal Detox Mask, £10.50 over your back at the same time as you treat your face.  Talk about a home spa session!

2 Moisturise it

Spray-on body lotions are great at hitting those hard-to-reach areas.  Come your big day, choose an unscented version which won’t clash with your wedding fragrance or layer on a matching product. Vaseline Spray & Go Body Moisturiser, £4.99 is really lovely to use plus it dries pretty much straight away. Oh, and if you’ve got any blemish-blitzing to do, you could do worse than give it regular tappings of Pommade Divine, £19.80, an aromatic miracle balm….. I use it on everything from ragged cuticles and bruises to dry skin and pesky pimples – it’s amazing.

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  • I love this picture. The hair, the makeup and the dress are amazing! I want to look just like her (with a blemish-free back of course!)

    6 years ago : Emmabee