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Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Intensive Recovery Ampoules

So here’s where I share my favourite couldn’t-get-spliced-without-them beauty buys. Today it’s the turn of Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Intensive Recovery Ampoules. Here’s why I love them….

“That’s easy,” I always say whenever I’m asked what I consider to be the best anti-aging product in existence. And I get asked this a lot. Since I first came across it over (gulp) 20 years ago, my numero uno complexion perfector has been Advanced Night Repair. With nine bottles of the serum selling every minute according to Instyle, I’m far from it’s only fan. And I wasn’t the only magazine Beauty Director who dished out Awards in its direction either.

If I’m honest, I’ve used it for so long I’m actually Scream-face scared to think how I might have looked without it! As a Beauty Writer, trying other products is part of the job but I always ‘sort my skin out’ with a trusty trip back to ANR after trialling something new.

I totally get why it’s billed as ‘sleep in a bottle’ too. It’s seen me through three babies when bodily I was howling but my skin still looked how I liked it. Even-toned, not as line-y as I feared, plumpish (and I’m not talking post-pregnancy plump) and dare I say it, pretty awake. It’s labelled a night serum but in my little white beauty book, why restrict yourself to something you love once a day? I’ve always used it morning and night under moisturiser – a tip I picked up from an in-house Estee Lauder dermatologist many years ago.

With every reincarnation of the serum and every new product that gets added to the line-up, my heart does an Olympic-winning pole vault. I’ve never yet been disappointed. The eye cream. Amazing. The face mask. Love it. And then there are these ampoules. Okay, so they had me at hello based on the fact that they contain ANR, but look how cute they are. And more than that, how totally brilliant for brides. Just pop however many capsules you need in your wedding/honeymoon beauty stash and away you go. No bottle to risk having to hand over at the airport if the security jobsworth says you’re over your limit. (It happened. I cried. He didn’t care.)

Obviously my undying love isn’t solely based on their appearance. Like a drop-dead dishy fiance, it’s what lies under that gorgeous exterior that really matters, eh? What’s inside these little beauties is a potent cocktail of active anti-ageing ingredients that penetrate the skin with ninja-like fighter force to see off skin-savaging signs of stress, whether they be caused by a lack of sleep (who to sit where, will there be enough canapés…?) constant travelling or general day-to-day damage. What I like about the oil formula is that it’s so lightweight you don’t know it’s there. There’s absolutely no risk of clogging pores as it sinks straight in and gets to work while you layer up with the serum and then moisturiser.

I find that one ampoule contains enough goodies to stretch over my face, neck and backs of hands so you get nearly two months’ worth for an £87 pot. Okay, it’s not cheap but then I don’t think you need to ‘pop’ an ampoule every night. I did at first and was happy to clock pretty quickly how fresher my skin seemed. I’m trying not to use the word ‘radiant’. A couple of weeks in, I decided to save it for special, no, make that stressful occasions when my skin could do with a ‘hit’ of active ingredients to super-charge the serum.

I think these ampoules are brilliant – a real pre-wedding sk-investment. (See what I did there…) If you’re on the older side of 30 or feel that your skin needs some extra help, these small but beautifully formed ampoules will improve it pretty swiftly. I’d love to know if you’ve tried Advanced Night Repair Intensive Recovery Ampoules and if so, what you thought of them.

Sarah x

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  • They’re on my birthday list! Amy xx

    10 months ago : amy
  • yes, I can’t rate AR highly enough. I love it in all its forms – just wish I could afford to use them all at once!

    3 years ago : helen
  • Look fantastic have offers on these babies right now people. Join the stampede!

    4 years ago : Lucie
  • My skin has never behaved so well! It’s smooth and clear and I love it. Just wish they weren’t so expensive x

    4 years ago : Libby
  • Yes, I’ve used them. Cuties. They feel a treat to put on and my skin soaks them up. Unlike other serum-y products they don’t leave my skin feeling tight either. I don’t put anything over the top. I hope that they’re doing a good enough job on their own! x

    4 years ago : Ellen
  • WANT. THESE. CUTE. CAPSULES. please xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    4 years ago : Lucy
  • I’m a big fan of the original serum. I use lots of brands but totally understand why this gets the praise thats lavished on it. Its a shame its so expensive but I now wait until i’m going through duty free. its not a massive saving but sometimes you get another product with it to try. I’d love to try these ampoules. And actually everything else in the range too. I really trust it as a brand, based on my experiences with the serum.

    4 years ago : Joanie
  • Yup, I totally share the love for the serum. I just wish it wasn’t all so expensive. I’d love thecwhoke shebang but just don’t have the budget for it. I do agree that the serum is a game changer. It transforms my skin :)) Geri

    4 years ago : Geri