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Easy-peasy ways to hit your 10,000 steps-a-day target 2Some days I barely move at all. Once I’m settled in front of my computer, often with a cat on my lap, I stay there until Mr BBE gets home. My fingers are getting a great workout but the rest of me sure isn’t. If I want to pert-up my patootie for the summer then I need to move!

I’ve got a fitness tracker and it’s fast becoming my favourite workout bud. Logging food info is too much of a faff, plus I don’t believe it when it congratulates me for 8 hours sleep (when I know I was staring at the wall for a chunk of that time) but still, as motivation to move goes, it’s a winner. I must check my progress more than I check my lipstick (and anyone who knows me will know that I do that ‘fairly’ often!) Recently I was sent a press release which stated that walking 10,000 steps a day would equal losing 1lb a week. I don’t have much excess baggage to shift before my summer vacay so I love the sound of that. If I’ve hit my target at the end of the day, I feel good. If I don’t, I feel bad. Very, very bad.

My workout-du-jour is trampolining, and after an hour I’ve often clocked up around 8,600 steps. Sweet! But I don’t bounce every day. The rest of the time I have to put a bit, actually make that a lot, of effort in. Take today, I did a yoga class earlier on. I get a tick for that but I only managed 40 steps so I’ve got some catching up to do. Lots of friends wear fitness trackers too so I asked them for some ideas on easy ways to achieve the big 10,000 that doesn’t involve a sweat-inducing sprint while I’m brushing my teeth at night. Might any of these work for you?

‘I work in the mornings so when I get home I keep busy. If say, I’m sorting the washing, I make a few small trips instead of one big one. If I’m making phone calls I keep walking around the house while I’m talking. Plus, I leave twenty minutes earlier than I need to and walk the longest way possible to pick up my daughter from school.’ Rachel

‘I dance! I stick Kisstory on the radio, turn it up really loud and whatever I’m doing, whether it’s cleaning or cooking, I shimmy!’Amy

‘I park in the furthest space I can find to make my walk to work longer. Once I’m there I barely move so I make sure I always use the stairs instead of the lift and go out at lunchtime, even if it’s just to window shop.’ Ruth

‘I didn’t realise until I checked my progress one lunchtime but weeding the garden, mowing the lawn and tugging at branches racked up a serious amount of steps. I was definitely able to relax after that.’ Emma

‘I offer to walk my neighbour’s dog while she’s at work. It’s not so great when it’s raining but still, it gets me out and walking. And when I left her off the lead, I jog alongside. Luckily, she’s a cockapoo so I can easily keep up with her little legs!’ Sue

Thanks, ladies. I’m incorporating a lot of them into my lazy days now. Plus I’ve bought myself a trampette. I stick on a Spotify playlist and bounce! Sometimes I manage a long 30-minute stint, and at others just a tune or two. But that can equal 800 steps, and fingers crossed a slightly smaller bottom!

So do you have any easy ways to hit your 10,000-a-day target? Please share below.

Sarah x

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  • Take a Tabata class! It’s like hiit but with no weights. Just jogging, jumping and burpees. A 30 min class clocks up 8000 Steps so making up the rest is easy x

    4 years ago : Libby
  • I don’t move much at work, so I try to drink more water so then I have to get up and visit the powder room more often!

    4 years ago : Julie coventry
  • I joined a gym. It’s the only way to motivate me. That, and a picture of Millie Macintosh in a wedding dress on my fridge. Though I hope my marriage is more successful than hers, whether i reach my body goal or not….!

    5 years ago : sherbertpip
  • Just walk – early everyday before everyone else gets up. I go out for half an hour, clear my head and give myself a pat on the back xx

    5 years ago : Zrogers
  • So, as long as I walk 10000 steps I can eat cakes and still lose a pound? Or just £££s? Chortle….

    5 years ago : Anon
  • Last Sunday my fiancé persuaded me to play a round of golf with him. I spruced up in my best Catherine Zeta jones attire but i was still no match for him. Still, I walked 14,0000 steps so I might go again. Extra points for lugging a trolley please! Xo

    5 years ago : Jkcelyn66
  • I found a local running club on Facebook. Even though I don’t have to run with other members we enter our achievements onto a database. It’s great incentive to jog regularly 👟Xoxo

    5 years ago : Sdevine
  • 10,000 steps a day is outrageous!! I have no idea how people do this. However, I do agree bouncing on a trampoline is a fab way to get rid of a few thousand…or give you kid your phone and challenge them to wave it around until it hits the target 😉

    5 years ago : Sam Tacher
  • A wander around the shops is now my new motivation to exercise! This is great news!

    5 years ago : Chloe
  • Sometimes I leave the school-run till the latest possible moment – and then pop the trainers on for a swift jog to the school lest the little’uns are left waiting – I think that definitely helps with getting the steps in!

    5 years ago : Lucy
  • So I could lose a stone in less than 3 months?!?!?!? I’m off for a jog. Ro x🏃🏻‍♀️

    5 years ago : Rowena
  • Hah! I struggle to walk 2000 steps mon-fri while I’m at work. I’ve recently ditched online supermarket shopping – at least physically walking around the aisles adds to my tally xo Hen

    5 years ago : Hdavies