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Don’t get spliced without dry shampoo

Before you ask, this is a post about the benefits of dry shampoo, rather than saying it’s okay to get married with greasy hair. It’s not. You must wash your hair. You owe it to your photographs – along with every person you come into close contact with during your wedding day. And night….

I admit it, on days I’m either too tired or just running really late, a spritz or puff of powder has been an absolute style saviour. But special occasions still call for shampoo and water. The reason for this post, and the reason why a can of dry shampoo sits pretty in most hairdresser’s kits is because it makes a fantastic styling/prep product. 

My hair is really fine and to get any kind of volume into the roots, it needs as much help as it can get, particularly once it’s freshly washed. Dry shampoo added in at the roots gives my up-dos extra guts and longer-lasting hold. If I’m wearing my hair down, massaging a little dry shampoo into the lengths with my fingers adds much-welcome body and texture. Plaited sections chunk up nicely and Kirby grips don’t slide out of my hair. Yes, on a hot day, nothing beats some dry shampoo to soak up oil and allow a return to former va va voom glory. So you see, dry shampoo is a Big Day do essential!

They’ve certainly come a long way since I started using talc on my parting when I was a teenager. Nowadays you can choose between powders, sprays and even sachets that match your hair colour, boost shine, tame frizz and tackle dandruff as well as plump up the volume. It’s a matter of finding your perfect match. Can you use it on extensions? Hell yeah, as long as you choose a really lightweight formula that won’t leave any tell-tale residue on your joins. Something like Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk, £9 is perfect. It was my first stop in my dry shampoo fandom and if it was cheaper, I’d never use anything else. Can you overdose on dry shampoo? Nope, as long as you brush it out really well in-between helpings. We’re talking about just the one day remember. Keep cheating long after the confetti has blown away and you’ll be the not-so-proud owner of dusty, grey-tinged hair.

The best way to use dry shampoo is to apply it at the roots, tease with your fingers and style as normal. Use a round brush and some gentle heat via your hairdryer for maximum oomph then if needed, add little backcombing.

My top three dry shampoos:
For shine: Percy & Reed No Fuss Fabulousness Dry Shampoo, £12.50
It pouffs up a flopped mop delivering a dose of mega-watt shine at the same time 

For protecting my colour: Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo Colour Mate, £4.69
It matches my coloured hair perfectly without dulling the shade or leaving behind a sticky texture

For fluffing up lankness: Batiste Dry Shampoo On The Go Blush, £1.50
What’s not to love about Batiste, especially when it comes in a clutch-friendly size can?



So you see, dry shampoo is so much more than an oil-slick saviour and it deserves a space in your bridal beauty bag. I’d love to know which ones you use.

Sarah x

This is not a paid for or sponsored post

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  • Big up Batiste! I don’t know why anyone would pay lots for dry shampoo when this one works and smells good! Plus u can take it in your hand luggage so u can arrive at your moon looking great (in hair terms.) Jacks

    3 years ago : Jackie
  • Shout out for bumble and bumbles dry shampoo. You need the tiniest amount to take away the shiniest and give hair tons of volume.

    3 years ago : Brionie